If you find the Lord of the Ascendant casually afflicted by Saturn or Mars, &c. and either of them are Lords of the 2nd house, and there appears no inward cause of a Disease, then doe you judge the Querent is in some want of money, (if the Significators apply) or hath had lately damage, the Significators are separated; the greatnesse or smallnesse of his losse judge according to the strength of the Planet afflicting, and quality of the aspect; where note, Oppositions herein are worse then Square aspects or Conjunctions. If it be the Lord of the 5th, be the Planet good or ill, that afflicts, or hath evill aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant, either by evill Dyet, Surfet, &c. or by losse at Dice, Tables or Sports (if Querent is capable) or that the Father comes not off freely with his Pension; (this is when young people demand a Question, or are distempered) if it be the Lord of the 7th that oppresses the Lord of the Ascendant, the party has had lately some difference with his Wife (and so a Woman, on the contrary, with her Husband) or some Lawsuit, or willful Neighbour-contention, or Partner is the outward cause of his evill indisposition. In Youth, if the like configuration be upon the Question from the Lord of the 7th to the Lord of the Ascendant, it's alone melancholly, his Friend, or all manner of Questions the Maid he affects, or the man she longs after is unkind, and discontent for that occasion is the outward cause of this ill affectedness in the Body, yet will no sicknesse follow it.. This is the Method which I ever observed, which I freely comunicate to the world, and which, if well understood, will give knowledge sufficient to this way of judicature.

Of the qualitie and nature of the Disease.

Although formerly I have briefly given directions herein, yet now I hold it fit to be more copious, and desire the Learner that he will contract what I write into such a Method as may best please his owne Phansie; and be inabled to make the best use of it for his owne advantage. When therefore you have erected your Figure, consider what Planet is significator of the Disease; and if you so find Saturn to be significator, he produces continued and tedious Sicknesses, quarten Agues, Coughs, comsumptions, &c. If he be in Leo or in Scorpio with South Node or North Node, or Combust, or if Saturn be with violent fixed Starres, he afflicts the sicke party with pestilent and dangerous Feavers, and it may be doubted (where suspicion of Poyson is) that the Sicke has been indeavoured to be Poysoned, or hath taken some potion equivolent to Poyson.

When Saturn is in the Signe of the fiery Triplicity, as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, he usually signifies Hectick-Feavers. If he be in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the cause and matter of the Disease growes from some cold and moyst cause or matter, or distemper; and this more assuredly if Venus or Moon, who are moyst Planets, have together with him and signification in the Disease, the matter then afflicting or cause of the disease is more grosse and vicious with long Paroxismes, with ebbing and flowing of the Disease. The sicke party is almost overwhelmed with horror, dread and fearful imaginations, with extreme chillinesse or coldnesse.

When Saturn is in fixed Signes, as in Taurus, Leo or Aquarius, he afflicts the Patient with durable and long continued Agues and Feavers, pectorall rotennesses, or dry coughs, the joynt Gout, Leprosie, or generall Scabbinesse all over the Body, all manner of Gouts.

The Resolution of

Saturn being in moveable Signes, as Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, prenotes a generall Flux of humours all-over the Body, principally the Dropsie or Tympanicall humours. Being in common Signes, the Disease proceeds not from the disaffection of one humour alone, but has many changings, receding and reverting, and yet the Disease continues a long time..

Jupiter When he is author of the Sicknesse, he demonstrates ill affection of the Liver, and a corruption of the blood either by inflamation, or other causes of nature agreeable to the Signe wherein he is posited, as if in Cancer, or in a moyst Signe the blood is waterish, or too thin, &c. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, it's overheated by some extravagant excesse of heat or choller, if in Aquarius, Libra or Gemini the blood over flows, there's too much, breathing of a Veine is necessary or sweating. If in Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo, the blood is infected with Melancholly, too grosse, and not fluent.. Jupiter in fiery Signes causes Feavers proceeding from blood, yet without rottennesse or store of putrification..

When Mars is joyned with the Sun, it prenotes a distempered Feaver procreated, by putrification of the blood.

If Mars be significator of the Disease and in any Signes afflicting the Luminaries or the Ascendant or Lord of the Ascendant, he procreates hot burning Feavours, some mixture of Melancholy. If Saturne be mixed in the Judgment of the disease, that is, if he have anything to do in the Signification of the Disease, or Mars in any of his dignities.

When Mars is in common Signes, the disease will not easily be discovered, it will come and goe, and be at no certainty, yet at what time it seems to leave. If Saturne have any signification and be in aspect with good Planets, the disease will quite goe away, but if then Saturne be with the Lord of the 8th or 6th, the Sicke may expect death. Usually when Mars is in common Signes the Patient is vexed with many infirmities and they acute, returning when expectation is of amendment. The symptoms hereof are sudden motions, and more quicke and speedy Criticall dayes, either to good or ill, according to the nature of the Significator. Mars under the beames of the Sun in the 6th or in the 12th, in fiery Signes, brings scorching or burning inflaming Feavers, that is, Feavers exceeding, especially in heat, and as it were boiling the blood.

All manner of QUESTIONS

Mars being the cause of a Feaver and in Leo, shews ebolition or a boyling of the humours, continuall burning Feavers, whose originall cause springs from the great Veines neer the heart: When the Sun at first lying downe of the Sicke party, is in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of Saturne, or in Saturne his Antiscion, the Disease then afflicting is meerly Melancholly; If the Sun be afflicted of or by Mars with the aforesaid aspects, the Disease is from Choller: Venus being Significatrix of the Disease, shewes it proceeds of intemperancy, too much Gluttony of some Surfeit, the disaffection in the Belly, or in or neer the privy parts, or by some Womanish trick, &c. Venus in Fiery Signes, shewes a Feaver but of one dayes continuance, but if Mars joins in signification, it notes rotten Feavers arising from Fleagme.

When Mercury is unfortunate and is author of the Disease, the sick party hath his Braine disaffected, is disturbed with an unquiet Fancy or Minde, with a Frenzie, Fallingp-sicknesse, Cough, Ptissick, or the like. When the Lord of the 9th is in the 6th, the Disease is from some Poyson, Witchery or Fascination, Charme, or by or from some occult cause; this is, when mistrust is of such like chances.

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