[signes Of Health

In the Question you must consider if the Sign ascending, the Lord thereof, and the Moon be free from misfortune, viz. if the Lord of the Ascendant be free from Combustion of the Sun, from the

Square, Opposition or Conjunction of the Lord of the 8th, 12th, 6th or 4th House, if he be Direct, in Essentiall Dignity, Swift in Motion, or Angular, especially in the 1st house, (for in this question he is best placed therein) or 10th, or else in the 11th, or 9th House, and in a good aspect with Jupiter or Venus, or the Sun, or in the Termes of Jupiter and Venus, it's an argument of Health and long life to the Querent, for the Lord of the Ascendant, or Ascendant it selfe unfortunate or Moon in bad houses afflicted, show mischiefe at hand; the aforesaid Significators tree, argue the contrary: for as you consider the Lord of the Ascendant, so the Ascendant is to be considered, and what aspect is cast unto it, viz. good or evil, and by what Planet or Planets, and of what house or houses they are Lords of.

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