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When I find, that by God's blessing the sick party shall recover, and it be demanded, When or about what time it is like to be? I usually observe, who is the Lord of the Ascendant, and which of the benevolent Planets he is in aspect with, and how many degrees there are distant betwixt them, in what house they both are in, viz. whether Angles, Succedant, Cadent, what Signe they possesse, whether Moveable, Fixed or Common, and according to discretion and quality of the Disease, so I frame my measure of time; yet ordinarily if the aspect be in moveable Signes, I judge, in so many dayes the party will amend, the more certainly, I determine, if the significators be swift in motion, angular.. If the application be in common Signes, I neither judge moneths, weeks or dayes, but according as I can with discretion frame my judgment, having first observed the nature of the Disease, and possibility of determining in such or such a time, the Ancients did say:

Moveable Signes shew Dayes.

Common Signes, Weeks or Moneths.

Fixed Signes, Moneths or Yeers.

Angles are equivalent to moveable Signes.

Succeedant to common Signes.

Cadent to fixed Signes.

The Resolution of

Together with the principall Significators, consider the quick or slow motion of the Moon, the Signe she is in, and its quality, mix all together, and your judgments will be more rationall: I many times find, when the Lord of the Ascendant moves out of the Signe he is in at the time of the Question, and has essentiall Dignities in the Signe he is going into, the party recovers then, or sensibly feels an alteration for the good in himselfe; and so if the later degrees of a Signe are on the cusp of the 6th, viz. if I find 28 degrees, and the Signe common, I say, the Disease will vary in lesse time then 2 weeks: I might give infinite rules, but in judgment of a Figure or two subsequent, I shall better be understood in the practicall part of it, and deliver the method I always observed; but because, together with what I write, the Reader might have more variety of judgment; and because nothing in this life is more irksome then Sicknesse, or more delightfull then health, I have endeavoured to English the Iatromathematicks of Hermes, much esteemed in all Ages, and here to insert them, as being necessary to the Judgments of this House.

HERMES TRISMEGISTUS upon the first Decumbiture of the Sick.

The heavenly Rayes or influence proceeding and emitted from the seven Planets are multiplied and dispersed into the severall members of man, even whilest the conception in the Mothers Wombe, doth first begin to cleave together: neither verily doth it happen otherwayes when the child first sees the light of this world, but even according to the position of the twelve Signes of Heaven, so doe we assigne the Head to the Signe Aries.

all manner of QUESTIONS

The Sensitive Parts or Instruments of Mans Body are thus attributes to the seven Planets.

The right Eye to the Sun, the left to the Moon. The sense of Hearing and Eares to Saturn.. The Braine to Jupiter, Blood to Mars. Smelling and Tasting to Venus.

The Tongue, the Weesell-pipe of a mans Throat or Lung-pipe to Mercury.

That member suffers a defect or imperfection, of which either at conception or birth an afflicted Planet had dominion or did Signifie the same.

There are also in man foure more principall and generall parts; the Head, the Breast, the Hands, and Feet.

If the Planet who governth any of those principal parts be unfortunate and ill affected, either at the time of Conception or Birth, the same Planet afflicteth or disfigureth all those parts so attributed unto himselfe, or some particular or principall part of those members.

As when the Sun or Moon be ill disposed or vitiated, either the one or both, the eyes receive prejudice; if Saturn the eares, teeth or sense of hearing. When Mercury is oppressed, we find a defect in the tongue, or stammering in speech. And in the same manner we may apprehend, whether any part of the Breast, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Heart, or any of the intestines or inwards of the body be corrupted and infected, radically from the Birth or Conception..

In consideration of the Hands and Feet we shall observe, whether the Fingers, Nailes or any of these are unperfect or vitiated by the affinity of some predominating malignant Planet.

To such defects and imperfections as are within the compasse of cure, convenient Medicines are to be applyed, and we must resist the Disease proceeding from the influence of the Planets, by other Planets of contrary nature and power to the Planet afflicting.

To Saturn are assigned such Medicaments as doe coole or refrigerate, extenuate with drinesse and promotes ficcity.

The Resolution of

To Mercury such as congeale, are flatuous and windy.

To Mars such as are calefactive, warm and impletive, as unto a Planet being a very sharpe heater and procurator of blood..

To Jupiter and Venus things conglutinating, mollifying and are effective to asswage and cure all Ulcers.

