The Rat Woman

Jan is an organizational genius. She also holds the title of the thriftiest woman in her family. Each purchase she makes and every penny she spends will have a useful and well-considered purpose. Despite having a handsome trust account and a steady income, Jan worries about her financial future. Her sharp eye for detail gives her a distinct advantage both professionally and personally, but she is not made for hard physical work. Her fortunate financial position can be attributed to her acute intelligence, rather than to the sweat of her brow.

Her company is the kind people eagerly seek. Sincere, direct, and highly intelligent, others appreciate her efficiency, her scrutiny, and her dependability. However, Jan's positive qualities constitute only one part of her complicated personality. When her defenses are down, Jan suffers from many compulsions and obsessions. She feels uneasy in her human frailty and is convinced that there is always something that she should be "doing." Psychologically and emotionally delicate, Jan is on a life quest for her personal identity. Confidentially, she will admit that her greatest fear is of being alone. Dependent on a significant other, she is a soul who frankly cannot be isolated or stranded on an emotional beach.

She will be the first to admit that she is not easy to live with. This is a woman who needs to hold her husband in high esteem. She has fixed opinions and has difficulty compromising these. Her husband's arguments are mute points that she effusively rebuts item by item. However, Jan is unquestionably an outstanding mother. She goes out of her way to be a friend to her children and relishes their confidences. She intends to nurture their talents and increase their intelligence. Being a mother brings her a feeling of comfort and reassurance.

Kimmy's big, brown eyes and cute-as-a-button charm conceal a cunning and upwardly mobile young woman. Underneath her pixie exterior resides a lucid mind and a superbly sarcastic wit. Kimmy's feminine and dainty appearance masks a resourceful, intelligent, and practical woman. Her charming personality and natural interest in writing and literature have allowed her to become a highly successful publicist. She is invaluable to her author clients in making contacts and persuading publishers. Journalism, literary pursuits, and the entertainment industry are natural fields for her, and her dream is to become a television or radio personality. Her competence is well-recognized. However, she lacks self-confidence, and is plagued by various emotional problems. Teamwork suits her well, as do positions that provide strong moral support.

Kimmy's health, like many Rat women, is delicate. She is highly sensitive to spores, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens. Sinusitis and bronchitis have become less bothersome as middle age has approached, but still cause her to suffer. Her emotional health has improved through experience and maturity, which has resulted in greater self-confidence.

Both Jan and Kimmy love the nightlife and seldom miss an opportunity to socialize. When relaxed and at ease, they are soft-spoken, well-mannered, discreet, and never at a loss for words. Both ladies are excellent conversationalists and diplomatic concerning sensitive issues. This diplomacy has mitigated many delicate and awkward situations. However, if feeling antagonistic, Jan and Kimmy (as is the case with their other Rat sisters) have the mental and verbal skills to launch a full-blown assault, replete with shocking statements and sarcastic barbs.

For example, Kimmy's need for perfection can quickly work her up to a nervous fever pitch, at which time her friendly demeanor disintegrates. Unable to restore her composure once stresses have gone beyond a certain point, Kimmy has said things in anger that she regrets.

After the storm clouds have cleared, each lady returns to her amusing, kind, witty, and warm persona. Each is cherished for their adaptability, organization, and ability to deal with countless precarious situations.

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