[The Souldiery will distaste it

If you would know who shall most afflict, or who shall begin the dance, or most of all oppose it? Saturn represents the Countryman, for he afflicting the house properly signifying Presbytery shewes the cause; this in few words expresses, it will not stand or continue (status quo:) Remove Saturn, Viz. Covetousnes, Rigidnes, Maliciousnesse, &c. then there may be more hopes that it might, but yet it will not stand (ita in fatis.)

Three whole yeers from hence shall not passe, ore Authority it selfe, or some divine Providence informe our understanding with a way in Discipline or Government, either more neer to the former purity of the primitive times, or more beloved of the whole Kingdome of England, or Authority shall in this space of time moderate many things now stifly desired: For some time we shall not discover what shall be established, but all shall be even as when there was no King in Israel, a confusion among us shall yet a while romaine: the Souldery then, or some men of fiery Spirits wil arise, and keep back their Contribution from the Clergy, and will deny obedience or submission to this thing we call Presbytery; it will then come to be handled by the Magistrate, and taken into consideration by the grand Authority of the

The Resolution of

Kingdome; yea, and by the plurality of the Clergy-men of England, or men of very sound judgments, it will be contradicted, disputed against, disapproved; and these shall make it manifest, this very Presbytery now maintained, is not the same the Commonwealth of England will entertaine, as a standing rule, for it to live under, or be governed by.

From what I doe find by this Figure, I conclude, that Presbytery shall not stand here in England (status quo) without refining and amending, and demolishing many scrupulous matters urged at present by the Clergy; for if we consider Jupiter as Lord of the 4th, we find the Moon, in plaine language, (after a little being voyd of course) run hastily to the Square of Mars and Jupiter; intimating, the Commonalty will defraud the expectation of the Clergy, and so strongly oppose them, that the end hereof shall wholly delude the expectation of the Clergy.

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