You must carefully avoid pronouncing Death rashly, and upon one single testimony, you must observe, though the Lord of the Ascendant be going to Combustion, whether either Jupiter or Venus cast not some Sextile or Trine to the Lord of the Ascendant, ere he come to perfect Combustion, or any other infortune, for that is an argument that either Medicine or Strength of Nature will contradict that malignant influence, or take off part of that misfortune; but when you find two or more of the rules asforesaid concurring to death, you may be more bold in your Judgement; yet concerning the absolute time of death of any party, I have found it best to be wary, and have as much as I could, refrained this manner of judgement; onely this much by the Question may be knowne, that if you find the Significators, as aforesaid, afflicted, you may judge the man or party inquiring to be no long lived man, or subject to many miseries and calamities, and this I know by many verified examples; the knowledge hereof is of excellent use for such as would purchase any Lease or Office, or thing for Life or Lives, &c. or for those who would carefully in a naturall way prevent those casualties their natures or inclinations would run them into.

To What Part of Heaven its Best the Querent Direct His Affairs, or Wherein He May Live Most Happily.

You must know that the twelve Houses are divided into the East, West, North and South quarters of Heaven.

The Cusp of the first house is the beginning of the East, and its called the East Angle, from the Degree of the first house to the Degree or Cusp of the 10th House or Medium Coeli, containing the 12,11 and 10th houses, are East, inclining to the South: from the Cuspe of the 10 house to the Cusp of the 7th house, containing the 9,8, and 7, is South, verging toward the West: from the degree of the 7th house to the Cusp of the 4th, consisting of the 6,5, and 4th houses, is the West, tending to the North: from the Degree of the 4th house to the degrees of the Ascendant, containing the 3,2,and 1st houses, is North inclining to the East..

Having viewed the several quarters of Heaven, see in which of them you finde the Planet that promiseth the Querent most good, and where you find Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Part of Fortune, or two or more of them, the quarter that direct your affaires; and if you have the Part of Fortune and the Moon free from Combustion and other misfortunes, go that wayes, or to that quarter of Heaven where you finde her; for you must consider, that though Jupiter and Venus be Fortunes, yet casually they may be Infortunes, when they are Lords of the 8,12,or 6th, in that case you must avoyd the quarter they are in, and observe the Part of Fortune and the Moon and the Lord of the Ascendant; and as neere as you can avoyd that quarter of Heaven where the infortunes are, especially when they are Significators of mischiefe, otherwayes either Mars or Saturn being Lord of the Ascendant or 2nd house, 10th or 11th, may (being essentially strong) prove friendly. The general way of resolving this Question is thus; If the Querent does onely desire to live where he may most enjoy most health, look in what signe and quarter of Heaven the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon are in, and which of them are strongest, and does cast his or her more friendly Aspect to the Degree ascending; to that quarter of Heaven repaire for Heavens sake: If the Querent desire to know to what part he may steer his course for obtaining of an Estate or Fortune, then see where and 'in what quarter of Heaven the Lord of the 2nd is placed, and the Part of Fortune, and his Dispositor or two of them; for where and in what quarter they are best fortified, from thence may he expect his most advantage, &c. Of this I shall speak casually in subsequent Judgments.

What Part of His LIFE is Like to be Best.

See either in what Angle or quarter of Heaven the fortunate and promising Planets are posited in; for in this way of Judicature, we give usually to every house five yeers, but sometimes more or lesse, according as you see the Significators promising Life or Death, (but commonly five yeers we give) beginning with the 12th, and so to the 11th, then the 10th, the 9th, &c. and so to the Ascendant; as if in your question you find Jupiter or Venus in the 11th or 10th house, you may judge the Man or Woman to have lived happily from the 5th yeer of his age to the 15th, or in his youth: if they, or either of them, be in the 8th or 7th, they declare that from 20 to 30 he will, or hath lived, and may live contentedly: if Jupiter or Venus be in the 6th, 5th, or 4th, then judge after his middle age, or from 30 to 45, he may do well: If you find Jupiter or Venus in the 3rd, 2nd, or 1st, then his best days, or his greatest happinesse will be towards his old age, or after he is forty five until sixty; if you find the Significators of Life very strong, and signifying long life, you may adde one yeer to every house, for it's then possible the Querent may live more than sixty years, or until seventy, or more, as many we know doe.

