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Power Quadrant System

This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Each House Is an Area of Your Life

Bear in mind that the chart shown below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what's in each house. We've tried to give you word associations that you'll be able to remember. Planets in signs appear in houses, or, in other words, show how you do what you do in certain areas of your life.

Magi Astrology versus Traditional Astrology

In 1995, the Magi Society's first book, Astrology Really Works , provided proof that everyone has not just one, but two distinct astrological charts. This fact is now being accepted world-wide by most top professional astrologers. You can just imagine how significant this revelation is. You literally double your knowledge by including your second chart. Have you ever had your second birth chart analyzed In this book, we will teach you how to analyze both of your birth charts, and make use of them to take command of your life in matters of love and money.

Knock Knock Whos There Heavenly Bodies in Your Houses

What we're going to show here is which planets and signs are naturally associated with each house. Remember, though, where your planets are depends on your chart. In addition, don't forget that if you have more than one planet in a particular house, that's going to indicate an emphasis in that area of your life, and just what that emphasis is depends on which planets are in which house. Whew The planets represent different parts of you, the what of you and your life. Every planet rules at least one sign. The Moon's Nodes represent your past and your future. Houses represent the areas of your life.

How the Cancer Woman Relates Lovers and Other Intimates

Cancer, I advise you to evaluate the following as honestly as you can (1) Your true desires in your primary relationship. Do your needs and desires mesh Is your life fulfilling (2) Your level of confidence and security, your possessiveness. How honest are you in your relationships You must recognize your Achilles heel if you are to be happy. Your tendency to possessiveness and passive manipulation arises mosdy out of usually monumental feelings of anxiety, fear, and distrust. In a word, the source of your problems is insecurity.

Humanistic Psychology Humanistic Astrology

Those who look at life from the existential point of view, seeing all as an absurdity, are destroying the health and vitality of man, as Victor Frankel's experiments have shown. What man needs more than anything else to be healthy is a sense of meaning. Meaningfulness is defined as passing through a number of phases which, related one to the other, become the frame of reference for whatever happens in your life. Showing man the meaningfulness of his life is the most important thing that astrology can do (p. 4) . . . every individual person is a relatively independent organic whole in which a multitude of forces dynamically interact according to an original and originating pattern which establishes its life-purpose and its basic relation to all other wholes in the universe. This organic whole the individual person is essentially no different from the almost infinitely greater and vaster organized Whole, which we call the universe. Indeed the individual person constitutes one particular...

House Is More Than a Home

Home and the foundation of your life The second set of houses, called the succedent houses, corresponds to the natural fixed signs and represents the areas of your life concerned with resources what you own, how you earn money, your creative capabilities, your shared resources, and the friends and groups that help you achieve your goals.

Saturn Just the Facts Maam

While Jupiter represents your expansive side, Saturn's all about responsibility, rules, and regulations. Your Saturn is concerned with self-discipline and self-respect, your lessons, duties, and limitations, and also represents the authority figures in your life. Later in life, it also represents your own authority. Saturn also is about security and safety, and as such is the teacher of the zodiac, with many lessons to impart if we pay attention. In other words, if you don't get your homework for your life lessons done, there won't be any reward until you do

The Nodes N Back to the Future

You could think of the Moon's Nodes as the particular tensions in your life the pull and comfort of the past versus the fear of and uncertainty of the future. Always exactly opposite each other on your birth chart, your Nodes are the push-me-pull-you energies in your life.

Background Influences

At this time in your life, you're likely to be in a practical environment with down-to-earth activities and experiences (4 First Pinnacle). Your capability at systematizing and organizing is likely to be useful in this environment as are your conscientious, dependable and responsible attitudes. There's probably a need for hard work determined effort and constant application, and you're certainly capable of that (4 First Pinnacle with 4 Life Path, 8 Soul JJrge). The opportunities and activities are likely to develop more slowly than you'd like 4 First Pinnacle). I discussed your probable feelings of limitation before, but I suspect that these feelings are felt strongly at this time in your life. You may have had to work hard from an early age, you may have had to live with economic limitations and had little time for youthful activities. These experiences, along with your rigidity, exacting approach and materialistic needs all contribute to your current feeling of restriction (4 First...

26th To 29th Birthday

Years, from your 26th to your 29th birthday. This transition, then, will be ending at the end of March in 1991. This time is likely to mark important changes in your life. At your 29th birthday, you'll probably be in a better position than at your 26th birthday, but the period between the birthdays provides little in the way of signposts. It is difficult to clearly comprehend the direction to take. The apparent direction must often be accepted on instinct. Confusion, negativity and frustration may be felt until a final understanding is reached. Much of your energy is likely to be devoted to clarifying experiences, searching for the stages leading to a final breakthrough. Some substantial development of your spiritual faith may occur during this period ( 16 7 Essence).

Venus In The Ninth House

You have keen intuition and enjoy the higher cultural aspects of life. Fond of study, you are usually well educated. Venus in this position smooths the path of your life. Philosophical, kind, sympathetic and helpful, your tastes are artistic and refined. You may marry a foreigner, or perhaps you will spend much time traveling abroad. If you marry, you will probably have a good relationship with your in-laws. If the aspects are challenging, you might be lazy and indifferent, or perhaps you will have too much missionary or religious zeal. Educator Maria Montessori, writer Thomas Mann, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, actress Mary Tyler Moore. _

Saturn Retrograde Restructuring R

Saturn is the planet of systems and organizations, and when it's retrograde, it's time to reexamine these things and find ways to improve them. In fact, if you were born with a Saturn retrograde, you already know there are systems that need fixing, and you may well be devoting your life to doing just that. Transiting Mars retrograde is not the time to make new starts, as this period is for directing your energies inward, determining where you should be headed and how you should get there. So when you try to push forward with new beginnings under this cycle, you often run into one obstacle after another

The Sun in the Houses

I Sun in the third house Curious and observant, you collect information and communicate with ease, both in speech and in writing. Travel and siblings play important roles in your life. 1 Sun in the seventh house Marriage and other partnerships are essential to your identity, though you may bounce back and forth between fear of isolation and fear of commitment. Balancing power is an issue in both personal and professional relationships. 1 Sun in the eighth house You're a profoundly emotional person whose need to explore the mystery of your own psyche brings liberation and transformation. Sex, money, and legacies of all types play a major role in your life. i Sun in the eleventh house You have high ideals and aspirations, many friends, a wide circle of acquaintances, and the ability to work well in a group. Indeed, becoming part of a group that expresses your most cherished values enables you to fulfill your deepest goals. Friends can be the most important people in your life.

