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BFI.TRt- in astrology is universal and ancient. Most of the great men ofhistory, such as Caesar, Pliny, and Ciccro believed in it. Marcus Antonious never travelled without the astrologer recommended to him by Cleopatra. Augustus, when ascending the throne, had his horoscope cast by Thcagenes. Tiberius discovered pretenders to his throne by means of astrology and divination. Alexander of Macedonia consulted astrologers before his invasion of India. During World War II the Nazis and the*allies both appointed astrologers to assist them in their campaigns. 111 ere must be something fundamental in such a widely prevalent belief. Professor Ph. Lebas of Prance in his article on astrology in the Dictionnaire Encyctopedique da France has rightly indicated that adherence to the subject by such a number of highly intellectual men should it! itself be sufficient for believing that all astrology is not a folly.

Madame HP. Ulavatsky, a famous Russian occultist of the I9lh century, in The Secret Doctrine has indicated that astrology has been esoteric as well as exoteric, white as well as black. She said : Astrolatry. or the adoration of'the heavenly host, is the natural result of only half-revealed astrology, whose adepts carefully concealed from the non-initiated masses its occult principles and the wisdom imparted to them by die Regents of the Planets— the "Angels". Hence. Divine Astrology for the Initiates Superstitious Astrology for the profane. It has been mentioned that thehierophant in Egypt took in his last degree certain mystic teachings on astrology: the highest hierophant was given the title of Astronomus. H.P. Blavatsky has further stated that "the Occultists and Theosophists are the first to confess that there is white and black Astrology. Nevertheless. Astrology has to be studied in both aspects by those who wish to become proficient in it; and the good or bad results oblained do not depend upon the principles, which are the same in both kinds, but in the Astrologer himself'.

Astrology is profoundly esoteric, and £o degrade it merely as an aid to satisfy the prying curiosity of the profane is to contaminate the divine science. Every seeker after truth, every prophet and saviour of humanity sees the destiny of crawling mankind in a mysterious way; his mission is revealed to him in symbolism. When Zarathustra. while carrying the dead companions through forests and marshes felt that his eyes were opened and a light dawned on him. he saw that 'the Sun stood at noontide' and Eagle sw ept in wide circles through the air. and from it hung a Serpent, not a prey but as friend, for it lay coiled about the Eagle's neck". "These are my beasts." Said Zarathustra and rejoiced in his heart, for he knew the meaning of the Eagle and the Serpent. Similarly, the esoteric knowledge of astrological planets and the meaning of zodiacal signs could be ihe surest guide of mankind in these days of great peril.

Friederic W. Nietzsch (1844-1900), the famous German philosopher, has emphasized the role of Superman in the task of the Eternal Resurrection of all things. He said: "I teach you the Superman. Man is a thing to be surmounted. What have you done to surmount him?" This perfection symbolised by the superman is not attained merely by economic and technological achievements. Itcan be reached by reorienting oneself. The knowledge of astrology, both personal and mundane, unfolds the path to this ultimate goal of human perfection. It is often said that there are two paths: the path of quick unfolding, and the path of normal growth. The former is usually called the path of yoga, and the latter, that of the householder. There are different schools of vogic practices which are suitable for different temperaments. Varahamihira in his Brihat Jalaka indicated the various kinds of holy order which one follows depending upon the strength of different planets. Prof. V. Subrahmanya Sastri in his translation of the classic summarized the position as in Table I.

If Table I is superimposed on the chart given in the next chapter on Cosmic Music, one may get an insight, even as a layman, what special preparations one has to undertake in order to proceed on the Path of Return or the Nvrui Marg.

Table I


Kind of Holy Order


1. Sun

... Vanyasana or Vanaprastha

Simple living and high thinking denoting high intellectual and spiritual development.

2. Moon

...VriddhaorGuru (Those that go about begging with skull-like thing tor alms).

Belief in Paramesh-war.

3. Mars


Shakii-fortn of worship.

4. Jupiter


Sankhya system of philosophy.

1 Satum

... Nirgrantha

Digambar Sanyasin

6, Mercury

... Jcevika

Vishnu-form of worship.

7. Venus


Laksh mi-Maya. Materialistic School.

