[Still you must keep to the Lord of your proper ascendant

When the Lord of the ascendant is in the ascendant, or in the 2nd, entring or arising towards the ascendant, or if he be Retrograde, or the Planet which was the signifier of the Journey be Retrograde, or the Lord of the ascendant apply to the Lord of the 10th, or the Lord of the mid-heaven be in the ascendant, or the Moon received of the Lord of the 10th, or the Lord of the ascendant received of him; all these doe signifie that he is absent is coming, and that he retumneth speedily and shortly.

The Planet from whom the Lord of the ascendant of the question is separated, is the Signifier of the state and condition in which he lately was, and of those actions which are past; and the Planet unto whom the Lord of the ascendant doth apply, is the Signifier of the state he is now in; and the Planet to whom he applyes after him, is the Signifier of the state of him unto whom he shall come, or intends to come.

If a question be asked for one that is in a journey, and you find his Significator going out of one Signe and entring into another, judge that he went out of the place he was in, and is entred another, or taken another journey in hand; and behold in which of those Signes he was stronger, more fortunate, or better received and so judge his successe the better, and corresponding thereto.

Note that Combustion in a question of one that is absent is ill, for that signifieth captivity, imprisionment, or some great let:

if the Combustion be neer the house of death, or the Sun Lord of the house of Death, it signifies death except God doe miraculously deliver him..

If in the question of him that is absent, you find in the ascendant or mid-heaven Mercury or the Moon, judge that Letters shall come from him, or some Newes very shortly, for Mercury is the Significator of Letters or Newes.

If you would know whether the Newes or Letters which are to come be good or ill, look from whom Mercury and Moon are separate; if the separation be from a Fortune, it notes good newes and joyfull; but if from ill Fortunes, judge the contrary.

If a Question be asked of a Letter, whether it be true or not, behold Mercury, if he be in a movable Signe, beholding Saturn or Mars, say it is a lye; if in a fixed Signe, judge it is true; in a common Signe, part true and part false.

The cause of a Journey, and the successe thereof.

Behold if the Moon apply to the Sun, he goeth to Kings or States, or in service of such men, viz. of such as are able to maintaine him, &c.

If Moon apply to Saturn, he is directed by old men, or men of gravity and yeers..

If Moon apply to Jupiter, Religious persons or Gentlemen doe imploy him.

If Moon apply to Mars, men of Warre, Captaines, or such like are the cause..

If to Venus, Women-kind, or desire to purchase such things as Women love.

If to Mercury, Merchants, Schollers, or he travels to see variety of Countryes, and to learne the languages.

If Moon her selfe signifie the cause, it seems he is hired, or that he is publikely imployed.

The cause is usually required from the house wherein the Lord of the 9th is; or if a Planet therein, see what house he is Lord of; the Lord of the 9th in the ascendant, he goes of his owne accord; the Lord of the 9th in the 2nd, for game; the Lord of the 9th in the 3rd, purposely to travell, &c.

Successe thereof.

Behold the four angles, if a fortunate Planet be in the ascendant, the beginning of his journey shall be fortunate; if the mid-heaven be fortunate, the rest of his journey shall prove in like manner; if the 7th, it shall also happen well when he is arrived to the place he intends, or is at his journeys end: If all manner of QUESTIONS.

Fortunes be in the 4th, all shall happen well in his returne homeward, & e contra: a most happy journey is intended.

Also for the successe of a journey, behold the Lord of the ascendant, the 9th house and the Moon, and if they be all well affected, it sheweth a fortunate Journey.

Length thereof.

If the Lord of the 9th be in the ascendant, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 9th, it hasteneth the journey; the Lord of the ascendant in the 7th, idem.; the Significators on cadent houses, or in movable Signes, or the angles movable, idem.: But if the angles be fixed, and the Significators posited therein, it prolongeth the journey: the Lord of the 9th in the ascendant, hasteneth the journey, and being fortunate therein, fortunateth the same Voyage, the Significators and Moon slow in motion, a tedious Journey.

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