[Wood on the ground

If a Fortunate Planet be in the Mid-fleaven and Direct, say there is good Timber upon the ground, and good store; if the Fortune be Retrograde, judge there are many Trees, but little Timber, and those lopt, or that of late the Seller hath sold many, or made much spoyle thereof, or that the Trees are much decayed, &c.. if an Infortune be in the Medium Coeli, direct, there's then but few Trees; if he be Retrograde, say, the Country people have stolne, or made great wast thereof,

But if no planet be in the Mid-heaven, see to the Lord of that house, if he behold it with a good aspect, and be in any of his owne Dignities, say there is some Wood on the ground; if he does not behold the Mid-heaven, either there is little or no Wood, or it is North nothing; if the Lord of the 10th be Orientall, and behold his owne house, the Trees are young ones, or the Wood of small growth, or there are Copses: but if the Lord of the 10th be Occidentall, and in the condition beforesaid, the Trees are of more growth, and the Wood is ancient; and if the Lord of the 10th be then direct, the Trees are found, and will continue so a long time; but if Retrograde, there's many Trunks and hollow Trees among them..

Having considered what precedes, consider the Angle of the West, or the 7th house, which will declare unto thee the state and quality of the Herbage, or smaller Plants of the ground, for if you find either Jupiter or Venus, or the Lord of the 7th in the 7th, it's an argument the Land yeelds plenty of Grasse, Come, or what is reasonably required from it, if an Infortune be there, judge the contrary, &c.

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