[Or men goe down by steps

Moon in a fixed Signe, the gate is under the earth, viz. if in Taurus, or the house standeth on the Bank-side, if in Aquarius; Moon in movable Signs, the gate or door is above the earth, and a step to go up in to it (probatumn est.) or one ascends somewhat in going into the house.

Moon Infortunate, the gate is broken, and note what part of heaven Moon is in, that part of the house the door standeth in; if Saturn aspect the Moon with Conjunction, Square or Opposition, the door or gate is broken downe, old or black; if with Sextile or Trine, the door is mended againe.

Of the house where the Thiefe remaineth or dwelleth. Behold the Signe wherein the Signifier is in, and in what part of

Behold the Lord of the terme wherein the Significator of the Thiefe is, and by him judge the estate of the Thiefe; if an infortunate Planet be in a fortunate terme, he was of a wilde stocke, and now is in good state: If a fortune be in the terme of an infortune, say the contrary.

If he carried all with him,

Behold the Lord of the 7th and 8th, if the Lord of the 7th be in an Angle, he was willing to have carried all away, but could not; if in a succedent, and the Lord of the 8th with him strong, he had all; if both the Lord of the 7th and 8th be in cadent Houses, he neither carried it away or had it,

The distance of the thing from the Owner.

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