[it Was The Lord Coventry

Lastly, because Sun was lately in Sextile with Jupiter and Jupiter was in the 10th; I told him, either some great Lawyer or Courtier had endeavoured to reconcile the differences betwixt them; and forasmuch as both the Sun who was his Significator, and Saturn who was hers, did now both apply to a Trine aspect, there seemed to be at present a willingnesse in both parties to be reconciled; nor did I see any great obstruction in the matter, except Mercury who is in Square aspect with Saturn, did impedite it; I judged Mercury in the general, to signifie either some attorney, or lawyer, or writings; but as he is Lord of the Querent's 2nd, it might be because the Querent would not consent to give or allow such a summe of money as might be demanded, or that the Querents purse was to weak, he had not wherewithall to solicite his cause lustily; or as Mercury is Lord of the 11th house, some pretended friend would impedite her, or advise the contrary, or some of her Lawyers; or as the 11th is in the 5th from the 7th, a child of the Querent's wife might be occasion of continuing the breach. ( I believe every particular herein proved true; however, this was the way to find the occasion or thing disturbing their unity or concord. )

Observe as Venus Lady of the 10th, doth dispose of Jupiter Lord of the 8th, viz. the wife's Fortune, so she had entrusted her estate to a great Nobleman..

That Accidents in Future He Might Expect; Time When,

In this Quere, I first considered the Sun Lord of the Ascendant, who being no ways unfortunated, or in any evill aspect with any Planet, which might impeach or impedite him, but on the contrary excellently fortified, I judged, he had the wide world to ramble in, (for a Planet strong, and in no aspect with others shewes a man at liberty to doe what he will;) and that for many yeers he might (quoad capax) live in a prosperous condition (according to the preceding limitation) and traverse much ground, or see many Countries; because Aries, the Signe wherein the Sun is in, is moveable, placed on the cusp of the 9th, signifying long journeys, which prenoted many turnings and shiftings, variety of action in sundry parts.

Secondly, I observed the Moon in the Querent's house of substance, viz. the 2nd, did apply to Jupiter in the 10th house, and that Jupiter was Lord Of the 5th house and 8th: the 5th house signifies Children; the 8th denoted the substance of the

Wife: From hence I gathered, that the Querent was very desirious to treat with some Nobleman (because Jupiter is in the 10th) about the Education of his Child or Children, and that there might be a Salary payable for their breeding and education, out of the Wife's Jointure or annuall Revennue:(such a thing as this in one kind or another, he did settle before he went out of England.)

Thirdly, I found the Moon in the signe Virgo (Peregrine) it being a Diurnal Question, else she hath a Triplicity in that Trygon by night.

Fourthly, I found Mercury Lord of the 2nd house, viz. signifying his Fortune and Estate, in Pisces, which is his Detriment, yet in his own Termes, afflicted by Mars, from whose Opposition the Moon lately had separated.

From hence I collected, that he had been in great want of Money a little before the Question asked; and if we look how many degrees all manner of QUESTIONS.

there is distant betwixt Moon and Mercury, since their Opposition last past, we shall find them to be 6 degrees, 21 min., viz. 6 degrees and 21 minutes which noted, that he had been in some want of Money for about 6 months and somewhat more, or thereabouts, before the time of demanding the Question: (this was confessed.)

Fiftly, feeling the Moon was applying to a Trine of Jupiter, of which signification I spoke before, and then before she got out of the Signe Virgo, did occur the Opposition of Mars: I did aquaint the Querent, that after some yeers or times of pleasure, he would be in great danger of losing his Life, Goods, Lands and Fortune. His life, because Mars is in the 8th: His Goods and Estate, because Moon is in the 2nd: His Lands or Inheritance, because Mars is Lord of the 4th, now placed in the 8th. For the 4th house signifies Lands, &c.

The Time When.

In this quere I considered the application of the Moon to a Trine of Jupiter, which wanting about 3 degrees from the true aspect, I judged for some times succeeding the Question, or for 3 yeers, he might live pleasantly.

Secondly, feeling the Sun Lord of the Ascendant, during his motion through the Signe Aries, did not meet with any malevolent aspect, and had 26 degrees to run through of the Sign, ere he got into Taurus; I gave in this nature of judgment, for every degree 1 moneth, and so told him, That for about 26 moneths following, or untill after 2 yeers, or much about that time, I judged he should live in a free condition in those parts into which he intended his Journey, &c.

Last of all, I considered how many degrees the Moon wanted ere she came to the true Opposition of Mars.

Longitude of Mars 28 40

Longitude of Moon_21 l8

Difference 7 22

The difference is 7 degrees and 22 minutes; which if I proportion into time, and neither give yeers, because the Significators are in Common Signes, and not in Fixed ; or moneths, because the Signes doe signifie somewhat more; but doe proportion a meane between both: the time limited in this way of Judicature, will amount to about 3 yeers and 3 quarters (3 3/4 years) from the time of asking the Question, ere the malevolent Opposition of the Moon to Mars shall take effect: But in regard his quere was generall, I might have allowed for every degree 1 yeer: After, or about which time, he was in severall actions both dangerous to his Person and Fortune; and since that time, till the time of publishing hereof, he hath had his Intervals of good and 111, but is now under the frowne of Fortune, &c.

But as the Sun at time of the Question was strong, he did overcome all mannerof difficulties for many yeers, and subsisted, and hath in our unlucky differences had honorable Imployment on his Majesties part: but as the Moon is in Opposition to Mars, so it was not without the generall out-cry and exclamations of the people; nor was it his fortune, though in great Commands, ever to doe his Majesty any notable piece of Service; yet is he now forever, by just Sentence of the Parliament, deprived of so much happinesse as to end his dayes in England; which, though in some measure, might have been forseen, by the Moon her Opposition to Mars, being Lord of the 4th, viz. the end of all things.

Yet we must herein admire Providence, and acknowledge according to that strong Maxime of Astrologers; That the generall Fate of any Kingdome is more prevalent, then the private geniture or question of any Subject or King whatsoever.

Very little of this Judgment hath already failed; I have heen herein somewhat large, because young Students might thereby benefit the more; and if my Judgments doe vary from the common Rules of the ANCIENTS, let the Candid Reader excuse me, sith he may still follow their Principles if he please; and he must know, that from my Conversation in their Writings, I have attained the Method I follow.

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