[These added to other testimonies

The Dispositor of the Moon and the Lord of the houre in Angles; Mars in the Signe of the 7th House, she is newly conceived (this is to be understood if he be well Fortified:) Saturn in the 7th, the party is quicke, or her Infant moveth: Jupiter in the 7th, she is impregnated of a male childe Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, she is with childe of a Girle; this must be understood when all the rest of the Significators are equall, and ballance not the judgment, then if you finde Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th, you may judge the party shall have a Girle. Besides, the Moon in the 5th applying to Jupiter or Venus argue the same. You may ever predict true Conception, if the Signe ascending be fixed, and a Fortune therein placed, or the Lord of the 5th strong in the Ascendant or 10th House.

If the Man aske unknowne to the Woman.

[She is.] If the Lord of the 5th behold a Planet in an Angle with reception, or if the Lord of the Houre, Lord of the 5th, Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mercury or North Node be in the 5th Fortunate; or if the Lord of the 5th be in the 7th, or Lord of the 7th in the 5th.

[She is NOT.] If Jupiter or Venus be impedited, if Venus be joyned to Saturn or Mars, and they either Combust, Retrograde or slow in motion, or in Leo, Virgo or Capricorn, Saturn or Mars in the 5th, in Square or Opposition to the Lord of the 5th, denotes no conception, or danger of abortion, if other Significators be more prevalent then they, and give testimony or conception.

The Lord of the Ascendant joyned to a Retrograde Planet; or one in a Cadent House, or received by a Retrograde or Combust Planet, no aspect or translation of light between the Lord of the 5th and Lord of the Ascendant; judge by the major testimonies.

[Male or Female.] The Lord of the Ascendant, Lord of the 5th, Lord of the Houre Masculine, and the Moon in a Masculine Signe, degrees, or Quarter, doe note a Male, the contrary a Female.

[Whether it shall live?] The Lord of the 5th Retrograde, Combust, or Cadent from his House of Exaltation, is a presage of Death, &c. e contra.

The Lord of the Ascendant, Lord of the Houre, Lord of the 5th, all or most of them unfortunate, is an argument of death; Saturn, Mars or South Node in the 1st or 5th house, and Retrograde, denote the same.

Twinnes. Where suspition is had of Twins: if upon that Question you find the Signe ascending Common, and a Fortune in it, or the 5th or 1st house, and Sun and Moon in common Signes, or the Signe of the 5th one, and Lord of the 5th in a common Signe, you may judge Twins.

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