Ways To Improve Your Body Image

Mirror Madness

Mirror Madness

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What Kind of Lover She Needs

Her body image is usually good in the areas of health, self-discipline, and cleanliness (barring the few extremely sloppy ones), but mediocre to poor in other ways. She rarely considers herself pretty or sexy and has to work hard at raising her sexual self-esteem. She needs a lover who will help her to do so. Masturbation, about which she is apt to feel guilty, may be an excellent aid.

The Goat Woman

Danielle has been blessed with a vivid imagination. Her portrait sketches look so realistic one would swear they could talk. She has a profoundly artistic and poetic soul. Possessing pronounced psychic ability, Danielle daydreams a lot, and she is an incurable romantic at heart. Danielle has struggled with her body image all of her life. She belongs unmistakably to the Rubenesque, well-curved, endomorphic group of women. She hates to sweat, and a regular exercise routine is torture for her. She prefers to spend her time relaxing, drawing, listening to music, or visiting with friends.

Sexual Selfimage

It is often true that the sexiest-looking women are the most sexually insecure. A number of Libra Women have a poor self-image, a negative body image, and deep sexual fears. The lesson she needs to learn in sex is feeling, allowing herself to let go fully during the experience. Body image exercises, communication skill education, and relaxation methods such as Tai Chi, medi yoga, and visualization may be all she needs to open up sexually.