Dogge missing where

Judgment upon this preceding Figure.

Living in London where we have few or no small Cattle, as Sheep, Hogs, or the like, as in the Countrey; I cannot give example of such creatures, onely I once set the Figure preceding concerning all manner of QUESTIONS.

a Dogge (who is in the nature of small Beasts) which Dogge was fled or missing. The Quere unto me was, What part of the City they should search, next if he should ever recover him.

The Querent was signified by the Signe ascending and the Lord thereof; and indeed in his person he was Saturnine, and vitiated according to Caudia in the Ascendant, in his stature, mind or understanding; that is, was a little deformed in body, and extream covetous in disposition, &c.

The Signe of the 6th and his Lord signifies the Dogge; so must they have done if it had been a Sheep or Sheep, Hogs, Conies, &c. or any small Cattle.

The Signe of Gemini is West and by South, the quarter of heaven is West; Mercury the Significator of the Dog, is in Libra a Westerne Signe but Southerne quarter of heaven, tending to the West; the Moon is in Virgo, a South-west Signe, and verging to the Westerne angle: the strength of the testimonies examined, I found the plurality to signifie the West, and therefore I judged, that the Dog ought to be Westward from the place where the Owner lived, which was at Temple-barre, wherefore I judged that the Dog was about Long-acre, or upper part of Drury-lane: In regard that Mercury Significator of the Beast, was in a Signe of the same Triplicity that Gemini his ascendant is, which signifies London, and did apply to a Trine of the Cusp of the 6th house, I judged the Dog was not out of the lines of Communication, but in the same quarter; of which I was more confirmed by Sun and Saturn their Trine, The Signe wherein Mercury is in, is Libra, an ayery Signe, I judged the Dog was in some chamber or upper room, kept privately, or in great secrecy: because Moon was under the Beames of the Sun, and Mercury, Moon and Sun were in the 8th house, but because the Sun on Monday following did apply by Trine Dexter to Saturn Lord of the ascendant, and Moon to Sextile of Mars, having exaltation in the ascendant; I intimated, that in my opinion he should have his Dog againe, or newes of his Dog or small Beast upon Monday following, or neer that time; which was true; for a Gentleman of the Querent's acquaintance, sent home the Dog the very same day about ten in the morning, who by accident comming to see a Friend in Long-acre, found the Dog chained up under a table, and knowing the Dog to be the

The Resolution of

Querent's, sent him home, as abovesaid, to my very great credit. Yet notwithstanding this, I cannot endure Questions of Fugitives or Thefts, nor ever would have done any thing, but with intention to benefit Posterity.

Usually I find, that all Fugitives goe by the Moon, and as she varies her Signe, so the Fugitive wavers and shifts in his flight, and declines more or lesse to East, West, North or South: but when the Question is demanded, then without doubt you must consider the strength both of the Significator and the Moon, and judge by the stronger; if both be equivalent in Fortitudes, judge either by the Significator, if he best personate the Fugitive, or by the Moon, if she most resemble him; with relation to either of them that comes neerest in aspect to the cusp of the house, from whence signification is taken.

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