The Earth element represents the period of life from ages 25 to 36—the young adult period characterized by stability, reliability, practicality, industry, and common sense.

The nature of Earth is to stabilize, to keep whole, and to preserve. The Earth element is symbolic of the mother's protective womb of peace and safety. Those born under the Earth element are both practical and intuitive. They have exceptional powers of organization and are competent masterminds and executives.

Stability, practicality, and reliability characterize those influenced by the Earth element. Its natives are capable of making wise and sensible decisions. Those born under this element's influence are honest, serious, and tend to be conservative. The Earth element represents patience, whether it be with a hyperactive 2 year old or with a difficult spouse. Earth element natives are firmly anchored, family-oriented, and live in the moment.

The element of Earth relates to the physical organs of the spleen and the stomach. The flavor associated with this element is sweetness, and the most beneficial foods are corn and beef. The colors designated to Earth are yellow and brown and this element corresponds to the afternoon, the periods between seasons, and humidity. The feng shui direction assigned to the Earth element is the center, or middle, representing practicality. The Earth element is symbolized by squares and boxed shapes.

Earth signs greatest compatibility is with the Metal, Fire, and Water elements. Earth-element natives must work harder in relationships with other Earth-element people, and serious conflict and misunderstanding can arise between yourself and those born under the Wood element.

Earth-Element Combinations

The Earth Rat is sensible and alert. They have remarkable willpower, but they also have a tendency to worry about security and finances. The Earth element tempers the high-strung Rat personality and provides a nurturing, down-to-earth temperament. The Earth element makes this Rat prudent, crafty, and subtle. Earth Rats need activity to keep them from dwelling on (and thus, becoming mired in) their own problems.

The Earth Ox is the most loyal and steadfast of the Oxen family. Stoic on the outside, yet vulnerable on the inside, the Earth Ox is a deep thinker and tends to be a loner. Food and the Earth itself serve as refuges that entices the Earth Ox to close the door on the human race and pursue meditation, relaxation, and solitude. Enduring and persistent, this is the slowest (but surest) of all the Oxen.

The Earth Tiger looks for practicality in everything they undertake. The Earth Tiger is not as hotheaded as other Tigers, and possesses a more mature temperament. The Earth Tiger is deeply conscientious and humanitarian in spirit. A fair-minded leader, the Earth Tiger makes an excellent counselor, mentor, or judge.

The Earth Rabbit has excellent deductive powers and prefers solid and reliable pursuits. The Earth element endows them with more foresight and capacity for organization. This is the most conservative of the Rabbit-element combinations. The Earth Rabbit is wise and sensible with financial matters. They are also quiet, critical, serious, introverted, and respected. This is the consummate diplomat and peacemaker.

The Earth Dragon is more realistic than other Dragons, but does enjoy accumulating wealth and speculating on the future. A conscientious and hard worker, the Earth Dragon takes on chores and problems that others find impossible to conquer. Prudent, yet suspicious, the Earth

Dragon has eyes in the back of its head and misses nothing. This is the most nurturing soul of the Dragon family; they are always willing to help out in a crisis, and they are fiercely protective of family and loved ones.

The Earth Snake is a secure and cozy Snake who loves elegance and the material comforts in life. With an ability to turn inward and retreat from the outside world, the Earth Snake is relaxed and, at times, even lethargic. They are the most prone to "hibernation," and many choose a reclusive life of spirituality and contemplation. This is a dreamy, stay-at-home Snake who is often sought out for their wise counsel.

The Earth Horse is careful, capable, and sensible. Those Horses born under this influence are methodical in manner, excellent managers, and reinforce solid foundations in all that they do. Conservative by nature, the Earth Horse is a realist and one who knows how to advance prudently and skeptically. This is a less-ambitious, yet more meticulous, Horse; with a tendency to be possessive, they are often very security conscious.

The Earth Goat is sympathetic, honest, and well liked. Financially fortunate, the Earth Goat has a taste for luxury and the finer things in life. The Earth Goat is the most suspicious and mistrustful Goat-element combination. They exhibit unpredictable moods and mental processes. The Earth Goat isn't as outgoing as the other Goats, and their friendships must stand the test of time. This is the most artistic and deep-thinking soul of the Goat family; one who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy.

The Earth Monkey is well informed, benevolent, and kind. They can be cursed with perfectionist ways and are more pragmatic and realistic than other Monkeys. Most of their enterprises are motivated by a need to expand and a desire for increasing possessions. This Monkey likes activities that will bear fruit and is attracted to speculation, sales, and real estate. The Earth Monkey can be fearful about the future; still, they have been blessed with financial intuition and good monetary instincts.

The Earth Rooster has a profound perspective on life and is the most persistent and persevering of the Rooster-element combinations. This Rooster does not like to take risks and has the ability to build upon the previous work of others. Success, security, and appearance are important elements in the life of the Earth Rooster. They will bury their treasures safely away. Earth Roosters are realistic, pragmatic, and shrewd.

The Earth Dog possesses a powerful need for recognition and appreciation. They are capable of devoting themselves totally to a cause or to achieving social ambitions. The Earth Dog is long-suffering in love, and is both independent and gifted. However, they can be taken advantage of due to their overly generous nature. The Earth Dog jealously protects their home and loved ones, is extremely proud, and can always be counted on to be a fair and impartial mediator.

The Earth Pig is shrewd and imaginative, but perfectly realistic and materialistic. Earth Pigs are strong and self-confident, and they enjoy socializing with their inner circle of trusted friends. This is an artistic Pig, who may express its artistry via practical and pragmatic avenues, such as computers and logic systems. This combination of sign and element creates a soul who appears to be submissive, but in fact, is in control from behind the scenes.

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