[Or is well bard with Iron

If Mars have any aspect thereunto, the gate or door shall have some token of burning or fire; and if Saturn and Mars have a friendly aspect to the same Signe, the gate is Iron, or most part of it, or a good strong one; and if the Moon have small light, the house hath no door opening to the highway, but opens on the back part of the house.

Tokens of the Thiefe house.

If the Moon be in Square, Conjunction, or Opposition to Mars, the door is burned with iron, fire or candle, or hath been cut with some iron instrument; if the Moon be in Trine or Sextile to Mars, say the door of the Thiefs house is mended with iron; if the Moon be but newly encreased in light, his gate or door is part under the earth, or under a Bank-side, or they goe downe by a step, Moon in a fixed or movable Signe, he hath but one door outwardly, in common Signs more then one.

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