Figure erected to know whether Sir William Waller or Sir Ralph Hopton should overcome they being supposed to be engaged neer Alsford Venus 29th March 1644

The ascendant is for our Army, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus for our General's, viz. Sir William & Major Generall Browne, a valiant & prudent citizen of London, who may justly Challenge a large share of honor in that dayes service: Sir Ralph Hopton is signified by Saturn Lord of the 7th, his Army by Capricorn, in the descending part of heaven, which is usually given to the

The Resolution of

Friends and Assistants of the Enemy; there is onely Mars and South Node in the 9th, so that by this is appeared Sir Ralph had no supplyes ready to attend that dayes successe, &c.

From the existence of the Moon in her exaltation, and in the 11th house with Jupiter, she being Lady of the ascendant, and having principall signification for us and our Army, engaged for the Parliment, I concluded all was, and would be well on our side, and the victory ours: by her separation from Jupiter, I said, I did verily conceive we had gained already from them some ammunition, or performed some service against them, which judgment was more strengthened by Sun, Lord of our assistants and substance, posited in the 10th house, in the very degree of his Exaltation; and though I did imagine, by reason of the proximity of Saturn to Sun, we should not game the whole, or have a perfect victory without diminution of some part of it, yet I was confident we should obtaine a considerable proportion of their Ammunition, and obtaine a compleat victory, the onely thing enquired after; for that the Moon did apply to Venus, and then to a Sextile or Mercury, he angular, I acquainted the Querent that within 11 or 12 hours after the question we should have perfect newes, and it pleasing and good; for considering the fight was within 50 miles of London, I ordered my time according to discretion, not allowing dayes for the time, but hours; for you may see the Moon is distant from Venus 11 degrees, but withall is in her swift motion, and encreasing in light, all which were arguments of our successe, and the Enemies routing; as it did appeare the same Friday by a Letter that came from the Army, certifying, that our Generals took the Thursday before, 120 Commanders and Gentlemen, 560 common Souldiers, much Ammunition. That according to naturall causes in Art, the Enemy should be worsted, I had these reasons; first, because Saturn the Lord Hopton's Significator is Sub Radiis; next, he is in his Fall; thirdly, in no aspect of any Planet, but wholly peregrine and unfortunate, beholding the cusp of the 7th with a Square dexter, arguing losse to his Army, and dishonour to himselfe by the fight, &c, all manner of QUESTIONS.

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