Lastly, you must observe at the time of your Question, how the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon are separated, from what Planet, and by what Planet, and by what aspect; the seperation of those shew the manner of Accidents which have preceeded the Question; their next application, what in the future may be expected; if you consider what house or houses, the Planet or Planets they separated from are Lords of, it aquaints you with the matter, nature, person and quality of the thing already happened: ill, if the aspect was ill; Good, if the aspect was good; and if you observe the quality of the next aspect by application, and the well or ill being and position of the Planet or Planets applied unto, it delivers the quality of the next succeeding Accidents and Casualities, their nature, proportion, time when they will happen or come upon the Querent.

appear in Appendix A.]

An Astrologicall Judgment Concerning These Demands Propounded by the Querent.

1. If he were like to live long, yea or not.

2. To what part of the world he were best direct his course of life.

3. What part of his life, was in possibility like to be most fortunate.

4. He desired I would relate (if possible by a figure) some of the general Accidents had happened unto him already.

5. What Accidents in future he might expect, good or evil.

6. The time when.

The Stature of the Querent is signified by Leo, the Signe Ascendant; there is a Fixed star called Cor Leonis neer the cuspe of the 1st house, viz., in 24:34 of Leo, of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, and 1st magnitude; both the cuspe of the 1st house and degree of the signe wherein Sun, Lord of the Ascendant is in, are the termes of Jupiter; the Moon is in Trine aspect with both Jupiter and Venus, and they in the 10th house; so that the form and Stature of the Querents body are decent, of middle stature strongly compacted, neither fat or fleshy, but comely, wanting no gracefulnesse in its composure; a fair Visage, reddish haire, cleere Skin, some cuts on his right Cheek, (for he was a Soldier;) but certainly the presence of the Fixed star in the Ascendant, which represents the Face, occasioned those hurts or scarres.

As the signe ascending is fiery, and as the Lord of the Ascendant is in a fiery signe, and by nature is Hot and Dry, so was this gentlemans temper and condition, being exceeding Valiant, Cholerick, high Minded, and of great spirit; for Sun, Lord of the Ascendant is in his Exaltation; yet in regard the Moon is in Trine with the two Fortunes, he is sober, modest, and by Education excellently qualified, and thereby had great command of his Passion; but as the Moon was in Opposition to Mercury, he had his times of Anger and Folly, whereby he much prejudiced his affaires. But to our question.

Finding the Ascendant not vitiated with the presence of either Saturne, who is Lord of the 6th, or of Jupiter who is Lord of the 8th.

Seeing the Lord of the Ascendant was in exaltation, no ways impedited, pretty quick in motion, in the 9th house, and in the Termes of Jupiter.

Observing the Moon separated from Trine of Venus applying to Trine of Jupiter, and he posited in the mid heaven, and thereby the malice of Mars restrained by the interposition of Jupiter.

Considering the Sun was above the earth, the fortunate Planets, viz. Jupiter and Venus Angular, and more potent than the infortunates, viz. Saturn or Mars: from hence I concluded, that according to naturall causes, he might live many yeers; and that Nature was strong, and he subject to few Diseases, This hath hitherto proved true; he being yet alive this present, March 1646.

To What Part of the WORLD, or of the KINGDOM, he Might Best Apply Himself to Live in.

The Lord of the Ascendant is Sun, who being neer the Cuspe of the 9th house,(signifying long journeys) and the signe thereof Moveable; I intimated he was resolving sodainly upon a Journey South-East, or to those parts of the World which lye from London South-East: South, because the quarter of Heaven wherein the Lord of the Ascendant is in, is South: East, because the Signe where Sun is in is East (this be confessed:) And as the Sun was but 2 degrees 10 min. distant from the cusp of the 9th, he went away within two months; for Sun was 4:18 Aries.