The Moon in the Houses

I Moon in the second house Although you experience financial ups and downs throughout your life, you also become increasingly persistent about holding on to the green stuff which is fortunate, because material security is vital for your well-being. You may not think of yourself as a materialistic person nonetheless, money matters. i Moon in the ninth house The more you push beyond the boundaries of your life and seek out fresh experiences, the happier you are. You have an active imagination and a desire for knowledge. You may explore many religions and philosophies before you find one that satisfies you. Travel soothes your soul, and you take many journeys. instinctive understanding of other people and a remarkable capacity for friendship. Friends play a major role in your life (though you may care too much about what they think). Your goals are likely to change many times, and as they do, your circle of friends may also shift.

You will unlock your experiences when you give of yourself for the pleasure of givinggiving money time friendship

The central focus of your life is learning the exhilaration of the constructive use of freedom. Life is full of exciting opportunities for you there can be much variety, change, unusual happenings, unusual people, unforeseen adventure. You will find that you are capable at almost any task, that you are talented in a number of directions. The world is your oyster there are exciting things to do at every turn and that undoubtedly is the difficulty. You must learn how to pick and choose how to seek experiences which will be of benefit, how to discard those things that are not working, how to profit from every experience. You must learn not to waste your time or scatter your forces, not to get lost in purely physical delights food, sex, drink or drugs. It can be sheer delight to be a rolling stone, but the frustration of moving from place to place, from person to person, from opportunity to opportunity may eventually overwhelm the delight

The Third House The Street Where You Live

The Third House is often called the house of communication, but this term can disguise the many areas of your life that actually reside there. Because this house contains your capacities for information gathering and sharing, its areas include your knowledge, short journeys, your brothers and sisters, and your immediate environment.

North Node N in the Sixth House South Node n in the Twelfth House

With a sixth-house North Node and a twelfth-house South Node, you're someone who spends a lot of time deep in thought. Your tendency to live your life based on fears and imagination can undermine your confidence, and those close to you may think you avoid what's real. You are here to live a life of sacrifice and service to others, so what you really need to do is learn about responsibility and trust, and develop faith in the Universe. Once you do this, you will serve others with your past compassion and take great pleasure in helping them.

Mars In The Ninth House keyword venturesome

Independent, enthusiastic, often self-educated, you are curious and interested in serious studies. Although you can be quite skeptical, at some time in your life you probably will develop a religious zeal, bordering on fanaticism. Your mind is very restless if you cannot travel in person, you do a lot of armchair traveling. If you have difficult aspects to Mars, you

Cf Mars Square Pluto cf

Forceful and aggressive, you come on strong. You must control your tendency to ride roughshod over others. When you are angry you may resort to physical violence. Your tendency to be abusive when frustrated can cause havoc in your personal relationships. Your strong sex drive requires a proper emotional outlet you should not let it dominate your life to the exclusion of your creative instincts. Governor Huey Long ( ), Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark (cP ).

Neptune in the Twelfth House

If you have Pluto in the Twelfth House, you have the potential to spiritualize all aspects of your life, and your unconscious intention is to merge or identify with the Source, God or a higher power. To do this, you are trying to dissolve any and all blockages you have to this, whether emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. This is naturally a frightening prospect for anyone used to a concept of self (and that's all of us humans), and avoidance behaviors, such as living out dreams and illusions, or compulsive actions may manifest because of this. The lesson here is faith, and what you're willing to take on faith, to find the ultimate meaning of life. The evolutionary intent of your soul is to develop specific, useful methods for learning to analyze yourself and hone transcendental meditation techniques that allow you to experience the Source so that you find your blockages and eliminate them. In addition, you need to perform some type of right work, which helps or serves others....

Aquarius The Father Of The New

The father and the son are said to represent Aquarius and Pisces. From these, it may be seen that sign Aquarius is intimately connected with that aspect of Divine Plan where the individuals like Ganymede are chosen to be the cup-bearers of gods, or to be the fathers, or the precursors of Noah who established a new civilisation or gave a new direction in human life. Examine it with some of the known horoscopes, and it would be abundantly clear that the ancient mythologies of many important religions knew well the significance of Aquarius as a harbinger of new life and light despite the fact that in doing so they may have to encounter difficulties and personal deprivations. For example, Abraham Lincoln established the spirit of liberty, democracy and equality in the United States though his own personal life was full of thorns Professor B.V. Raman made astrology a valid and respectful scientific subject when many persons have been deriding the subject and while doing...

Saturn In The Twelfth House

Morbidly sensitive, you are inclined to isolate yourself or else to live with a constant wish to retreat. You enjoy solitude your creativity flows when you work by yourself, but too much isolation will lead to loneliness and fear. Because you are tied down to respectability and accepted mores, you tend to keep your problems locked up within yourself. This can lead to a life-is-against-me attitude. You must cultivate an optimistic outlook and a hope for the future. You should get away from self-centered attitudes and learn to serve humanity or those close to you. With difficult aspects, your father may have faded out of your life early. Any aspect to Saturn indicates a lesson to learn these aspects involve the abilities to concentrate, to become disciplined and to give form and substance to your life. The conjunction emphasizes these principles. The square and opposition challenge you to succeed or to become aware of the need to accept responsibility.

Progressions or I Cant Stand Still

You may have been born with your Sun in Libra and your Venus in Scorpio, but as you progress through your life, so do your planets. How your planets progress as you age is what progressions are all about. Each of these can unlock a different type of change in you as you progress through your life.

Uranus and Neptune and SaturnOh My

When transiting Uranus opposes natal Uranus, its purpose is to reorient you to doing things with personal meaning. At this point in your life, you've spent most of it trying to have an impact on the external world and meeting the expectations of others. Now it's time to shift toward doing the things that have internal meaning for you. The most appropriate response to this is to withdraw internally and figure out what you really want to do with the rest of your life. If you don't take the time to examine what you want and then make the needed changes, you may find yourself living a hollow life later and never understand why. This is a lot like driving a twisty road in heavy fog and not being able to see well. So while you may decide you should make some changes in your life, you may not understand which ones to make. Instead of actually making these changes during this time, it's best to consider which course to take until the fog clears. This period or transit takes almost three years...