The Moone helps that Planet, or lends assistance to him, be he good or bad, to whom she applies..

To him therefore that would either cure the Sicke or heale the Lame, the position of Heaven ought to be well considered and knowne, set or erected for the houre of his first falling sick, or lying downe; the Planets and their respective disposition and mutuall habit to and among themselves, is carefully to be respected, for without the congresse and influence of these in humane and worldly affaires, nothing is either infirme or sound. No Patient can possibly be cured by the industry of his Physitian, be he never so learned, without the benevolent configuration of the Stars, and happy positure thereof; but he shall either perish, being destitute hereof, or recover and be preserved by their kinde influence..

If the certaine hour of the parties first falling sick cannot exactly be knowne, then carefully take the position of Heaven at that given time when judgment is required of the Physitian: therein observe from whom the Moon is separated, to whom she applies, with what Planets she is in Square or Opposition to, or with whom in Conjunction; if she be in configuration with the malevolents, she intimates the Disease will extend almost to death. But with the Fortunes, the sick will obtaine remedy more speedily: Observe if she be swift in motion, and encreasing in light, or whether both of them happen at once, or neither of them: for if after her Conjunction with the Sun, when she begins to grow great, and as it were, to swell with the encrease of light and motion, she shall then be afflicted by the Square or Opposition of Mars, before she came to Opposition of Sun, and no intervening aspect of a benevolent Planet chance between, she signifies mortall or pernicious Diseases. But if conjoyned, or in good aspect of beneficiall Starres, the infirme Body shall recover, though he were absolutely persuaded he should not live or escape that Disease; but if the Moon be decreasing in light and motion, and afflicted either by the Square or Opposition of

Saturn (unlesse presently after Opposition with Saturn the vigor of the Disease remit) the Disease is not curable but Mortall. If she apply to benevolent Planets, the Disease will soone be cured. This is further to be considered, that during the encrease of the Moon in number and light, the Disease encreaseth.. When the Moon growes slow in motion, the sicknesse diminisheth. This ought carefully to be regarded upon the first insult of every Disease..

Those who are at the time of their first lying downe are oppressed by the malignant influence of Saturn or Mercury, they are commonly heavy and drowsie, unwillingly moving their diseased Members, stupified or benummed with immoderate cold, or molested with unnatural defluxions: The Disease by little and little stealeth upon the sick party, nor is he easily awaked though moved thereunto: He is silent in speech, fearfull, desires such Plaisters or formentations as are very hot, and inforce heat; they delight to be without light, as to be in darknesse; he sighes continually, and gently drawes in his breath, or sucks it up, or is short winded; the Pulse is swift and painfull; warme things applyed gives them great comfort; they have feeble Pulses; the outside of their bodies are cold and dry whereby it comes to passe, that in curing such people, that the Physitian ought to apply such Medicines as are naturally hot, doe mollifie and constringe.

Who fall sicke upon any malevolent configuration of the Sun or Mars, become disturbed in their Minds, perplexed in their Fancies, are troublesome and very rugged in their deportment; the superficiall parts of their bodies being inflamed with a fiery heat. They are prone to anger, make much clamor or noyse, look peevishly, lye staring, aiwayes thirsty by reason of the roughnesse of their parched tongues; desirious of Wine, cold Drinke, importuning the use of Bathes: no manner of Meat whets their appetite; they freely squander out their virulent language against every man; they have a short, depressed and inordinate Pulse; red rubicund faces, oppressed with fullnesse of body. For recovery of these Men, it conduces much to let Blood untill the fifth day, or prescribe such Medicines as evacuate and Purge the foulnesse of their bodies, and to administer such other Remedies

The Resolution of as the necessity of nature further requires. What Medicines are agreeable to the nature of Mars are repugnant to Saturn as not calesactive, emollient or mollifying and dissolving obstructions.

Medications which naturally are concurring with Saturn, prove contrary to those of the nature of Mars; as those which are refrigerating or cooling, astringent or binding, and repercussing.

All infirmities or passions, or tremblings of the heart, and such as proceed from the mouth of the Stomack, Diseases and paines in the Arteries, Veines and Joynts, have originall from the evill influence of Mars and Sun.

