Essential Temperament

The Snake senses and feels its way through life. The Snake universally represents spiritual rebirth, elusiveness, and the exploration of life's mysteries. Sophisticated and reserved, the Snake is elegant in speech, dress, and manners. The Snake soul does not indulge in useless small talk or frivolities and are careful about what they say. Some Snakes have a slow or easygoing way of speaking, and they like to ponder concepts, as well as assess and formulate their views and personal theories before speaking.

The evasive and private nature of the Snake is mysterious, and that is the way they prefer it. They conceal their feelings, sharing at their own choosing. The Snake relies on first impressions, feelings, and sympathies rather than the opinions of others. Their finely tuned intuition may make Snakes seem mistrusting of others. However, this is not the case: they are merely selective of whom they choose to allow into their inner world.

The souls born into a Snake year entertain deep thoughts. They are often considered intellectuals and philosophers. They also have the ability to develop their sixth sense to the point of clairvoyance. It is most important for a Snake to find a channel through which they can express their wealth of gifts and ideas. Favorite collectibles for Snakes are works of art, rare books, precious gemstones, or collections of classical music. These items, of course, need to be genuine, as Snakes scorn fakes or reproductions.

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