Home and Hearth

Duty, family obligations, and physical comforts play important roles in the daily existence of those born under this sign. The Ox has a serious nature and is blessed with natural composure and presence of mind. They are family-oriented. As parents, Oxen want their children to be obedient. Oxen parents lavish much affection, practical care, and self-sacrifice on their children. They handle child-rearing chores as they do all other work, correctly and efficiently. Ox parents are indeed the earth mothers and fathers of the world. Regarding both children and animals (Oxen dearly love them both), a balanced combination of firmness and love are applied.

The most favorable time of year for the persevering Ox is between late February and early March. This is the time when all life slowly reawakens and Oxen are renewed with energy, new stamina, and romantic desires.

The Ox craves peace, stability, and a beautiful place to live. An Oxen's home is unmistakably their castle, and Ox houses are cozy and well organized. Due to the Oxen's love of the earth, favorite family activities are planting, fishing, or just taking in the view. Oxen enjoy quiet, private places to unwind. Although fully capable of taking on the outside world, the Ox will be happiest organizing and taking care of their home. Men and women alike will thrive incorporating outside work into a home-based business. Being self-motivated and productive souls, the well-disciplined, solitary Ox works best independently.

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