[These are still for the Country

Moon in an angle, at home; succedant, about home; if in cadent, far from home,

The Significator of the Thief in an Angle, in a house; Moon in an angle, in his owne house; in a succedant, he is in Closes; Moon in a succedant, in his owne Closes,

The Significator of the Thiefe in a cadent house, he is in a Common; Moon in a cadent, in his owne Common, or that which belongs to the Towne he lives in.

If the Signifier of the Thief be within thirty degrees of the Lord of the ascendant, then is the Thiefe neer him that lost the

Goods; if within seventy degrees, within the Towne or Parish of him that lost the Goods, the more degrees betwixt them, the farther off they are from each other.

If the Significator be in a Square aspect to the Lord of the ascendant, he is out of the Towne; if the Lord of the 7th be strong, & in an angle, the Thief is not yet gone out of the Town or Parish where the Theft was acted; if he be found weak in an angle, he is gone, or departing.


[It sometimes holds true, the Lord of the 7th in the ascendant, the Thiefe brings the Goods home willingly.]

If the Lord of the 7th be in the ascendant, tell the Querent the Thiefe will be at home (before him) or before he get home, probatum est.

If the Lord of the 7th be in the 7th, he is hid at home and dare not be seen.

If the Lord of the 6th be in the 1st, or 2nd with any of their Lords, the Thief is of the house of the


If the Lord of the ascendant and the Significator of the Thief be together, the Thief is with the Querent, probatum est; the very truth us, he cannot be far from him.

Towards what part the Thief is gone.

[These things shal be more fully explicated in the succeding sheet, If you would know to what part he is fled, after he is gone out of Towne, behold the Planet that signifies his going out of Towne, and in what Sign he is; and if he be in a fiery Sign, say he is in the east part of the Towne or Country; if he be in a watry Signe, he is in the North; if in an Ayery Aign, he is in the west; if in an earthly Signe, he is in the south: Behold also in what quarter of Heaven he is in, and judge accordingly; if the signifier be in the west, he is in the west; the east part os from the Mid-heaven to the ascendant, &c. mix the signification of the Signe with the signification of the quarter, and thereafter judge, preferring the Signe before the quarter, onely making use of the quarter to ballance your judgment when other testimonies are equall.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Which way the Thief is gone.

Behold the significant Planet, in what Signe he is, and also the quarter, and accordingly judge; others judge by the place of the Moon; others behold the Lord of the 7th, and the Lord of the hour, what Signe and quarter they are in, and if they agree, then they judge thereafter; others regard the Significator to whom he doth apply, or render his power; others by the Lord of the 4th, I alwayes judge by the strongest, either of the Significator or the Moon.

[The peculiar quarter of heaven every Signe naturally signifies doth follow hereafter.] If the Significator of the Thief be in a fiery Sign, he went east; earthly, south; ayery, west; watry, north; see what angle Moon is in, there is the Thief; in no angle, look for the Lord of the house of the Moon, to that part he went.

See what Signe the Lord of the 7th is in; if in Aries, eastward; in Taurus, in the South against the east; and so of the rest,

Of the house of the Thiefe, and the mark thereof.

If you will know the quality of the house the thing lost is in, and the Signe and token thereof, and in what place the thing is, behold the Signe the Significator of the Thief is in, and in what part of heaven he is, and say in that part of the Towne the thing is; if it be in the ascendant, it is in the point of the east; in the 7th, just in the west; in the 4th, just in the north; in the 10th, it is south; and if it be between these angles, judge accordingly; as south-west or north-west; give the place of the Sun to be the house the Thief is in, and the place of the Moon to be the door of the house; if the Sun be in an Orientall Signe, the house is in the east part from the Master, or from him that lost the Goods.

The Door of the house.

To know in what part of the house the Door is, behold the place the Moon is in, whether in the angles, succedants or cadents, and judge as it is said in the parts of the house, the which part is taken of or from the Signe the Moon is in one way; if the Moon be in a fixed Signe, say the house hath but one door; in a movable Signe, say the door is high above the earth, and it may be there is one other little one; and if Saturn have any aspect to that Signe, the door hath been broken and after mended againe, or else it is black or very old.

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