Continues Feavers, Phrensies, Exulceration and inflamation of the Lungs and Lights, and such like Diseases, draw their originall from Saturn and Mercury; Against such Diseases, Medicines that refrigerate are most proper, of which sort are these:




Juyce of Poppy

Root of Alkakenge






White Lead


Stone Hematites Purcel/Egg White Flax-seed Reed

Leaves of Mallows Pomegranet Hypocistis Cypress Tree Blackberry Tree Acania Quinces Pirapirastra


Flower of Field-Vine

Fruit of Palm Trees

The Myrrh-Tree


Fresh Roses





Such medicines as are naturally calesactive or hot, are assigned to the dominion of Mars and Sunne; whereof some are as followeth:

Oleum Cyprinum



Ongnentum Irinum



White Daffodille Sweet Marjorum Cassia Odorata all manner of QUESTIONS

Bdellium Ammoniacum








Raddish Roots Chick Peas Sea-Salt

Storax Calamita Ocymum Pyrethrum Chrysocalla

Root Sera Dry Figgs Cummin Salt-Peeter

Pix Fat

Marrow Galbanum Flower de Luce

Granum Gnisdium Staves-acre Stone Asius Galangal all things smelling sweet, and being fragrant.

To expulse and recover those Diseases which have their original rise and cause from Saturn or Mercury (which afterwards you shall have discovered by the course of the Moon) such manner of Medicines as these must be administered, which do naturally heat and mollifie. But in repressing Solar and Martiall Diseases, the learned Physitian must apply such Remedies, as by nature are refrigerative, cooling and repercussive.

Whoever shall first lye downe of their sickness, the Moon decreasing in light and motion, in any of the 12 Signes, and afflicted by Saturn his Square, Opposition or Conjunction, shall in part or in all, be partaker of such Diseases as follows, during the time of the continuance of their Disease..

MOON IN ARIES (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN Viz.. With Head—ach, or heavinesse of the Head, or Rheume, falling down into the Nostrils, singing in the Eares, stuffing in the Head, wearinesse or dulnesse of the Eyes, distillation of Rheumes and corrupt humours falling from the head into the Throat and Wind-pipe, weak Pulse and inordinate, drowsinesse of mind, loathing of the Stomack, intemperate or unseasonable Sweats, hot within, cold without, more afflicted by night then day; if Moon be not favoured by the aspect of any good Planet , without doubt

Of the Signes and conjectures of the Disease, and of life or death by the good or ill positions of theMoon at time of the Patient first lying downe, or demanding the Question.

The Resolution of the sick party will dye, God sending no extraordinary remedy. To loosen the Belly represses the grief, to let blood is ill.

MOON IN TAURUS (CONJUNCT- SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN Feavers proceeding from obstructions and distemper of the Ppaecordiacks and Arteries, viz. of the inward parts neer the Heart, Liver and Lungs, occasioned by too much Luxury, or from Surfets or inordinate Repletion; their Pulses are lofty and high, but immoderate, an inflation or puffing up of the Body, ulceration of the Lungs; if the Moon be not supported with some gentle aspects of the Fortunes, the party will hardly live fourteen dayes; but if the Moon be, as beforehand, in any good aspect, beyond expectation the sick will recover. Those Medicines which purge or dissolve grosse Humours, and Phlebotomy are good..


Who fall sick, the Moon in Gemini, afflicted of Saturn, by Conjunction, Square or Opposition, have the original of their Disease, occasioned by wearinesse of the mind, and over-burdening it with multiplicity of affaires, or some wearinesse in Doistu, or over-much exercise of body, feare of a small Feaver, the paine disperses itself all over the body, but principally in the Arteries and


I find the Vitals much afflicted when Moon is in Gemini, at the time of any ones Decumbiture, and the sick inclinable to a Consumption; with such the Pulse is rare and little, afflicted with frequent sweatings, Simptomes of the Spleen, and the Disease more troublesome in the night then in the day; if Mars, together with Saturn, at the same time afflict the Moon, most Authors hold, the sick will not live above ten dayes, unlesse the favorable aspects of Jupiter or Venus intervene, and then after a long time, the sick may recover.

MOON IN CANCER (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN Who fals sick the Moon afflicted of Saturn in Cancer, is much afflicted in the Brest with tough melancholly Matter, or with filmy, thick Flegme, is vexed with Coughs, or abundance of Spittle and Doisture, Catarres, Hoarcenesse, distillation of Rheumes, or descending of Humours into the Brest, their Pipes are narrow and obstructed, small Feavers, and many times feare of the

Quotidian Ague; but usually a Quartan Ague followes, holding a long time, Belly ake, or some infirmnesse in the Reynes or Secrets. If the Moon be decreasing and neer the Body of Saturn, The sicknesse will continue a great space of time; and if together with her affliction, the Lord of the Ascendant be impedited by the Lord of the 8th, there's small hopes of recovery.


