The Horse Woman

Tawny's expressive face is always brimming with emotion, which allows others to easily read her mood. She has no "poker face," and is unable to conceal what she is feeling and thinking. Her flamboyant dress and outgoing manner express her extreme independence and rejection of the ordinary. Tawny is a communicator. Her effusive and effervescent speech resembles a fountain of words spilling over with humor, eclectic facts, and political opinions.

Her forthright and frank approach to life exudes self-confidence and well-being. Her athletic figure reveals an active, vigorous lifestyle, and her very presence is electric with energy. This is not a woman who is idle or lazy in any way, shape, or form.

Radiant and sociable, Tawny is a promoter. She publicizes people, places, and events with finesse. Her temperament is mercurial and alternates in accordance with her moods. She is capable of going from optimism to dread or from tranquility to turmoil all in the blink of an eye. Her eyes sparkle, and her resonant voice is distinctive and powerful.

Physically, she must be cautious of her sensitive digestive system, most notably her gallbladder and pancreas. Rich and fatty foods are a no-no. Her strong emotions (especially if repressed) can be the culprit behind many of her various aches and pains, which include allergic hives and other skin breakouts. Due to her active lifestyle, she is susceptible to sprained ankles, twisted knees, and dislocations of the shoulder. She is also at some risk for elbow and wrist fractures.

Tawny is a bold woman, blessed with outstanding strength of purpose, and vigor of the body, mind, and spirit. Once fixed on a goal, she will pursue it with a zealot's conviction. This past year, she carried off the amazing task of organizing and spearheading the largest gathering of psychics and metaphysical practitioners ever assembled in her province. A humanist to her core, Tawny has always had a fascination for the esoteric. From extraterrestrials to auras, astrology to reiki healing, she has explored them all.

Her most precious asset is her unfailing self-confidence. This enthusiastic soul trusts that her abilities and talents are real, and that it is only a matter of time before they are acknowledged. So Tawny "puts herself out there," so to speak, trolling for life's treasures. She is able to generate enthusiasm and support for her projects. Her convincing proposals make others eager to participate. However, Tawny has also been known to take on too much, and has bitten off more than she could chew on more than one occasion. As spectacular as her victories are, these rare failures have been equally monumental. Still, she maintains an attitude of "no guts, no glory."

Always a fighter for her own liberty and the freedom of others, Candice is actively involved in politics. She has helped campaign for many political candidates and has toyed with the idea of running for public office herself. While Candice is much more conservative than Tawny, both women share a need for absolute freedom, and each holds fast to their sometimes unorthodox beliefs. Candice's curiosity, open-minded views, and sincerity make a lasting impression.

Candice chooses friends from diverse walks of life and despises those who look down on those less fortunate. "Have soapbox, will travel" could be her motto, as this is not a woman who remains silent about her causes. She articulately expresses her deeply held convictions with passion. When an issue or subject has hit a nerve with her, she is capable of long-winded pontifications of amazing duration. Candice has a reputation for being argumentative, and insists on having the last word. However, she is easily bruised and her feelings can be hurt if a debate turns hostile or personal.

Candice shares her life with an intelligent and understanding husband who is also quite independent and self-assured. But her love life hasn't always been smooth. Previous relationships have failed due to rivalries and competition between her and her partners. While far from a conventional marriage, Candice enjoys her liberty and has found a life companion. They live together happily with their two cats.

Both of these charming Horse women sincerely enjoy people. Easy to be with, humorous, and vulnerable, both Tawny and Candice are devastated by coldness and rejection. They have very pronounced likes and dislikes, and neither is ever lukewarm or complacent about life. Each soul is wired for human interaction and both remain popular and well-liked.

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