When a disciple progresses on the path of spiritual unfolding, he has to take hold of Kundulini Shakti, the Serpent Fire—Was it the Serpent coiling round the neck of Zarathustra's Eagle ?-—and to energize it. Lt. Col. Arthur E. Powell in The Etheric Double has indicated that three forms of energy—Fohai or electricity, Prana or vitality, and Kundulini or Serpent Fire—flowing from the Sun and entering the Spine Chakra provide fire in the form of heat of the blood and sex" virility, which if directed upward passes through the Spinal column: this energy on its way to the brain, where it stimulates affection, intensifies intellect and quickens spirituality, vitalizes different chakras which give rise to different siddhis.

Different chakras, which the Kundalini Shakti energizes on its upward journey, are related to various planets. It is interesting to note that a well-known German mystic Johann GeorgGichtel, who was a pupil of Jakob Boehme and belonged to the secret society of the Rosicrucians, as far back as in 1696 in a book entitled Theosophia Practica,placed heavenly planets at various parts of the human body. He inferred from this placement certain esoteric conclusions which could be useful for the spiritual development of an aspirant. The key to that mystical relationship is lost at present but various planets superimposed on Kala-Purusha pattern might yield clues to the unveiling of the mystery. For example, with a debilitated Sun and Aries as ascendant, a native will have to struggle hard even to acquire the general philosophy of spirituality in the present incarnation. If such a person seeks spirituality, his greatest pitfall would be women, wine and cgoiism. if Mars in Cancer occupies the 7th house, his initial difficulties may come from anger, wealth, intellect and possessive instinct. Such a person will have to learn affection, devotion, and dedication before embarking upon the perilous path of yoga.

A householder who desires to follow the slow evolutionary path of divine unfolding may do well Cd remember that the birtii-chan gives him his schedule of itinery and pitfalls. The first half of 360 degrees, that is, the first seven houses but including only half of the ascendant and half of the 7th house, are the outcome of the individual's Sanchita karma, and the rest of the chart indicates his Kriyamana. The personality of the individual is the result of his past karma as well as of the fruit of his present endeavours. This would also solve the controversy relating to free-will and determinism. For analysing the horoscope form this standpoint, the seven planets can be classified into a series of sets or pairs, namely. Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus, Jupiter-Mercury, and Satum is left out alone. In these pairs are represented the fruits of the past and the possibility of future action. Saturn has a unique function to discharge !n the general scheme of evolution where all the planetary forces exercise their influence according to their respective locations in the zodiac imparting initial strength to them, and where the placement of the planets in different regions of Kala-Purusha indicates what aspect of life they would energize, Satum becomes the dispenser of Karmic retribution. Un less the individual has earned the right ro be helped by his past Karma, the benefic influences of the horoscope would be greatly obstructed. Planets of limitation or Uie misery-producing planets put karmic limitations on the individual, thus blocking the benefic influences emanating form other planets. The birth-chart indicates the different forces, good and evil, acting on the individual ; the nature of Lhe planets and their positions indicate the limitations the individual would have to conquer at the beginning of his joumey. He can change his personality and his mental make-up in order to be able to absorb any shock coming from other inhibiting planets, but he cannot change his brothers, his issues, enemies or the type of houses he may have to dwell in. By looking at the h »voscope of a person, his inner conflicts, past endeavours in any special line of activity and the technique of overcoming his present tribulations could be gathered. This is a great and onerous responsibility that the astrologers have to discharge. This applies to both personal and mundane astrology. By knowing the significance of stars for individuals and nations, the good can be hastened and the bad overcome. This knowledge could be of great significance in manipulating events in the way one desires. This is like acquiring lhe power of electricity tor good as well as for evil and the power has to be used with great caution. How the power is used determines whether astrology is becoming white or black at the hands of any particular astrologer. By the knowledge of stars one develops manoeuvreability in one's career and reduces the binding influences of Karma. The wheel of life and death no more crushes the individual, at least not with the same intensity. Black astrology immerses the individual more deeply in the karmic bondage while the white one releases him from its shackles. And astrology leaves to every concerned person the discretion to choose his own direction—white or black. Whether the knowledge of astrology is used for the spiritual growth of the individual or the society determines the nature of astrology in the hands of the practitioner.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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