I judged those Countries subject to the Signe of Aries, might be suitable and propitious to his Affaires; which you may see in the nature of Aries, pag. 95 and what their Names are, to which I now refer.

Had his resolution been to have staid in England, the North Node and Sun being both in Aries, show it might have been good for him, for England is subject to Aries; I would have advised him to have steered his court life towards Kent, Essex, Suffex or Suffolk, for they lye East or by South from London; but if sometimes you find that a city, towne or kingdome subject to the Celestiall Signe which promises you good, stands not, as to the quarter of Heaven, directly as you would have it, or as the Signe points it out; herein you must observe this generall rule; That if your occasions enforce you, or you shall and must live in that Country, City, or Towne, so directed unto you in Art, that then you must lead your life, or direct your actions, or manage your employments to those parts of that city or country which lye East, West, North or South, as in the Figure you were directed as for Example; You may see France is subject to the Signe Aries, it lyeth from London South-west: had this gentleman gone into France, it would have been best for him to have seated himself towards the South-east part, or East part of France, &c,

Now because the Moon applied so strongly to the Trine of Jupiter, and that he and Venus were in Taurus, and the Signe signifies Ireland.

The Resolution of

I advised him that Ireland would well agree with his constitution, and that he might get Honour there, because the Planet to whom the Moon applies is in the house of Honour.

And verily the Querent did go into Ireland, and there performed good service and obtained a notable Victory against the rebels; as I could manifest, but that I will not mention the Name of the Gentleman,

What Part of His Life Would be Left.

Considering the two Fortunes were placed in the 10th house, and that North Node and Sun were in the 9th, I judged his younger yeers would be the most pleasant of all his whole life; feeling also Mars in the 8th house, Which according to our owne direction of time comes to be about 24,25 or 26 of his age; I judged that about those times he had many crosses, or first of all his afflictions then began; and seeing further no fortunate Planet was either in the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th or 3rd houses, I judged those Calamities or Misfortunes should not suddenly come upon him, because the Moon was in application to a Trifle of Jupiter, and wanted almost 3 degrees of comming to his perfect aspect; wherefore I conceived by means of some man in authority represented by Jupiter, or some Courtier or person of quality, for almost 3 years after the proposal of the Question, he should be supported and affiliated in his affaires, or else get Imployment answerableto his desires; had Jupiter been Essentially fortified, I should have judged him a more durable fortune.

What General Accidents Had Happened Already.

Although it is not usuall to be so nice or inquisitive, yet seeing the question so radical, I first considered from what Planet or Planets the Sun, who is Lord of the Ascendant, had last separated; if you look into the Ephemeris of that yeer, you shall find, that the Sun had lately, during his passage

All manner of QUESTIONS.

through the Signe Pisces, been first in Conjunction with Mars, then in Square of Saturn, lately in Sextile of Jupiter; now, for that Mars in our Figure is Lord of the 4th house, signifying Lands, etc. and was now locally in the 8th, which signifies the substance of Women, I judged he had been molested of late concerning some lands, or the Jointure or Portion of his Wife or a Woman; wherein I was confirmed the more, because the Moon was also applying to an Opposition of Mars, in this Figure placed in the 8th house; for the Moon being in the Querents house of substance, viz. the 2nd, intimated the quarrell or strife should be for, or concerning Money, for such things as are significated by that house: (and this was very true.)

Because Sun had already been in Square of Saturn, who is Significator of the Querent's Wife, I told him I feared his Wife and he had lately been at great variance; and because Saturn her Significator did dispose of his Part of Fortune, I judged she had no mind he should have any of her estate, or manage it, but kept it to her own use; for Saturn is Retrograde, a superior Planet, and in a fiery signe, and that signe of the 7th is Fixed; these show her a Virago, or gallant spirited woman, and not willing to be curbed, or else to submit: (This was confessed.)

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