Uranus In The Seventh House

You would like an unusual partner or an original and different type of partnership. Or perhaps you may marry on the spur of the moment and then divorce just as suddenly or you could marry while too young or immature, then realize your mistake and start all over again. In other words, there is a lack of permanence in your relationships with others. You are very independent. Your chosen partner may be eccentric, exasperating and a law unto himself or herself, or you may place very little importance on your mate, treating him or her as an appendage. You may make the public or your clients the important people in your life. This position indicates literary and artistic pursuits.

The Lunar Advantage Using Astrology in Daily Life

That ancient knowledge is within your grasp. When you understand the Moon and its fundamental changes, you can choose dates that strengthen your intentions, avoid dates that could lead to frustration or failure, and live your life according to the rhythms of the cosmos. This chapter tells you how and when to seize the day.

Uranus In The Twelfth House

You desire to break through convention and restraint and have a tremendous need to free yourself from society's demands. Enchanted by the mysterious and the romantic, you may have several secret love affairs. You are intellectual, mystical and secretive and work in unusual ways. This is a good position for research or any behind-the-scenes activity. With challenging aspects, you may be eccentric. Unresolved conflicts in the unconscious may make your life difficult. Unless you exert self-control, you can be your own worst enemy and may go through life alone. Murder cult leader Charles Manson, western actor Roy Rogers, dictator Adolf Hitler, actor Charlie Chaplin.

Learning to Live with Others

The mound of Mercury , under your baby finger, is large and high when you're in a career or mindset that serves and cares for your fellow human beings. If you spend your life communicating with others, you'll usually have the Mercury mound raised and prominent on your palm. This mound can expand or contract in life passages more than any other surface of the hand.

Neptune In The Fourth House

Your sense of home and background is religious, and your attitude toward your parents, idealistic, yet you may change your residence a lot or experience confusion about your identity perhaps you were adopted or grew up with foster parents. You are artistic and musical you don't mind self-sacrifice and you need time by yourself to find your path. With challenging aspects, you can be the wanderer of the world and not feel at home anywhere, until you realize that inner peace of mind is the answer to your problems. You may have an alcoholic or disappearing parent.

Message of Hope for All Who Are Still Seeking their Soulmates

Romantic Super Linkages and Combined Symmetry are both part of the broad concept of Combined Planetary Geometry. They are tools of Magi Astrology that obviously work very well. However, we are not trying to prove they work. There is no way for us to prove anything that involves your own emotions and feelings, but you can prove it to yourself by checking on the Combined Planetary Geometry that you make with the people in your life. If you do so and apply the techniques you have already learned, you will understand things about your past and present relationships you did not previously comprehend.

Pluto In The Third House

You are never lukewarm in your mental attitudes and have a need to cry out and be heard, by speaking, by writing or by ranting and raving. This may give you an unusual relationship with your brothers or sisters. Though this placement appears frequently in the charts of school drop-outs, education is important to you, and you achieve it at any cost. You are often forced to take note of your failures or shortcomings and may have to make drastic changes at some time in your life. With extreme aspects you may experience the loss of siblings, problems with neighbors or mental difficulties. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung, playwright Tennessee Williams, filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, actor Burt Reynolds.

Pluto In The Fourth House

With Pluto in the fourth, you can surely change or transform yourself. Your home is a focal point in your life, and you need to have your authority recognized there. Due to childhood circumstances, you often have a chip on your shoulder. There is probably something unusual about your family background the early loss of a parent, a dictatorial parent or a family scandal. Wealth may come in your later years, possibly through the earth sciences, research, real estate or scientific endeavors. With difficult aspects, you may feel deeply rebellious of established values, and you may isolate yourself from society. Attorney F. Lee Bailey, murder cult leader Charles Manson, pianist Oscar Levant, anthropologist Margaret Mead.

Pluto In The Eleventh House

You are intensely loyal, have a strong communal sense, an urge to reform and a wealth of plans. Interested in worldly affairs, you may participate in reform movements or social improvements. Your friends are important to you, and you are helpful to them however you must take care that they do not influence your life too strongly. With challenging aspects you must learn to discriminate in your choice of associates, because you may be attracted to those who will lead you astray. This placement often indicates a loner. President Lyndon Johnson, writer Zelda Fitzgerald, actress Marilyn Monroe, baseball player Jackie Robinson.

Finding and Understanding Your Descendant

A less powerful point than your Ascendant, the Descendant determines the approach you take toward marriage and partnerships. It describes the nature of those relationships in your life, and it indicates the kind of person you're likely to fall for. What's your type Your Descendant provides the answer

Sowing or Reaping Which Lifetime Are You In

On the other hand, if there are more planets in the west than the east, you're in a reaping lifetime, and will have less freedom. However, you could say your life is set up for you to walk through you'll usually find that it opens up to new opportunities from others just when you need it to do so. In essence, you're harvesting the seeds you planted in previous lives, so your life is already in place, so to speak. You may have fewer choices, but you don't have to work so hard to get where you're going you just reap your harvest from previous lives If you believe this is your only lifetime, then this will still reveal whether you create your own opportunities or receive them through others.

Outer and Social Planet Transits

Now, Pluto's motto is Change or die Its transits always pressure you to transform some aspect of your life that isn't authentically you. Generally, with a Pluto transit you will be forced to change the area ruled by the planet that Pluto contacts. Most people find it very painful not to cooperate with Pluto transits. Jupiter transits often involve broadening your horizons in some way either through travel, social contacts, or physically, philosophically, or intellectually. Jupiter, remember, is the planet of expansion, and the house it's transiting will determine in what area of your life the expansion is occurring.

Pluto In The Twelfth House

Sacred Contract Chart

Pluto in the twelfth house can bring you face to face with temptation. You must gently uncover your fears and frustrations and bring them out of your subconscious with patience and understanding. You need to change your inner attitudes this is difficult because you are reluctant to change the course of your life. You work best behind the scenes, and you understand others' limitations. With challenging aspects, you may have some psychological problems, perhaps even be confined. You may feel pain, both physical and mental, from obscure or unidentified sources.

