The Pig Woman

Jen is perhaps the most sincere and honest woman one will ever meet. Compassionate, forgiving, and truthful, she is a conscientious wife and loyal friend. She is exceedingly frank, yet speaks with the sincere conviction of a child. She lives in the country and loves long walks in the quiet forest. Her home is well separated from her neighbors so as to provide her with necessary peace and privacy.

While Jen is a charming and remarkable woman, her gentle and accommodating personality often seems too good to be true and tends to be taken for granted by others. But true it is, and it is without a trace of hostility or aggression. This "saint" of the Chinese Zodiac is self-effacing, sympathetic, and deeply affectionate.

At age 25, Jen still lives with her parents, and is in no hurry to flee the nest. Her respect and reverence for her elders is just one of the many sterling character traits she possesses.

Jen admits that she looks for a husband who has the same virtues as her father. These are some tall shoes to fill. Her perfect partner must be mature, protective, and decisive. Her strong attachments to her family and to the past make her sentimental to a fault. Revering the past, she associates it with security and the carefree time of her youth. She has a certain innocence about her, and a touching frailty that makes others want to shield her from life's arrows.

This personification of womanhood is fearful of suffering, unpleasant surprises, and personal criticism. Jen is a marvelous hostess, and her home is always neat and tidy. She is seldom happier than when at home with her children and pets.

Financial security is also essential to her emotional stability, but she tends to be inconsistent in her spending habits (she either spends too freely or pinches her pennies). Unbridled ambition is a foreign concept to Jen, but Chinese tradition says that she will always be lucky financially and that she will be blessed with abundance and wealth in her old age.

Sarah's idea of happiness is a cozy home filled with rosy-cheeked cherubs and a chivalrous husband who buffers her from harsh reality. Her feminine rhythms are strongly connected to the lunar cycles, and her extremely emotional nature ebbs and flows throughout the month.

She differs from her Pig-year brothers in that she has no hesitation in seeking a medical opinion regarding various woes. Her physical health is so tightly intertwined with her emotional health that they are almost one in the same. A personal crisis can provoke all manner of physical symptoms for her, and psychosomatic illnesses of mysterious origin have occurred during the times when she felt unable to cope. Her lunar hormonal fluctuations also account for her vacillation between serenity and distress, and calmness and fear.

Sarah tends to be gullible, impressionable, and highly sensitive to suggestion. It is important to her psychological balance that she not accommodate so frequently, and stand up for her own interests more often.

Self-inflicted "heart wrenching" is her specialty, and she can't help but dwell in the past and what she "should have done." She is deeply romantic and extravagantly emotional. At the moment, Sarah has her mother living with her, which has put a strain on her marriage (she can sometimes be a victim of her own kindness).

Both Jen and Sarah are gentle and impressionable souls. They need solitude, peppered with moments of passion. Home-loving, loyal, and earthy, each can be stubborn and obstinate, and both often hesitate to take the initiative. Always the support persons and seemingly timid, there abides within a tenacious, persevering, and patient soul.

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