Auspicious Careers

As a career choice, the Dog can find happiness as a reformer, a teacher, a religious leader, a judge, or a behind-the-scenes advisor. Law, nursing, missionary, and social work strongly appeal to them. As critics, writers, poets, philosophers, and moralists, the Dog finds motivation. Whatever the career, Dog ideas will be profound and often original, delivered with a passion for expression. Dogs are trusted by their employers, and they are gentle souls who are experts when it comes to calming excited people and creating an encouraging ambiance. It is also said that the Dog will find great success in the field of real estate, especially housing.

The Dog dilemma in all career areas will be balancing ongoing conflicts between self-confidence and self-doubt. The Dog must be able to believe in what they are doing and feel committed to a mission or goal if they are to give the best of themselves. This makes them particularly well suited for humanitarian professions and social work.

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