The Quesited was signified by Jupiter Lord of the 7th, who being posited in the 10th house, and lately separated from the Sextile of Venus now in the 9th, she being Lady of the 3rd, argued the man had been lately some voyage South-east; and because both Venus and Moon had been with Sextile of Venus, he being now no way afflicted, but swift in motion, made me judge the man was alive and in health: but as Mercury, who disposeth of Jupiter, is Lord of the 2nd, viz. the 8th from the 7th, and as the Moon is so exceedingly afflicted by Mercury and Saturn, I judged he had been in much danger and perill of his life, by trechery and cunning plots of his adversaries, and had suffered many afflictions in his absence; for Mercury is Lord of the 7th from

The Resolution of his ascendant, and Saturn of the 12th from the 7th: besides, Jupiter is accidentally Fortified, but not essentially, and his Detriment, with Oculus Taurus a violent fixed Star, intimating, the man had endured many sudden violent chances.

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