Chinese Love Signs Karmic Connections

Eastern sages have known for millenniums that certain souls seek each other out. Powerfully drawn together by what some people call "chemistry," or "that certain something," specific signs act as magnets to one another. These unusual attractions are sometimes unex-plainable. Some examples of these "karmic connections" include a strikingly handsome man happily married to a simple, somewhat physically unattractive woman; a brilliant and well-educated woman happily betrothed to an uncomplicated man with little formal education; a wealthy person quite happily in love with someone from poverty-stricken roots.

From these examples, and countless others, it is evident that physical appearance, professional aspirations, and social circumstances are not responsible for the surprising attraction that exists between certain souls. This attraction is not based on sexuality alone. These deep and unseen connections underlie close family members, best friends, special bonds with specific pets, as well as love and sexual relationships. They are "spiritual rendezvous," if you will, between kindred and familiar souls.

Thousands of years of experience have borne out some rather striking consistencies of attraction. While relationships are possible between all signs, some combinations are inherently happier and more harmonious than others.

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