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Chakras and Astrology

The chakras are the seven main energy centers located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. First described by the Hindu yogis thousands of years ago, the chakra model for understanding human consciousness has survived the test of time and cultural changes. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and each of these seven chakras is said to be a spinning wheel, creating a vortex of subtle life energy. The universal life energy is received by the chakras, transformed, and then distributed to the various levels of human activity associated with each chakra. The chakras fall into two main categories personal or lower chakras (1-3) and universal or upper chakras (4-7). There are many yogic practices and meditations for balancing the lower chakras and then raising one's consciousness to the refined energy of the upper, universal chakras. The basic associations of each of the chakras are as follows First Chakra, located at the base of the spine survival and security. Second...

Chakras and the Exaltation Points of the Planets

This relationship between the signs and the chakras also helps explain the exaltation of the planets. Chakra Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, the sign of the Moon and the head chakra. This shows the spiritual side of Jupiter and its function as the guru or Mercury is exalted in Virgo, its own sign, and is the planetary ruler of the throat chakra. This is the place of speech. It is also our place of greatest vulnerability and shows how we take in and release things through the mouth. Mercury relating to the throat chakra gives intelligence,'speech and mantric powers. Saturn is exalted in Libra, the other sign of Venus and the heart chakra. Here Saturn represents the higher dharmic principles of justice, order and detachment, which are necessary in using our heart energy in the right way, providing detachment and principled idealism in human relationships. The Sun is exalted in Aries, the sign of Mars and the navel center or solar plexus, well known as a site of solar and fire energy. The...

Mantras for the Chakras and the Elements

LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM (all pronounced with a short vowel sound as the 'a' in the word 'father') are the bija mantras of the five great elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether and relate respectively to the five chakras from the root (Muladhara) to the Throat (Vishuddha). They strengthen their respective elements and chakras and can also be used for the planets connected to the elements. In addition, the mantra KSHAM rules the third eye or mind center and the mantra OM the crown chakra and center of consciousness. The mantra LAM (relating to earth and the root chakra) gives groundedness, stability and contentment. It strengthens the Venus and Mars and helps ward off the negative effects of a malefic Saturn. The mantra VAM (relating to water and the second chakra) gives movement, vibration and fluidity. It strengthens watery planets like the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. The mantra HAM (relating to ether and the throat chakra) gives space, force and pervasion. It strengthens Mercury...

Aquarius The Father Of The New

Kumbha Lagna has the head of Kala Purusha in the 3rd house representing courage, prowess, heroism and mental power of which Aries is the sign and Mars the lord. From this, it is evident that the native can be happy and fulfilling the purpose of his life when his entire energy and interests are directed towards beginning a new cycle of evolution. For this, the native is admirably well suited. Two of the force-centres of Kala Purusha, namely, Brahmarandhra and Ajna chakra located in this house, do not only indicate considerable latent faculties for inculcating the idea of Divine Unity in every manifested form of the creation and the capacity for arousing metaphysical ideas in the hearts of the people, but this situation also suggests the fact that the destiny of such individuals lies in energising these force-centres without which they would not feel satisfied, Those Aquarius ascendants who do not mobilise all their energies for this purpose are naturally bound to feel their life...

The Mantras of the Sanskrit Alphabet

Heart or Air Chakra Navel or Fire Chakra Root or Earth Chakra Sex or Water Chakra Throat or Ether Chakra Exhalation Of the two groups, the semi-vowels govern the prime elements with Earth-lam, Water-vam, Fire-ram, Air-yam and Ether-ham. These relate to the five lower chakras of the subtle body, from the root or muladhara chakra to the throat. The sibilants govern Prana. The Sanskrit letter S governs inhalation, while the letter H governs exhala

The Planets as Energy Regulators

Man has long been conceived of as a microcosm of the entire universe. Ancient yoga speaks of the chakras (or energy centers) within each person and many esoteric schools of thought have correlated various chakras with certain planets. This is so because the planets are related to us by the same vibratory energy waves which are latent within us and to which we respond. These chakras, therefore, are the centers within us which correspond to certain centers of energy in the solar system. The sign that a particular planet is in reveals the attunement of that energy wave or force within us. The planets generally symbolize basic forces or active centers in our solar system which manifest as fundamental psychological functions, urges, needs, and motivators. The planets in the signs serve, as it were, as primary stimuli in the energy fields of the signs. They symbolize the universal principles which regulate all energy functions in any organic whole. Another way of expressing this is to say...