Those who lye down or first complaine, the Moon being impedited of Saturn in Leo, the sicknesse shall proceed of ill melancholy Blood, the sick will be oppressed with unkindly heat in the Brest, intension of the Heart-strings, with violent Feavers, the Pulse are troubled, externall and internall Heats doe much annoy the sick, sometimes they are taken with a fit of the Stone, or faintnesse of Heart, or Swooning, and if the Disease does continue long, the sick is in danger of the Black-jaundices.

Such things as gently moisten and heat, are good for the Diseased; when the Moon comes to the Opposition of Saturn, if the Sextile, Trine or Conjunction of Jupiter or Venus afflict not, many times the sick dyeth.


The Moon in Virgo afflicted by Saturn, the Sicknesse proceeds from Crudities and evill digestion in the Stomack, and from too much viscious Flegme obstructing the Bowels and Intrailes, pricking or shooting under the Ribs, inordinate Feavers, many times I find the sick afflicted when the Moon is in Virgo in aspect of Saturn with the Wind-chollick, with extreme Melancholly, with the Gout or aches in the Thighes and Feet, &c., things which mollifie heat and dissolve, are most proper for the sick; when the cause of the Disease originally rises from this configuration of the Moon in Virgo, unfortunated by Saturn, I seldom find by experience but that the Diseased continues sick a great while; for Virgo is an Earth Signe and Saturn is Slow.

MOON IN LIBRA (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN The Moon in Libra afflicted by Saturn, the Disease has its originall form some Surfet of Wine, Gluttony, or Meat not fully digested, or too many Venery, the Brest is disaffected, so also the Head, no appetite to eat, a loathing in the Stomack, the

Cough, Hoarcenesse, distillation of Rheums afflict him: I have found the sick party, upon this aspect of the Moon to Saturn, to have been troubled with great panes in the Joynts, Knees and Thighes, and an itching in those parts, they fearing a Sciatica..


Saturn afflicting the Moon in Scorpio, the Disease is in Ano or Anglice [Arse-hole] usually an

Ulcer there, or the Hemorroids or Piles, or some Exulceration or Bubo, [Anglice] a botch in the


I find by experience, if a man or woman enquire upon the Moon her affliction by Saturn in Scorpio, there's no retention of Urine, the party is vexed with the Stone in the Bladder, or with a swelling dropsical Humour, offending and swelling about their Knees and Legs. As also sometimes they have a Flux, if a man then the Gonorrea; if a woman, too much aboundance of Menstrua's.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN Saturn afflicting the Moon, the diseased party is sensibly oppressed with Deflux of subtill, thin sharp Humours, griefes in the Arteries or Joynts, feare of a Feaver, extremeties of heat and cold, many times a double accesse of a Feaver. What mitigates heat gently, and moystens, is good for such people as fall sick under this aspect.

I find by experience, that the Moon in Sagittarius, afflicted by a Conjunction of Saturn, doth cause the Disease to proceed from Blood infected with choller and melancholly, and many times by too great paines-taking, or violent exercise, and cold thereupon taken. Upon the Opposition of the Moon and Saturn, for the most part the sick has a spice of the Gout, or some Tumour or Swelling in the Hands, or Thighes, or Feet &c. If Mars have any ill aspect to the Moon as well as Saturn at time of first falling sick, it proves a violent burning Feaver.

MOON IN CAPRICORN (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN The Disease proceeds from Cold and Melancholly, with subtill, thin Distillations, heavinesse of the Brest and Stomack, difficulty of breathing, dry Coughs, the Lungs oppressed, intended Feavers, more pained in the night then in the day-time. Medicines that heat and moysten moderately doe availe in this Disease.