Factors Toning Each Planetary Principle

Each planet represents a specific dimension of experience, and that dimension of experience is toned or colored by a myriad of factors. In other words, how will each dimension of experience (shown by the planets) be toned or colored in your life When you begin to examine all the factors toning each planet, so many things must be taken into account that, in fact, you have to use considerable psychic energy to begin to feel them all at once. The analytical mind simply can't cope with such a variety and quantity of variables all at once, each of them having an effect in a slightly different degree.

Numerology and Astrology Maps for Life

Your birth path number represents your life path and your unique, innate talents, and shows how you can use these abilities on the road of life. Your name number (or destiny number) represents your purpose in life, your calling, and your mission. Similarly, if you take the simple numbers that numerology uses and begin to rearrange them in different ways, you'll soon notice that the possible combinations are quite literally astronomical. Your numerolog-ical profile reflects a unique combination of numbers, just like your astrological chart, and the result is yet another map of your life.

The Twelve House Reading

This is not a proper horoscope chart, of course, I begin. It is simply a table of houses and you created a completely random pattern by mixing the cards and placing them in each house. I turn over the card in house one. For instance, this first one is Gemini. House one relates to new beginnings and your outlook on life. (All I do is read this from the chart ) Gemini is a positive sign and indicates to me that you are contemplating a new beginning and that it will be an extremely positive move for you. (I know her question probably relates to a special relationship, because she placed her card in house seven. I place the Gemini card face-up in house one and turn over the card in house two.) Aha, Capricorn House two relates to money and possessions. You like having nice things around you. (A Taurean trait.) However, it looks as if money is sometimes rather elusive and hard to find. Slow and steady is what Capricorn means in this sign. It makes you a plodder, but someone who always gets...

Astrology Modern Research In Energy Fields

Eugen Jonas of Czechoslovakia states that an individual, at the moment of creation, accepts a basic impulse from the universe, a sort of vibrational range that will be more or less permanent with respect to its organism. In other words, when the sperm and ovum unite to create new life, the organizing force fields of the fertilized egg are set cycling by the frequencies of the energy wave patterns of the universe at that particular instant. If the patterns are unusually favorable, the individual will be extremely vital Jonas suggests that the configurations in the cosmos are part of the imprint forming the frequency pattern of a human at the beginning of his life. (p. 121-ABC)

Basic Astro Training for Traders

The first thing necessary for anyone to learn about the subject is to know what a horoscope is. Most layman don't have a clue and think of astrology as the 12 signs of the zodiac column in the daily new paper. Astrology is far from that. No wonder 90 of the public thinks astrologers are practicing a form of voodoo. In fact astrology is as complex in some ways as medicine or nuclear physics and is not easy to learn quickly. Hundreds of factors are present in an individual horoscope map. Every single symbol and number on the circle has rich meaning which will be lost on anyone not at least knowing something about what the parts represent. The goal of these lessons is NOT to take you engage you in graduate degree course in astrology but to make it possible for you to read astrological material, communicate with an astrologer, and to be able to make your own judgment as to how to apply what you have been able to learn in your life and trading. Learning enough to satisfy this basic level...

Uranus in the Signs and Houses

No one can tell exactly how Uranus will act in your chart where progressions or transits are concerned. It is unexpected, sudden and unpredictable in its action. If it conjuncts or opposes a strong planet in your chart by transit there will be a change in direction, an unexpected turn in the life that will change circumstances for you. Uranus never leaves you where it found you. It never takes anything from you without giving you something better in its place. It frees you from the ruts In which you may be comfortably ensconced in order to bring new growth, new expansion and new experiences. Uranus has a seven year cycle and if it is in an angle, especially the first house, your life will run in seven year cycles. The 41st and 42nd year are important for Uranus has made its opposition point to the place it was at birth. The cycle of Uranus in its travel around the Sun is 84 years. So one gets a conjunction or opposition once in a lifetime to whatever planet it contacts.

Astrology and Shamanism

Astrologically, the asteroid Chiron is considered to be a symbolic shaman and wounded healer, and many astrologers study Chiron's cycles to note both universal and personal healing patterns. Chiron's cycles with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are of particular interest because, as you'll recall from Chapter 22, Using Astrology to Map Your Life, these are slower-moving planets and so form aspects with longer and stronger impacts.

What We Can Learn from the Symbols for Uranus

The glyph for Uranus is rather different from the glyphs of other planets, and Uranus's placements in our chart do show our individual differences. The late astrologer Donald Bradley believed that Uranus has to do with the birth process, whereby we leave the womb and become separate individuals. Bradley felt the glyph for Uranus symbolized the birth process, for in stylized form it shows the infant, head down, passing through the birth canal. Uranus and Pluto are both connected with birth, but Pluto represents the reproductive process, in which something gradually grows within us. Uranus represents expelling that new life out of the safe, protective womb and into the world. As we grow spiritually, we leave less tangible wombs behind and become more and more individual. For example, astrologers associate divorce with Uranus, and divorce means that both parties now have to become individuals in their own right.

What Is Magi Astrology

Get ready to enter the magical world of Magi Astrology It will help you see the universe with an understanding, clarity, and set of perspectives that will truly improve your life. Magi Astrology is a life altering and life enriching experience. With it, you'll finally have the astrological tools you need to most prudently deal with all matters pertaining to love and money. Magi Astrology provides you with the ability to use the stars to take command of your life and maximize your chances of fulfilling your dreams. By absorbing the contents of this book, you will be able to make use of the power of the planets and benefit from them.

What Are Your Numbers and Do They Add Up

Your life path Now remember, your birthday numbers and your name number each reveal different things about you Your birth path, or birthday, numbers represent your life path, and your name number represents your destiny. These are the numbers to which you should pay the most attention.

Using Pluto WellA Rebirth is Possible

Mercury Leo House

Many astrology books and magazines define the houses according to external circumstances. For instance, they might say that the second house shows how you will fare in money matters, the fifth your children, the seventh your marriage partner, and so on. These descriptions sound as though everything in your life is determined by something outside your control Fate, people in authority, the economy, or heredity. If you have Jupiter in the second, they might assure you that luck will just keep coming your way in money matters, leaving the impression that you need only sit back and wait for it. The modern astrological position based on psychology, and metaphysics is that definitions like these are over-simplified. The prevailing viewpoint is that external conditions alone do not determine your experiences instead, your inner attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and needs act as magnets to determine the outer, tangible circumstances of your life. People with Jupiter in the second house, for...