Astrology Modern Research In Energy Fields

The current interest in energy fields is really not concerned with a new phenomenon. Not only have Indian yogic systems referred for millenia to the kundalini (a kind of libido comprising both physical, psychic, and potentially spiritual energy) and to chakras (centers of whirling energy within man), but many clairvoyants have reported seeing the aura of individuals from which they can deduce the person's state of psychological and physical health. Clairvoyant Eileen Garrett writes

Purification of Gem Stones

One can also use internal methods, like clearing a stone through meditation focusing ones awareness on the stone while allowing the mind to come to a state of complete calm and rest. It is good to chant the appropriate mantra for the planet as well, meditating on the planetary deity. We should meditate upon the gem as located in the heart chakra, third eye or on top of the head, wherever we want its higher influences to manifest.

Meaning And Usage Of Harmonic Charts

This is the same as the basic birth chart (Rashi Chakra), relative to which all the harmonic charts are judged. What is present in the birth chart may be heightened or diminished by the influence of the harmonic charts but cannot be overridden by them. The harmonic charts serve to fine tune the meanings in the birth chart but do not serve to radically change them. The birth chart always determines the field in which they operate and should be visualized behind them. The harmonic charts are thus like a series of concentric circles with the birth chart as the outside circle. The subtler harmonic charts are contained within the fields of the larger harmonics.

Secondary Usage Of The House Bhava Chart

To approach Vedic astrology we must first of all learn to apply the houses in terms of the Rashi Chakra or sign chart, considering them both from the Ascendant and the Moon, in the equal sign system. Once these are understood then we can consult the Bhava Chakra or house chart (equal or otherwise) for more specific indications. Let us take an example. In the house chart (Bhava chakra), a planet is located in the eleventh house but in the sign chart (Rashi chakra) it is in the twelfth house. Say the ascendant is 25 degrees Libra and the Sun is in 2 degrees Virgo. This would mean that in terms of outer actions the individual would have great goals in life and accomplish a great deal, an eleventh house meaning. Yet in terms of their inner nature, they would be solitary or self-effacing, a twelfth house meaning.

House And Sign Charts In Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology usually employs two different systems of house determination. First, it has a special chart, called the Bhava Chakra or House chart , which specifically measures the houses. It can be done in two ways. It can consider the houses according to the Midheaven. Or it can just consider them from the Ascendant as an equal house system. It most resembles the house systems commonly used in Western astrology and has the same general variations. Second, it considers the houses in the Rashi Chakra or Sign chart . This we find to be more commonly used. In this chart it is not just an equal house system is used, it is an equal sign system. Houses are determined generally according to the Rashi Chakra and then specifically according to the Bhava Chakra. The Bhava Chakra is thus another chart. In it the position of the houses are given, not the signs, though sometimes the exact sign positions of the cusps are placed in or by the chart, as well as the points in which the house begins...

Medical Astrology By Dr William Davidson

Metaphysically, the Sun is our Heart Chakra through which all emotions flow. As Dr. William Davidson has said, it is the fire of life, ruling the etheric body, a very fine, weblike filament that encases the physical body the container for the energy that flows into the physical body and keeps it functioning steadily on a daily basis.

Appendix C Astrology Polarity Therapy

The clairvoyant Eileen Garrett in her book Awareness has described energy centers in the human body identical to the chakras of yoga traditions and to the concepts expressed in Dr. Stone's books. She states Though there are many therapies, there is but one kind of healing. Whether one treats a man in his physical organism or in his psychological states, one aims at the reintegration of the forces of his life. These life forces are considered by Dr. Stone to be the very four elements that comprise the foundation of all astrological theory. The elements are correlated with specific functions physically and psychologically and also with certain energy centers (chakras) in the total energy field. According to Dr. Stone, the four elements (called the tattwas in Sanskrit) are the field and structural tissues of anatomy. They support the life winds of 'prana' that flow through our body. They are the invisible builders of all life's structures and must operate in harmony with one another if...

