[Cheap or Dear

This is knowne by the Lord of the 10th, for if he be Angular, Direct, and strong in essentiall Dignities, the price will be high, and the Seller will put it off at deare rates; but if the Lord of the 10th be cadent, retrograde, slow of motion, afflicted, then the price will not rise high.

If it be good to hire or take the Farme, House or Land Desired.

Give the Ascendant and his Lord to the person of him that would hire a House, or take Lands.

Let the 7th house and his Lord signifie him or her that hath the letting or selling of this House or Farme.

Let the 10th house and the Lord thereof signifie the Profit which may arise by that undertaking.

The 4th house, and Planets therein placed shall shew the end which shall ensue upon taking, or not taking the House, Land or Farme, &c. be it what it will be.

If the Lord of the Ascendant shall be in the Ascendant or Signe ascending, or shall have a Sextile or Trifle aspect unto the Signe ascending, but more properly to the degree ascending, within the moyity of his owne Orbs, or if in the Ascendant there be a Fortune, whether essentially dignified or not, or if Part Of Fortune be therein placed, and not impedited, it's an argument or all manner or QUESTIONS

testimony the Farmer shall take the House, Land or Farme, and is full of hope to doe good thereby, or that it will be a good Bargaine, and he obtain much profit thereby, and that he hath much liking to the thing, and is well pleased therewith.

But if an Infortune be in the Ascendant (it's no matter which of them) if the man have taken the thing ere he come unto you, it now repents him; if he have not taken it already, he has no will thereunto; or if he does take it, he will presently post it off to some other party, for he nothing at all earns for the Bargaine.

Having considered what belongs to the party intending to buy or take a Lease, have now recourse to the 7th house, and Lord thereof, for him that shall let it: If you find the Lord of the 7th in the 7th, or casting a benevolent aspect to the cusp of the house, or find a fortunate Planet therein, the man will keep his word with you, you shall have what you bargaine with him for, but he will profit by the bargaine.

If an Infortune be in the 7th, and not Lord of the 7th, have great care of the Covenants and Conditions to be drawne betwixt you, the Landlord will be too hard for you, he minds nothing but his owne ends in dealing with you.

Consider the 10th house afterwards, and if a fortunate Planet be therein, or behold the 10th house, the parties notwithstanding some rubs, will proceed in their Bargaine, and the House, Farme or Lands will be let to the Querent.

But if you find an Unfortunate Planet in the 10th, or behold that house with an Opposition or Square aspect, there will be no house or Lands taken; and if it be Land that is in agitation to be let, it's probable they differ about the Wood or Timber on the ground, or upon the new erecting of some houses or building upon the ground; or if it be a house, they differ upon the repaires thereof.

As to the end of the businesse, see to the 4th house, and let that signifie the end thereof; if there be a Fortune therein, or if the Lord of the 4th be there, or behold the house with Sextile or Trine, there will come a good end of the matter in hand, both parties will be pleased: but if an Infortune be there, in conclusion, the Matter, bargain or thing demised wil neither please the one party or other.

The Resolution of

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