The party will still complain of the Head-ach, or paine in the left Eare, or of a Rumbling or Noyse in his Head.

all manner of QUESTIONS

MOON IN AQUARIUS (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) SATURN The Sicknesse hath beginning, or is occasioned from too much labour, wearisomenesse or toyling the Body and Minde, want of sleepe and due refreshment of nature: The Malady ceaseth on him unequally, with remission and intension, untill the Moon have past the opposition of her owne place, then if your Fortunes have any good Aspect to the Moone, the sicke is recoverable. I finde the sicke complaining or lying downe under the preceding malevolent Aspect, to be grieved with winde or noyse in the head, with faint fits or passions of the heart; or many times they have either a sore throat, or are troubled with a rising there, and in danger of suffocation.


The Malady its cause, is from cold distillations; the party is afflicted with continual Feavers, oft and continuall sighings, pricking or shooting under the Paps, extensions of the precordiacks and hart-strings.

I find the Sicke have surfeited by some extremity of cold, that their throat is oppressed with thicke fleagme, and their brest is troubled with a rotten cough and aboundance of watery matter lodging there..

Those Medicines that heat and gently califie are good in these cases.

As we have treated of such Diseases as may afflict any one upon their first falling Sicke or Decumbiture, the Moon being in any of the 12 Signes and oppressed by Saturn, or indeed by Mercury.. So now we will endeavour to chew the quality of the Disease from the Moon her affliction from Mars or the Sun through the 12 Signes of the Zodiacke.


Who fall sick the Moon in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of Mars in Aries, their disease shall proceed from a distempered affection of the Membranes or Pellices of the braine, continual Feavers, no rest or quietnesse. An hot thirsty mouth, extreme thirst, drynesse of the tongue, hot Liver or inflamation thereof, much heat in the Brest, high and sublated Pulses, keeping no order, a Phrensie may be feared, or deprivation of Senses: letting of Blood and such things as do coole and nourish are very helpfull.

The Resolution of

If the Moon next after her separation from the Malevolent beames or aspect of Mars doe apply to Conjunct or Opposition of Saturn, and she decreasing in light and slow in motion, there's small hopes of life; let the sicke prepare for God. I finde, usually the Moon being in Aries afflicted of Mars, the party is almost ready to run mad, or hath some extreme paine or griefe in his Belly or smal guts occassioned by chollericke obstructions..


The party falling sicke, has too much abundance of ill Blood, continuall Feavers, the whole frame of the body obstructed, inflamation of the throat, neck and hinder—part thereof, ach of the bones, ungentle slumbers, but no sleepe, a foolish longing after Wine and cold water. Blood letting and such things as moderately coole or allay heat are necessary.

I finde Moon in Taurus afflicted by Mars, the Patient is afflicted with the stranguary, or stone, or gravell in the Reines and Kidneys, with pestilent soare throats, or hoarsenesse, or some malignity there in that member.


Who takes his or her Bed the Moon in Gemini afflicted by Mars, usually shews he or she shall undergo a violent and dangerous Feaver, obstructions; high and inordinate Pulses attend such; the blood is too hot, and a necessity there is of emission of blood. The whole body being neer corruption, by reason of the ranknesse of blood..

I finde those falling sicke the Moone in Gemini afflicted by Mars, to be pained all over the body, the Disease in no place nettled, their Blood extremely windy, corrupted, and what not, some lameness or grief in their Arms or Joynts, and afflicted with the stone or heat in the reines, and sometimes spitting of blood.

MOON IN CANCER (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS The Moone afflicted by Mars in Cancer, the Sicke is sensible of great abundance of sweet fleagme in his stomacke, hath too much ingurgitated, or taken some surfeit, oft vomits or desires so to do, with eversion or turning of the ventricle.

all manner of QUESTIONS

I finde, usually it is a meer surfeit gotten by riot and excesse, and most that I have seen thus afflicted have been cured by Vomit; many times it turns to a loosenesse, or a rotten filthy cough, sometimes spitting of blood.

MOON IN LEO (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS In this case too much blood abounds and thereby strong Feavers, very weake Pulses, raving and strong raging fits, a disturbed Braine, depravation of appetite, heavinesse and drowsinesse all over the body, many distempers of the heart; the body in danger of a Consumption; usually they dye about the ninth day after the first falling sicke, if other configurations of heavens accord. I finde the Blood over—heated, the party almost starke raging mad, choller in excesse abounding, the body over—dryed, a probability of the Plurisie; faintnesse and swooning, or the heart very much afflicted; I evermore feare this dangerous Conjunction or Opposition of Mars and the Moone in this Signe, more then in any other of the Zodiacke.