Taurus Through The Houses

With Taurus on the cusp of the first house, we find Aries, the starting point of the self, in the twelfth house. Taurus begins where most other signs are inclined to leave off. When a task looks almost hopeless to other people, Taureans pick it up and carry it through to a successful conclusion. They have the energy to put new life into a seemingly lost cause.

Wandering Stars and Fixed Stars

Astrologers are often extremely irritated when they see newspaper columns headed Your Life in the Stars , or Your Star Sign . Modern natal astrology is so strongly associated with the planets of the solar system that any allusion to the stars has sadly become associated with careless journalism, if not charlatanism.

Sun In The Twelfth House keyword secretive

Although you may lack self-confidence and need a lot of solitude, you are able to integrate the subconscious part of your nature. Your life before thirty may be somewhat restricted. Some kind of work in institutions, charities, labor or research appeals to you, although you usually prefer to work behind the scenes. This is often the placement for actors, since actors can hide their real feelings by playing a role. If there are difficult aspects, you may be your own worst enemy you must learn to serve and should not let yourself wallow in self-pity. The Sun in the twelfth house operates like the Sun in Pisces this placement depends more on the total horoscope than any of the other Sun placements. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, labor leader James Hoffa, TV personality Paul Lynde, comedian Jim Backus.

Vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic Medicine

Vedic astrology is an extraordinary predictive and counseling tool. There are many wonderful stories of how Vedic astrologers can pinpoint specific events in a person's life with uncanny accuracy. Yet Vedic astrologers are not only good at prediction, they can relate deep wisdom about a person's life purpose, karma and spiritual path. I myself have visited several Vedic astrologers in India who could relate the main events of my life, my future development, and past and future life implications with extraordinary precision and with notable wisdom. Some Vedic astrologers are thought to be psychics for this reason, though they may be only describing what the Vedic birth chart can reveal to one trained and experienced in astrological insight.

Coping with Fear of Intimacy

Here is a good exercise if you want to know exactly who is important to you. Grab all the pillows you can and place them within your reach. Put yourself in the middle of the room. Then take the pillows one by one, designating each as a person. This person can be alive or dead, as long as she he is important to you. By the time you finish, you will know who has priority in your life, who is closest to you, who is more distant. You will tend to place each pillow exactly as close or as far as you feel to or from the person that pillow represents.

Magi Astrology Solves the Mysteries of Magical

In addition, and especially apropos these days with so many sexually transmitted diseases, Magi Astrology provides you with another significant advantage. You can apply it to help you accurately predict if you are sexually incompatible with someone without having to become intimate. Sex isn't everything. But unless you are a priest or minister, you will probably go through (or have already been through) a stage in your life when sex will be more than everything. Fortunately, Magi Astrology has very accurate astrological tools for predicting sexual compatibility. In this book, you will learn that sexual compatibility and attraction are very much astrologically driven and completely predictable. Magi Astrology has such a high level of accuracy in the area of sex that The Magi Society wrote this book to teach you the astrology of emotional and sexual relationships. After you master the material contained in this book, you will understand the real astrological reasons for attraction,...

Lessons in Housekeeping

Among the 12 houses are all the areas of experience any human will encounter, and so everything in your life shows up in one of your houses everything from early childhood to sex, death, and taxes Among the 12 houses are all the areas of experience any human will encounter, and so everything in your life shows up in one of your houses everything from early childhood to sex, death, and taxes

Pluto In The Fifth House

You have an inborn love of gambling and are willing to take many risks emotionally and financially. Often you may make great gains because of your daring. With your strong eroticism, sex can be a motivating force in your life, or else you can turn in the opposite direction and be completely asexual or celibate. Pluto in this position complicates your emotional balance you need to develop a creative outlet. With challenging aspects, there can be troubled pregnancies, and you can be extremely possessive of your loved ones. Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, Chief Justice Earl Warren, actor Spencer Tracy, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

What Transits and Progressions Have to Do with

Progressions show how you and your chart progress throughout your life and contain the timing for your development and growth. Transits occur when the present positions of planets overhead aspect their various positions in your birth chart. You could think of them as triggers for events in your life and the development shown by progressions.

The Ruling Planet of the Midheaven

The ruling planet of the Midheaven sign is important not only due to its general symbolic meaning, but also due to the fact that its house position so often shows where your real vocation comes into clearest focus. That house represents a field of experience which feels like your true calling at a very deep level. If your Midheaven is in a sign that has a traditional ruler and a modern ruler, the house position of both can be important. However, the sign position of the traditional ruler is usually more important than that of the modern ruler.

Looking Into Your Midheaven andIC

Directly opposite the Midheaven is the I.C., or imum coeli (from the Latin imum coeli, meaning lowest part of the heavens ). The I.C. influences your attitude toward home and family, affects the circumstances at the end of your life, and, like the M.C., is associated with one of your parents. It's sometimes described as representing the base of the personality, which suggests that its importance is greater than it appears.

Saturn In The Tenth House

You like, need and accept responsibility. Ambitious, demanding respect and determined to succeed, you have excellent business ability. You are also self-reliant, organized and persevering. Perhaps you lack a father image in your life, or maybe you had problems with one of your parents. You feel responsible toward your family and take on obligations unflinchingly. With difficult aspects, you may be arrogant and ruthless in achieving your aims. You may even suffer from a napoleonic complex or lose your position through scandal. Dictator Adolf Hitler, artist Pablo Picasso, actor Sir Lawrence Olivier, TV personality Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Aries T on the House Cusps

Since the 1st house is your identity, outer personality, physical body, and the face that you present to the world, it is the most important house and should be carefully analyzed. In this book we will not give you keywords for appearance, since many factors have to be considered and, at this level, the subject is too complex. Aries (T) on the Cusp of the 4th House (Home, one of the parents your roots, foundation, and real property). If you have Capricorn on the Ascendant, your adolescent years may have seemed difficult you could have been so restless that you considered running away from home despite a strong link with one of your parents. There may be many changes of residence during your lifetime and they might not all be welcome. You probably grew up in a busy, active household and were expected to do your own thing. It is not hard for you to be a

Heavenly Bodies and Me Me Me

Your first-house sign describes your self-image and how you express your identity, and its ruler describes where and how your identity and self-image are developed. The Aries house (the corresponding natural sign) shows another area of life that your identity is tied to, providing you with greater self-awareness.

