The Other Sidethe Goats Duality

In contrast to their many admirable attributes, unenlightened Goats can be irresponsible, undisciplined, and unreliable. An impulsive Goat can easily squander a small fortune or run up astronomical expenses. Dysfunctional Goats are dissatisfied, malcontent, and not good at making decisions. They prefer to be followers and will complain bitterly when matters don't go their way. Self-indulgent and inconsistent behavior represents the Goat's energy being directed in its most unproductive form. Expressed in its darkest form, this energy becomes extreme laziness, procrastination, dependence, pessimism, perpetual tardiness, and a victim mentality. The choice lies entirely with the individual. Taken to extreme, impulse control problems and obsessive-compulsive behavior may develop.

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