MOON IN VIRGO (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS Usually in alteration or flux in the Belly, or miseraicks followes this unluckie position, small Feavers, the originall choller and melancholly, the Pulse remisse, eversion of the ventricle loathing of food; death within 30 days, if the Fortunes assist not.

I have by experience found, the afflicted upon this aspect or aspects, to be tormented with the winde, chollicke, many times weaknesse in the legges or neere the ancles. Yet I did never finde any Disease easily removeable, if the Moone at time of the decumbiture, or first falling ill, was afflicted by Mars in Virgo.


The Patient is grieved with plenitude of Blood, and from that cause hath intended Feavers, high

Pulses, abstains from sleepe, has no naturall rest, an inflamation all over the body. I observe in this kinde, sick people upon this kinde are oppressed with Blood over-heated, have taken some surfeit by disorder in dyet; many times have the stone or gravell in their kidneys, or great heat therein.

The Resolution of

Glister, and such things are gently coole, are best in this nature; many times the Disease is all over the Body, in every part; and most violent burning Feavers follow. Blood letting is good.

MOON IN SCORPIO (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS Its neither better or worse with the party inquiring, but that he or she hath some grievous infirmnesse in his or her privie parts. There's usually some exulceration, the Pox small or French (or Mesels, if children) the Hemerods or Pyles.

I observe the Sicke offended with snafling in the Head, or some grievous colds or rheumes in that member; if the party looke like a wanton, the French Pox or Gonorrea or burnt Prick, without more words I doe judge: many times I find the party scabby and oppressed with breakings out, &c.

This is corruption of Blood, &c. such things as heat and comfort, are now necessary; the Disease usually is a scandalous one. Let a modest party propound the Question; there's cause to distrust foule play, &c. if a Man propound, the Wife may be faulty, &c. in Contrarlo.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS Such an affliction of the Moone in Sagittarius intimates, the sick party is grieved with a very desperate Disease, occasioned from surfetting or gluttony, or too much repletion; he is tormented with high Feavers, with chollerick passions, with the Flux or Laske: the Pulses are few and faint, or beat slowly and weakly. If the sicke escape the 7th day, or know properly that day when the Moone comes to a true Square of the place she was in at first lying downe, there's then hope of true recovery.. I daily find by experience, the sick party his Blood is over-heated by some inordinate exercise, that he burnes extreamly, sometimes the malignancy of the pestilent Feaver is such, he is twice or thrice let Blood; they are besides many times offended with the Hand and Foot-gout, or Itches and breakings out, and sometimes with sore Throats, &c. at other times sharp Rheume offend their Eyes..


Here appears no perfect concoction, Choller abounds, the sick desires to vomit, there's inappetency of the Ventricle, a all manner of QUESTIONS.

swelling of puffing up in the Sinews, a Flux of the Belly followes immediatly, continual or oft returning Feavers, inflamation of the Brest, some Exulceration offends the party, or a cholerick humour his Hands or Joynts of his Fingers. Obstructive and contingent Medicines are usefull, their Pulses are remisse and slow.

I find the sick inclinable to the Yellow-jaundies, their Countenance meagre, and their Persons exceeding leane, and that the Blood all over the body is disaffected, and the Disease is very hard to be cured by the most Learned; such usually have very little Blood, or their Blood is corrupted to purpose, or in the highest measure.

MOON IN AQUARIUS (CONJUNCT - SQUARE - OPPOSITION) MARS If the Moon be slow in motion, and decreasing in light, when a Disease first takes the party, and is afflicted of Mars, the Infirmity proceeds from most sharp and violent affections, or vehement passions; any favorable Planet casting his good aspect unto the Moon, either at her first Square to her owne place, or when she comes to Opposition of that degree of the zodiack she was in at the first lying downe, gives present remedy after twenty dayes.

Experience hath informed me that upon the preceding aspects, especially upon the Opposition, the sick has been pained at the Heart, troubled with swooning fits, had a most desperate Feaver, the Blood swelling in all the Veines, high Pulses; sometimes they complaine of great paine in their Brest, and draw their Wind with great difficulty.


When the Moon is afflicted of Mars in this Signe Pisces, and is encreasing in light, and swift in motion, the Body is full of grosse Humours, the Disease proceeds from too much ingurgitation, swelling and drinking, the Disease is most prevalent in the night-time; the party is vexed with a phrenetick Out-rage or Delirium, hath sharp burning Feavers, vehement thirst and desirous of Wine.