Home Is Where Your Hat Is

Another branch of astrology can actually determine what kinds of experiences you will have in a particular location in the country or world. One type of astrology in this branch is known as relocation astrology, in which your birth chart is done for the same time and day of birth, but for a location other than your birthplace. So, your chart changes to show what your life would be like in that location. Hmmm Australia Tahiti Paris Relocation astrology can help you determine in advance what types of experiences you might tend to have in particular places. And, depending on the location, you might have very good career circumstances, a wonderful home life, or transformational experiences that totally change your identity or you could have more challenges than you ever dreamed of.

The Thumb and Fingers

Each finger of the hand has a different planet characterizing the energy of your life that it rules. The thumb represents your Mars power , and it has to do with the actions of your life and your sexual energy. The index finger the second finger on your hand has to do with destiny and is ruled by Jupiter. Saturn is represented on your hand by the longest finger, or third finger, and this relates to your authority and power expression. The ring finger is connected to Venus and shows your need to express and receive love and to earn financial security. Your pinkie, or little finger, is a reflection of your thinking processes and is ruled by Mercury.

How to Interpret a Birth Chart

During the 1970s, Sun-Sign Astrology became very popular even though it left all such questions completely unanswered. Together with Horoscope Astrology, Sun-Sign Astrology comprises the basic tools of traditional astrology. But even the entirety of traditional astrology lacks the ability to adequately help us in matters of love and money. In this book, we will teach the parts of Magi Astrology that help you accurately answer many important questions about the people in your life-for example

The Planets as Landlords

Landlord planets own the houses they're in charge of, so they have the final say about what's happening in that area of your life. In other words, no matter which planets are renting, or in a house, the landlord's the one calling the shots. This brief example begins to show you just how interconnected all the areas of your life are. You probably already knew that but astrology maps it out for you.

The Mentor or the Boss

The Saturn & mound, under the middle finger, is related to authority, power, and teaching ability. The larger and higher the mound is, the more you're involved with administering to society. If your heart line starts here, you come to love later in life. When lines from the head line or life line come to this mound, it signifies that you've reached a new level of authority or power in your life.

Astrology Is Your Compass

Now that you understand how your chart unfolds with progressions and transits, you can see how astrology can be used to look ahead into your life. Astrology can be used as a compass because you can see not only the kinds of events or changes that are going to unfold, but also how you're evolving and growing during your life. Knowing that gives you a road map for your life and a more conscious approach for dealing with it. After all, wouldn't you rather know where you're headed on your life's journey than move ahead blindly

Venus In The Twelfth House

You are kind, compassionate, charitable, sympathetic to others and often deeply inspired. You enjoy secluded places and you need time each day to recharge your batteries. Although the undercurrents of your life are smooth, you feel a compelling need to serve. Drawn to the occult, you like to probe the deeper meanings of life and love. Basically shy and easily hurt, you may have secret love affairs. You are quite resigned when in trouble. With challenging aspects you may love a person who is not free or suffer setbacks in your love life or experience the frustrations of divorce. Actor Gregory Peck, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, singer Peggy Lee, writer James Hilton.

Introduction To Progressed Delineation

At certain times in your life, you've probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do. At other times, you've undoubtedly experienced the feeling that nothing's going right, that you don't seem to be able to make the contacts you need and that you can't find a satisfactory outlet for the strong capabilities you have. At any particular time in your life, there are specific energies and influences in operation which are not directly related to your basic characteristics. These energies and influences can be mapped by numerology. You can determine in advance the times of greatest opportunity. You can foresee problems and the areas in which they're likely to occur. Or, you can look back and get a clear picture of why some past experiences were so satisfying while others were so uncomfortable.

Weak Intuitive Component

I expect you'll rely heavily on reasoning and facts in reaching your conclusions. These logical deductions are likely to be a strong motivating force in your life. Added to your will and determination, this rational disposition can help promote your leadership potential in business or politics (strong Mental component). You aren't likely to display much interest in spiritual or metaphysical matters (weak Intuitive component). There's apt to be some time yet before you can feel comfortably free of the forces that have hindered your development, but it's important that you keep working to free yourself and to move forward to use the generous potential you possess. John has to struggle with his 7 First Period and 9 First Pinnacle until 1999. His 2 Second Period, starting at that time, will be more amenable to development of the talents related to his 3 Expression and 2 Birthday. His 1 Second Pinnacle, starting at the same time, will allow a freer development of his independence and...

The Moon And Us

The longer and deeper you delve into the study of Astrology the more interesting and enlightening it will become. Aside from the Nativities and predictions, Astrology has a tremendous significance in your own life. You will be able to consider the events of your life in a more intelligent matter because you will be able to understand and explain the forces which bring about the events. As your development continues, your mind will mature astrologically and you will constantly search for the reason why things happen. You will eventually understand the principles behind the cause and effect relationship and for this reason you will become less impatient with life. When you can understand the forces that are operating, you can cope better with the problems of life. You will be able to seize opportunity at the right moment. You will discover that when one line of action is not propitious, another line of action may be feasible. You should approach Astrology as a philosophy, that explains...


Had his resolution been to have staid in England, the North Node and Sun being both in Aries, show it might have been good for him, for England is subject to Aries I would have advised him to have steered his court life towards Kent, Essex, Suffex or Suffolk, for they lye East or by South from London but if sometimes you find that a city, towne or kingdome subject to the Celestiall Signe which promises you good, stands not, as to the quarter of Heaven, directly as you would have it, or as the Signe points it out herein you must observe this generall rule That if your occasions enforce you, or you shall and must live in that Country, City, or Towne, so directed unto you in Art, that then you must lead your life, or direct your actions, or manage your employments to those parts of that city or country which lye East, West, North or South, as in the Figure you were directed as for Example You may see France is subject to the Signe Aries, it lyeth from London South-west had this gentleman...

