[These Judgments are more proper for the Country than City

Behold the Lord of the 2nd; if he be Saturn, it is Lead, Iron, or a Kettle, something with three feet; a Garment or some blacke thing, or a Hide or Beasts skin.

If Jupiter be Lord of the 2nd, some white thing; as Tyn, Silver, or mixed with vaines, as it were with yellow and white, or broad Cloath, &c.

Sun signifies Gold and precious things, or things of good value. Mars - those which be fiery belong to the fire, Swords, Knives. Venus - such things as belong to Women, Rings, faire Garments, Smocks, Wastecoats, Peticoats.

Moon - Beasts, as the Horse, Mules, Cowes, or Poultry in the

Country of all forts; Mercury - Money, Books, Paper, Pictures, Garments of divers colours.

A signe of recovery.

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