Usually I find, the party sick or enquiring, when the Moon is of Mars in Pisces so afflicted, oppressed with violent Loosenesse, and grievously complaining of paine in their Bellies, or an extraordinary rotten Cough, and continuall defluxion of Rheume

The Resolution of from the Head into the Throat, the party almost suffocated therewith, their Bellies swollen, and they in danger of a Dropsie.

Astrologicall Aphorismes beneficial For Physicians.

1. In questions concerning sick People, give the Ascendant and his Lord and the Lord of the Figure for Significators of the sick party.

2. From the Signe of the 6th, the Lord of that House, Planets therein placed, and place of Heaven and Signe wherein the Moon is, require the Disease or part afflicted, with relation to the Ascendant

3. The 7th house represents the Physician, the 10th his Medicine; if the Lord of the 7th be unfortunate, the Physician shall not cure; if the 10th house or Lord thereof, his Physick is improper.

4. The 4th house signifies the end of the sicknesse, and whether It will terminate quickly, or endure long: fixed Signes prolong, common Signes vary the Disease, moveable ones shew an end one way or another quickly.

5.. That Physician that first visits his Patient in the houre of Saturn, his Patient shall either be long sick, or long in curing, and suffers much torment in his cure; nor shall be cured, untill almost both Physician and Patient despaired.

6. He that first enters upon a cure in the hour of Mars, shall find his Patient disaffected to him, and partly disdaine or reject his Medicines, his pains ill rewarded, and his person slighted.

7. He that first visits his Patient in the hour of Jupiter or Venus, shall have good words of the sick, be well esteemed and paid for his paines. Though he faile of the cure, yet shall he receive no prejudice thereby; I meane, in point of estimation..

8. When a Urine is brought, let the Ascendant represent the sick Party, whether the Querent come with consent or no, for the Urine was sometimes of the essence of the sick.

9. If no Urine or consent of the sick party come to the

Physician, then the Ascendant presents the Querent; but the person and sicknesse must be required according to the relation the Querent has to the sick party: A man for his servant, the 6th shall shew his person, not his Disease, that must be from the 6th to the 6th, which is the 11th, &c., sic. in allis where no consent is.

10. But in every Disease have care to the place of the Moon, for she is a general Significatrix in all things.

11. The sick party is in great danger of death, when at the time of the Question asked, or when the sicknesse first invaded the sick party, both the Sun and Moon are under the Earth.

12. As no light is in this World without the presence of the Sun or Moon, so no safety, or hopes of recovery in the sick, when they are obscured or subterranean at first lying downe of the sicke, and it's greater argument of death, if either of them be then afflicted.

13. The Square or Opposition of the Fortunes, as it destroyeth not, so neither doth the benevolent aspect of the Infortunes profit, unlesse that aspect be with Reception.

14. If the Sun and Moon, or Lord of the Figure, or Lord of the Ascendant, be free from affliction, and have no affinity with the Lord of the 8th, without doubt the sick party will recover; if two of these Significators be so affected, it will goe well with him, otherwise he dyes.

15. The Lord of the Ascendant in his Fall, unfortunate or Combust, or else the Lord of the Figure, it's doubtfull the sick party will dye of that Infirmity.

16. When the Significator of the sick is feeble, and the Lord of the 8th strong and afflicting him, it's much feared the sick party will dye of his then infirmnesse, nature being weak, and the Disease prevalent.

17. If the Lord of the Ascendant be placed in the 8th, and received of the Lord of the 8th by some essentiall Dignity, though the Lord of the Ascendant receive not him againe, the sick party recovers beyond expectation.

18.. The Physitian may justly feare his Patient, when the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon do both apply by ill aspect to a Planet under the Earth; the contrary is to be expected, if they apply to a Planet above the Earth. The 12th, 11th, 9th, 8th, 7th houses are above the Earth, the rest under.

19. The Lord of the 8th being on the cusp of the 10th, and the Lord of the Ascendant under the Earth, there's great fear of recovery.

20. If the Moon be swift in course, and encreasing in light, and by a Sextile or Trine apply to the Lord of the Ascendant, though under the Earth, it hastens the cure, the more easily if any Reception be; the cure must needs be sooner if the application be above the Earth to the Lord of the Ascendant.