The Procedure

Don't adjust the reading by leaving out difficult, ambiguous or conflicting information. Don't emphasize information because it's special in your life. Keep the delineation as pure and objective as possible. Rigidity can be meaningless or harmful, but staying with th derived information for the sake of accuracy reaches to the very heart of the matter.

Working Hard

There's likely to be a good deal of hard work in your life. You must be willing to work, concentrating your efforts and continuing no matter what the seeming restrictions. You probably still look at hard work as a limitation, at least part of the time. I hope you've stopped looking for easy ways out to avoid putting forward the required effort. Your growth is apt to have been severely I imited until you accepted the need to work hard and patiently.

O H Sun In Gemini

Sensitive, talkative, vacillating and sympathetic, you must cultivate perseverance, or your restlessness will inhibit true accomplishment. Variety is the spice of your life. You love to socialize, and you try to avoid deep emotionalism. You are eloquent, love to read and have many hobbies. You can be vague and irresponsible and need a constant change of scene. You should channel your ability and talent for communication so it does not become idle chatter.


As a matter of fact, one of the focuses of your life is likely to be home, family and close friends. This could mean, at different times in your life, the family.revqlvrng around your parents, or the family you start with your husband. Much of your energy is likely to be devoted to the family and much of your satisfaction (or lack of satisfaction) is probably derived here at home. Sometimes, you need the safety of home and convention at other times, you're desirous of breaking with the very conventions that previously proved satisfying.


There is scarcely any limit to your powers if you only will exercise your wonderful will intelligently. A happy marriage is essential to the success and happiness of Capricorn people of both sexes. In India the Yogic astrologers say to you people, get married and follow the Divine command by raising a family of children. We also are very strict in our advice to Capricorn people, that they must love their fellowmen and do unto all as they would be done by. The Golden Rule has been practised in India for thousands of years before the Christian Era. Your sign is governed by Saturn, and you are continually surrounded by planetary forces and solar fluids which can help you. Now, dear friend, be guided by what I say, as I love you dearly and wish to see you make your life a grand success. You can read every word in this book many times to great advantage. A Capricorn person is very foolish to ever doubt his or her ability to succeed.

3 Second Period

You may notice, although there's still lots of activity in your life, that the erratic quality seems to be lessening. (See the 5 First Period description on Chart 14). In the later years of your life, you may have substantial responsibilities which are likely to feel particularly limiting after the freedom you've enjoyed until then. Begin to consider how to deal with your restlessness in a restricted environment, how to express freedom constructively despite the limitations. See the 6 Third Period description on Chart 14.) There may be more responsibility in your life now

6 Third Period

In these later years of your life, there's a possibility of a supportive environment centered around home and family, an atmosphere of love and caring. With your restless nature, you may not be able to take full advantage of the opportunities and, instead, may feel restricted and tied down (conflict with the 5 Life Path). There are likely to be responsibilities here, but you have substantial capabilities in that direction (6 Expression, 6 Modified Karmic Lesson). After the relatively loose environment of your early and middle years, this far more structured situation may be much less to your liking.

9 Second Pinnacle

There's apt to be much drama and high emotion in your life. There are probably many times when you need to show tolerance and compassion as you avail yourself of opportunities related to humanistic, philanthropic or artistic endeavors. You may be asked to be friendly or loving with little expectation of any return. Although there is a strong side of you that is loving and giving and capable of foregoing your own needs (9 Soul Urge, 6 Expression), that side is probably at odds with the restless side of your nature. If you can manage to concentrate on your ability to give, you may substantially develop your natural potential in that area and lead to considerable growth (9 Growth Number). Some highly emotional endeavor a love affair or a close personal relationship is likely to


The years from your twenty-fourth to your twenty-seventh birthday form what could be an extremely important time in your life. There are opportunities to achieve independence by changing existing limiting situations. The achievement of independence is likely to take a lot of effort and you may feel beset with obstacles and problems. You may have to struggle to learn the important lessons leading to development and growth (19 1 Essence).


You may find new friends in your life and you may feel the desire for freedom leading to separation from old friends 1 Essence, E, N Transits). There may be exciting, unusual, but probably short-lived romances (E, N Transits). Marriage may be close if unsettled areas have been resolved, but high emotions can cause problems. A sudden marriage or separation and a change of home is possible (E, N Transits).


The Gemini Woman will follow a whim wherever it may lead. Her sudden and unreasonable changes will drive those about her wild. However, she seems to know what she's doing, and if you follow her, at least your life will never be dull. So whimsical that she could be a character out of Alice in Wonderland, the Gemini Woman follows a voice deep within her that compels her to act. She always regrets not paying heed to her inner messages and directions. The Gemini Woman resembles the Cap ricorn Woman as she jumps from one project to another, from one career to another, and from one relationship to another. However, Capricorn knows why she is jumping from mountaintop to mountaintop and has calculated the exact result of her moves. The Gemini Woman, on the other hand, takes a leap in blind faith that it is the correct thing to do, no matter what the outcome.

Current Epicycle

In the current period of your life, from 1986 to 1994 (age 24 to 32) there's the possiblity of a development from a sociable interest in friends to a considerably more sensitive concern for others which could lead to very close and beautiful relationships. (The Epicycle starts with several years of a 21 3 Essence, ends with several years of a 20 2 Essence.) This period may mark an ending or at least a substantial lessening of the feelings of limitation and restriction (end of 4 First Pinnacle) as well as the beginning of a stronger, more independent approach (start of 1 Second Period).

Astro Lingo

The descendant and Seventh House represent your primary relationships, partnerships, and marriage. It even describes the type of person you want to marry. The meridian line divides the circle of your chart into eastern and western halves. The line of your meridian connects your I.C. and your midheaven. Your I.C. is the cusp of the Fourth House, and is the point on your chart that represents your life's foundations and psychological roots. Your midheaven is the cusp of the Tenth House, and represents your ambition, career or social role, and public image.


Scorpio, I advise you to stay away from petty intrigue and avoid inflicting hurts. Remember that if someone has wronged you, it ultimately becomes their karmic problem, not yours. The corollary of the rule above is that you get back whatever you send out, whether it returns this year or at the end of your life.

