[What Part of the House or Ground

The Ancients have delivered many rules, and doe say, that to judge in what part of the house or ground the thing is in, you must see to the Lord of the hour, and if he be in the 10th house or 11th, you may say the thing is in the South part of the house, towards the East; and if he between the 4th house and Ascendant, then North-east: if he be between the 4th house and 7th, then North-west; If between the 10th house and the 7th, then Southwest

This is and was the opinion of the former Astrologians, however, I have not found this judgment very exact, therefore I laboured to find a more certaine manner, and a more exact way for the

The Resolution of ready discovery or finding out anything mislaid or missing in the house, and not stolen: and it was thus:

First, I considered the Signe ascending, it's nature, the quarter of Heaven it signified. Secondly, what Signe the Lord of the Ascendant was in. The Signe of the 4th house. The Signe the Lord of the 4th was in.. What Signe the Moon was in.. The Signe of the 2nd house.

The Signe the Lord of the 2nd was in.. The Signe Part of Fortune was in. I considered the quality of the Signe, as to shew what part of the house it was in; I mean, what quarter, whether East, West, North or South, according to the greater number of testimonies: and you must know, for things lost, mislaid, or fugitives, there are the true quarters of Heaven the Signes signifie.

Ari. - East, Leo - East by North, Sag.- East by South

Lib. - West, Gem.- West by East, Aqu.- West by North

Can..- North, Sco. - North by East, Pis.- North by West

Cap.- South, Tau.- South by East, Vir.-South by West

Having found the quarter of Heaven, the nature of the Signes showed me also the quality of the place in the house, viz.. aiery Signes, above ground; fiery Signes, neer a Wall or Partition; earthly Signes, on the Floor; watry Signes, neere a moyst place in the roome, &c. A few experiments I know may better this Judgment: I have sometimes in merriment set a present Figure, and by that discovered in what part of the house the Glove, Book or any thing else was hid, and found the rule very true.

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