Fugitive Servant which way gone when returne

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Judgment upon the Figure beforegoing,

The ascendant, and Mercury in Aquarius, together with Mars posited in the ascendant, did signifie the Master of the Servant, who was short of stature, corpulent, of a good complexion, and ruddy, fresh countenance; his fatnesse I conceive from the north latitude of Mercury, which was about one degree; as also, that the degrees ascending were in the Termes of Mars, in an ayery Signe, and in the Face or Decanate of Sun, now posited in a watry Signe, and in partill Trine to Moon, both in moyst Signes, which argues a flegmatick, full body, &c.

The Significator of the Servant was Mars peculiarly in this Figure, although many times Mercury shall signifie a Fugitive

Servant: The Servant was a young Fellow of about nineteen, a well set Fellow, short, big joynted, broad and full faced, dark browne haire, his teeth growing ilfavouredly, a Sun-burnt, obscure complexion, yet the skin of his body deer.

I observe that he went away from his Master the Sunday preceding, at what time the Moon was in Gemini, a Westerne Signe, and that now Mars, the Significator of the Fellow was in the same Signe; as also, that Mercury the common Significator of Servants, was in Aquarius, a Westerne Signe, but South quarter of Heaven; it is true that Gemini hath some relation to the South quarter, and Aquarius to the North.

I judged from hence that the Servant went westward at his first departing, and that at the time of the Question, he was West from the Querent's house; and this I judged because Mars was angular, and every way as strong as the Moon, otherwayes I should have judged by the Moon: Forasmuch as Mars the Significator of the Servant, and Mercury Lord of the ascendant, were suddenly hastening to a Trine out of angles, I judged, that within a day or two he should have his Servant againe: I found the Moon in the 2nd, in her owne house; the Servant being a part of his Master's Estate, I judged from hence also, that the Master should not lose, but recover forthwith his lost Goods; and the rather, for that the Moon was in the 2nd, and in perfect Trine of the Sun in the 11th, both of them in the Mediety ascending: the

The Resolution of neernesse of Mars to the degree ascending, made me judge the Servant was not above three or four houses Westward from his Masters house.

The truth is, that upon Friday following betimes in the morning, he came home, and said he had been at Kingston upon Thames:

which if true, then he was full West, or a little to the South, and neer a great Water, viz the Thames, as Moon in Cancer did or might signifie.

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