Harmonic Charts Patterns Of Astrological Intricasy

In Vedic astrology a minimum of two charts are done, the basic birth chart (Rashi Chakra) and the harmonic ninth (Navamsha). Frequently six and often as many as sixteen such charts may be considered. These harmonic charts provide more detail and specificity in the delineation of planetary influences. Some Western astrologers have begun to use harmonic charts, based upon the Hindu model. Yet they calculate these harmonic charts in what is sometimes a different manner than the Vedic one. They simply multiply the longitude of the planet. For a harmonic fifth of a planet for example, they multiply the longitude of the planet by five. Hence if a planet is at 20 degrees Taurus its zodiacal longitude is 50 degrees that is, it is 50 degrees from the beginning of the zodiac at 0 Aries. Multiplying this by five we get 250 degrees or 10 degrees Sagittarius as its harmonic fifth position. These sixteen harmonic charts (which includes the birth chart or Rashi Chakra) are called Shodashavarga , the...

About the Hook

Part I of the book introduces the reader to occult nature of astrology, implications of physical death and the significance of the Heavenly Man. In subsequent discussions, the nature ofman as revealed by his Ascendant, Sign and planets are given in such a manner that the reader is benefited by new revelations about himself. The discussions on planets give esoteric as well as traditional characteristics of the centres of sensitive occult powers known in yogic literature as the chakras. The description of Nakshatras given very lucidly make the book unique.

Vedic Parable

Relative to the practice of Yoga, the horse's head is a symbol of the soul that sacrifices its bodily identity to unite with the higher Self. The horse's head is the soul that transcends the limitations of time and space and becomes free to travel at will through the entire universe, like the Sun, as a being of light. More specifically, the cut off head is the opened crown chakra through which the honey bliss or Soma flows. The Madhu Vidya or honey knowledge is that of the supreme Bliss of the Self. It is an important Vedantic teaching, starting with the oldest Upanishads.6 .


Sun through the chakras of our subtle or astral body (which reflects our birth chart). We will explore these themes further in our section on Yogic astrology. Nor is the Sun merely the luminary of our local solar system. The Sun is our local manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. It brings to us the light, the life, the love from all the stars, whose children we are. It reflects the light from the galactic center, the central Sun of our galaxy. It connects us with the heart of all life and all the forces of light, consciousness and intelligence. It is connected with the Suns in subtle realms as well as this physical world. It is a doorway to all the domains and powers of light.


Necklaces hanging around the neck and touching the throat area have an effect more on the throat chakra. They are good for gemstones for Mercury, which relates to the throat chakra, for improving powers of speech, communication, nervous or respiratory functioning. Necklaces hanging to the heart have more an effect on the heart chakra. They are preferable for gems for the Sun, Moon and Venus, which have heart energies. They increase will, emotion, love, vitality and circulation. Necklaces, pendants and strands are helpful for wearing weaker quality or substitute gemstones, which require more weight of stone to have a strong influence.


The weakest part of her body, the point where she feels the most stress, is her first chakra, or the sex center. Any emotional repression goes directly into this sexual area, immediately causing sexual problems and related physical complaints. The stop-per-in-the-bottle syndrome can also bring ulcers, periodic explosions that traumatize the family environment, throat discomfort or disease, and sometimes nagging lower back pain.

Mantras for the moon

Gauri is Lord Shiva's consort, also called Parvati and Shakti. The term additionally refers to a female buffalo, which symbolizes the power of the Divine Word as it roars. Gauri represents all the meters or powers of speech up to a thousand syllables, which represent the thousand petals of the crown chakra. The Moon's connection with the crown chakra is quite ancient and well known in yogic literature.

Ygi c stro ogy

Besides our 'outer birth chart' relating to the physical body is an 'inner birth chart' of the astral body that reveals the life pattern of our soul. The main factors that make up the astral body are the seven chakras from the root to the crown. The chakras have detailed astrological equivalents in Vedic astrology, which has its own special way of examining the astral body through the birth chart.30 According to the science of Yoga, our life-energy or Prana is our inner Sun. Our internal Prana is the light that gives life and energy to all that we do, just as the external Sun energizes the outer world. This inner Sun of Prana follows a similar movement as does the outer Sun in the sky. It circulates through the chakras of the subtle body just as the Sun does through the signs of the zodiac. The spine and chakra system constitute this inner zodiac. Our inner Sun of Prana moves up and down the spine and the chakra system along with each breath, traversing our inner zodiac along the way....

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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