Cf Mars In Pisces

Since you are positive, self-assertive, combative, active and boisterous, you may be accident-prone. Your great physical strength and dynamic energy propel you headlong into things you need to control your impatience and learn to use your energies constructively. Because you are practical and enter-Prising, you have good organizing ability. If Mars has challenging aspects, you may have scars on your head or face, and there may be danger of violence in your life. South African Leader Jan Smuts, writers Booth Tarkington Qnd Lewis Carroll, Prince Charles, Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Mars In Aquarius

The native is an intellectual, quick witted and he possesses a scientific mind. He is very interested in humanitarian work and is frequently connected with hospitable activities. He has a natural talent for blending science and philosophy and he's sincere in his religious beliefs. He is fond of working for friends, clubs and groups of people as he desires to put new life into them. He should be warned that sometimes he can cause hostility when he exerts too much effort along these lines.

Mars Saturn

L Hard aspects Impatience does you in. You feel blocked and frustrated, and it isn't easy for you to regulate your moods. Plus, you feel that you have enemies, and run-ins with authority may be all too common in your life. This can be a difficult aspect (think of River Phoenix), but positive examples abound, including Anderson Cooper, Jane Austen, and Johann Sebastian Bach.

Cycles Of Life

It takes Saturn almost 29 years to complete its circuit of your horoscope. That is why there are likely to be major changes in your life about the age of 29 and 58. Mind you, there are many lesser cycles. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity. When it is working for you you can move ahead very quickly. Venus is the planet of love. Interesting things can happen when it is going your way Now I have no idea of your time, date or place of birth. Yet I feel that I know a great deal about you. For instance, you are perceptive, aware of things that other people miss. You enjoy a challenge. You are honest, affectionate and honorable. Financial matters are starting to improve. You are about to start a whole new cycle of experience. This new cycle will bring a certain amount of change, but ultimately more stability to your life. You are going to ride this wave very well and make more progress in the next few years than you have done in the past....

The Sixth House

Work and health are twin concerns of the sixth house, just as they are of the associated sign, Virgo. Work and health are interrelated on a very deep level psychological and spiritual level having to do with our life purpose. How many times have you heard of an individual who retired and then suffered a health setback Productivity and a feeling of usefulness can keep us feeling alive, alert, and healthy. For a person whose sixth house is emphasized, unhappiness in work often takes a toll on health, and when work conditions change for the better, health tends to improve, too. The same is also true during times in my clients' lives when an outer planet like Saturn or Neptune travels through their sixth house. As work stresses and frustrations increase, health concerns tend to arise. Our attitudes toward work and our day-to-day job functioning are also shown by the h house and any planets in it. Take Saturn in Virgo in the sixth house, the house of

The Heart Line

The heart line usually starts under the first finger, your index finger, and then runs across the hand to the end at the curve of the palm under the baby finger, your pinky. If the heart line is thick and deep, you love intensely and continuously. But if it's thin and has many little lines coming into it, you love sporadically and have periods where love is lacking in your life.

The Success Story

Starting at the top of the hand under the index finger, you'll find the Jupiter H mound. The larger this area is in both size and height, the more social and exuberant you are. In addition, when your life line or head line begins here, you hold an important and influential role in life. If your heart line starts on this mound, you're famous for your creative talents. Any lines extending up to this mound from the life line, head line, or heart line are a sign of success in your chosen field, while scars, marks, or light lines on this Jupiter surface all have to do with social accomplishment.

Your Power Number

Regardless of its name, this number governs the second half of your life and is fully operating for you whenever you're in harmony with your soul, destiny, personality, and life path numbers. Think of it as a kind of integration when you're living in wholeness and balance, you are in your power, and your power number points the way to wholeness.


The Cosmic Woman has learned the lesson of her Taurus phase very well. She has the patience of Job. Family situations that would drive others to drink do not faze her. She views them with the cool, detached knowledge that all things change. Death may be the only cure, but even this is a change and a new beginning for the Cosmic Woman. She is aware of the cycles of life and death and realizes that even death starts a new cycle in which things again have the capacity to work out.

Turi Louis

Turi moved to the United States looking for an opportunity to promote his musical career. He started his new life with less than 50 in his pocket. Later he received an ASME section 9 nuclear welding test certification and worked on the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego, California, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, while pursuing his passion to fly helicopters.

Transits as Process

Actually, events are like signposts--more visible than the process, naturally, but when you're traveling, you don't jump from one town to the next, you cover the distance gradually. Thus it is with events in your life you get there gradually via an internal mental, emotional, and spiritual process. Transit readings that focus only on events miss out on a potent tool for self-knowledge and change. Analyze some of the events of your life in terms of the processes that led up to them, and you will gain a great deal of insight. Let's go back to the example of being fired under a Uranus transit. You may have been restless and wanting to change jobs for a while (Uranus), so you developed progressively worse work habits that ultimately got you fired. Or you may have been going through a period of rebellion against authority (Uranus again), and you'd been pushing your luck pretty far with the boss. These are both Uranus-type processes that might lead to the Uranus-type event of getting fired....

Astrological Trends

This is a good trait, though, as it enhances your vision of a perfect world. Unfortunately, it means you are easily hurt at times. In the next two or three years you will be entering a new stage in your life (stage twelve). During this stage you will find more contentment than ever before. You will be more patient and much more persistent. You will not give up easily. You will have your sights set on a worthwhile goal and you'll plod along very happily, aware that it takes time to achieve something really worthy of your abilities.

Lesson V

SCORPIO is the eighth sign of the zodiac and its symbol is known as the Scorpion, a small animal from the spider family with a deadly poisonous sting in its tail. Its symbol implies a serpent also a lethal animal. It is said that in ancient times this sign was symbolized as an eagle, (it is the sign of generation, the human ability to produce new life.) Mankind, however, abused its high responsibility and brought the generative act down to the earthy level of sex alone. The symbol was then changed to a scorpion with the emphasis on its sting. Thus Scorpio came to be known as the sign of sex. This does not necessarily mean that Scorpio natives are more prone to sex troubles than the other signs, for everybody has Scorpio in his horoscope. In fact Scorpio natives are usually better equipped to deal with sex in an honorable manner. The sun's ingress of this sign is usually about October 23.

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