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Cara is a delicate and quiet beauty. Stylishly dressed, her conservative business suit sports a feminine lace camisole peeking from the lapel. Her beautiful eyes and flawless skin are but two of her exquisite features. Despite her awesome femininity, this lady is pragmatic and makes use of reason. Her artistic perceptions and sense of discretion are amazing, as is her advice, which is time-tested and practical.

In spite of her competence, Cara is perfectly content in a creative role and prefers to leave the mundane work of running the business to her partner. Observant, charming, and socially at ease, her talent for interior decorating is highly sought after. Refinement, creativity, and sensitivity are her most invaluable qualities.

Cara is also very smart at handling money (both her own and other peoples'). Happiest when she is not personally responsible for an outcome, Cara has the ability to analyze any dilemma, however complex, down to the finest detail.

However, despite her outward competence and composure, Cara is plagued by enough personal doubts to be intimidated by life at times. Similar to her Dog sisters, Cara worries about many things, and is especially anxious about her own health. She maintains a strict diet and vitamin regimen in hopes of preventing any possible malady. When her children stub a toe or have a nosebleed, Cara calls in the cavalry. This is a lady who is very squeamish and prefers to leave the doctoring to others.

Cara was most reluctant to give her heart away and it took her husband four years to persuade her to marry him. Being more sensitive than truly passionate, Cara never allows her heart to rule over her cautious and skeptical mind. A long courtship was necessary for Cara to feel comfortable with her decision to make a permanent commitment. Cara's husband has never sought to dominate her, which is one of the main reasons they enjoy a harmonious marriage. He knows she needs plenty of privacy, quietude, and time for contemplation. She would be happier alone than with a man who is insensitive, loud, or rude. In exchange for his kindness, Cara is a sweet, attentive, and supportive wife, loyal to her husband's interests and fully capable of contributing to his vocational success. She is an entertaining and aware companion who is also competent to counsel.

Cara is a wonderful cook and hostess. Her guests enjoy good food, good wine, and good conversation. Socially, she is the consummate "muse," inspiring creativity and freedom of thought. Emotional, yet controlled, she is a compassionate friend and is deeply concerned with the welfare of others.

Cara had difficulty becoming pregnant due to gynecological problems stemming from a hormonal imbalance. This same etiology has been responsible for other various "female" disorders, such as ovarian cysts and irregular menstrual periods. Prevention is the best policy and the Chinese herb Dong Quai has been helpful in lessening her discomforts and regulating her reproductive system. As do her Rabbit brothers, Cara also has an extremely touchy nervous system, and she must keep a healthy distance from overwhelming emotional drama and catastrophes.

Fellow Rabbit Marie is considerate and kind. Her home has the cozy feel of a settled and quiet lifestyle. Marie lives happily there with her boyfriend of 18 years and sees no reason to "jeopardize" the relationship with marriage. She has chosen not to have her own children, but is an involved and loving aunt to her two nieces. The girls look forward to spending time with Marie, whether searching out the latest fashions, or just spending a quiet day by the pool. Both girls know that they can tell Marie anything and always come to her first for advice.

Both Cara and Marie are aesthetic perfectionists; blessed and cursed with hypersensitive consciences. Each must pace themselves and regulate their energies. Each of these modest and unobtrusive women requires a significant amount of privacy and indulgence for emotional happiness.

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