[These judgments best agree from the Country

If the Thief, viz. his Significator, be in a fixed Signe, account for every house betwixt the Lord of the ascendant and him, three miles; in common Signes, every house betwixt the ascendant and Thief, one mile; in movable Signes, for every house betwixt the ascendant and the Thiefe, account that so many houses on the earth are betwixt the Loser and the Thiefe.

If the Signe ascending be a fixed Signe, for every house give three miles; if a common Signe, then for every house give one mile; if a movable Signe, for every house reckon one halfe mile.

If his Significator be in an angle, he is still in the Towne; in a succedant, not far off, in a cadent he is far gone.

Where the Thief is.

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