21. If the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 6th, or the Lord of the 6th in the Ascendant, it protracts the Disease, and is an argument of much affliction therein; so also doth the Square or Opposition of the Lord of the 6th to the Lord of the Ascendant.

22. If the two benevolent Planets Jupiter and Venus be most powerfull in the Figure, judge well to the sick, or hope well; if the Infortunes be most strong, judge the contrary.

23. The application of the Lord of the 4th, to the Conjunction of the Lord of the 8th, prolongs the Infirmity, and also signifieth Death, if the Lord of the 4th be an Infortune; of a benevolent expect the contrary.

24. A Retrograde Planet Significator of the Disease, shews the continuance of it, and argues the Bodies Consumption, Backsliding and Relapse.

25. The Significator being stationary, shews aptnesse and desire to vomit, and the oft change and variation of the Disease; but if he be Combust of the Sun, for the most part the sick dyes: and the reason is, a Planet stationary hath time to work mischiefe, because he moves not.

26. A Significator in his Fall or Detriment, shewes ill and much danger, and argues much distrust and fear in the sick party..

27. The Ascendant and the Moon being afflicted, and the Lord of the one and Dispositor of the other not so, the Disease is in the Body, not in the Spirits:

28. But the Ascendant and Moon free from misfortune, and their Lords unfortunate, the griefe lyes in the Spirits, not in the Body; but if both be afflicted, both Body and mind are tormented: so also, is a malevolent Planet behold the Ascendant and not the Moon, the Disease is in the Animals, not the Body, and so on the contrary..

29. The Lord of the 6th in the Ascendant, 9th, 11th or 10th house, the Disease is manifest; in the 7th or 4th, it lyes occult and not knowne, and so in the 12th or 8th.

30. Moveable Signes easily cause the Disease to vary; fixed Signes make it long and permenent, and not without much difficulty; removeable, common Signes shew recidivation, or that it's now here, now there, or that the sick party is much better at one time then at another.

all manner of QUESTIONS

31. In the beginning of Diseases, ever feare the ill positure and affliction of the Moon, mix the signification with the well or ill being of the Lord of the Ascendant, and so judge of the good or ill attending the sick.

32. If the Nativity of the sick may be obtained, observe if the Moon at the time of the first Decumbiture or Question asked, be then in a place where an Infortune was in the Radix, or in Square or Opposition thereof, the cure will goe on the more hardly, and be more difficult to overcome.

33. If in the beginning of a sicknesse the Moon be in the 6th of the Nativity, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th, and both times there happens to be an Infortune, it doth manifest death, unlesse a Fortune at one of those times cast forth his benevolent Beames.

34. When the Ascendant of the sicknesse is opposite to that of the Nativity, and is either the 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, or 7th, the Ascendant of the Revolution being not the same, it shews hardly any recovery.

35. When the Lord of the 2nd doth Infortunate the Lord of the Ascendant the sick shall not be cured without too much expense of his money; or if he dye, he spends most part or much upon his cure to no purpose.

36. The Sun in the Ascendant brings usually health immediately; if in the 6th, the sicknesse presently changes; if the Lord of the 8th be Combust, the sick shall recover and not dye at this time.

37. The Sun is the candle or light of Heaven, and that Spirit which clarifies and beautifies those Signes he is in, destroying natures enemies.

38. Fear not the death of thy Patient if Jupiter be in good aspect to the Sun, although the Lord of the Ascendant apply to the Lord of the 8th..

39. When a sicknesse takes one first, at what time the Moon separates from combustion, the sicknesse will encrease untill the Moon doth come into Opposition of the Sun.

40. The Lord of the Ascendant being unfortunate in the 8th, the Patient will much encrease the Disease and retard the cure by his ill government and carelessnesse.

41. The Significator of the sick, Occidentall, denotes chronick Diseases; but Orientall, new sicknesse: consider the separation of the Moon, and as she separates or applyes, so will the Disease decrease or increase, &c.

42. If Saturn be author of the Disease, it proceeds of Cold; if

The Resolution of

Mars or the Sun, it proceeds of Heat and Drinesse; and so doe in the signification of the rest of the Planets.

43. The Moon is more afflicted of Mars when she is encreased in light, and more oppressed by Saturn in her wane: beware in the beginning of a sicknesse when the Moon is thus unfortunated, and understand Mars doth more mischiefe when he is in masculine Signes, Oriental and above the Earth: doe the contrary in the judgment of Saturn.

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