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ARYAN philosophy and Hindu astrology arc intimately connected. The latter provides an important clue to the esoteric side of the former. It is however extremely difficult to pierce the veil of esotericisin ; only the adepts have the true and complete key to such knowledge. What we may try to do is to collect fragments of occultism to see whether some meaningful conclusions can he drawn in this direction. If this endeavour fails, this line of enquiry may be abandoned and astrology may continue to be considered merely a study dealing with mundane subjects devoid of any hidden esoteric meaning. But, in drawing our conclusions, we must be aware of our limitations. Esoteric knowledge is given only to those who are deserving and who have proved themselves so by their life and conduct. Therefore our effort in this direction is bound to be only sketchy. However, if on this line of enquiry we find even a faint glimpse of such a possibility, we should pursue this aspect of the subject a lirtle more vigorously.

Hindu astrology provides a radical view on life. It reveals a much deeper aspect of the same. Esoteric astrology sheds encouraging light on sorrowful path of the earthly existence, it helps the individual to face his trials and tribulations with courage and dispassion. Esoteric astrology shows the transient as a reflection of the permanent, the particular as an integral part of the total and the individual growth as a part of the universal plan of progress and development. The Eternal is miniaturised in every decaying form. That is why Kala Purusha — the Cosmic Manifested Deity — the understanding of whose inner nature is essential for every astrological prediction is considered in relationship with even, physical or terrestrial phenomenon for any successful prediction The triple process of manifestation, that is generation, preservation and destruction —Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha—symbolised by Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, is an expression of Kala Puntsha who is Eternal, Ultimate, Henri Bergson has rightly indicated that the three dimensions of the temporal existence, namely, past, present and future can be comprehended as contained in a single moment. Astro logically speaking, that single point is Kala Pur us ha. In that case, the cosmic principle of evolution would be neither development, nor unfoldment, nor progress but only a great illusion. Approaching this way. astrology is merely a window through which the great cosmic drama in all its splendour and variety can be perceived. Astrology must reveal some aspect of this mysterious drama. If yoga—at-one-ment—with the Ultimate gives an insight into this perception, astrology must also be helpful for it.

Whatever is ordinarily given out to the common man does not reveal much of the inner nature of astrology, it is said that the sweet pulp of the orange is inside the skin and the jewels are always inside the box, so is the mysterious astrology concealed under its outer or exoteric form. But without the necessary preparation and discipline, the esotcric knowledge yielding enormous control over the forces of nature might do more harm than good. Therefore, the adepts have concealed the inner knowledge behind the skin of the orange, or under the lid of the jewel-box so that without at first obtaining the true key to the blinds, the knowledge and therefore the power flowing from it. could not be acquired. Even then, an effort may be made in this direction to get a glimpse of the sublime. It might give us a new philosophy of life and acquaint us with some hidden laws of nature and life surrounding us.

One of the fundamental principles of esoteric philosophy is that the physical forces in nature can be treated as the external counterparts of the hidden occult forces. The two are interconnected. By follow ing one to its logical conclusions, one might arrive at an understanding of some fascinating laws. This is because every physical particle corresponds to. and depends on. its higher noumenon—the Being to whose essence it belongs. As above, so below, is a rule in occultism. The two poles are interconnected by the evolutionary process of manifestation. The Spiritual is said to evolve from the Divine, the psycho-mental from the Spiritual, the tainted from its low er plane by the Astral, the whole - the animate and (seemingly) inanimate in nature evolving on parallel lines. Ill us there is nothing in nature which cannot be correlated and transmuted to the Ultimate. 1'his process of manifestation depicting the interrelationships at different planes has been a subject matter of scriptural mythologies ; the ancient symbols of gods and demons with their various attributes, modes of expressions and affinities indicate how the Ultimate is manifested on the physical level while maintaining the ever-abiding thread with it. It also suggests how the physical individual by follow ing the thread can regain his divine nature—the Ultimate Essence Of his being. This aspect of divine wisdom can be easily comprehended by following the hints and fragments found in esoteric astrology.

Religion is often said to be concerned with the relationship between Aima (Soul) and J'rva (the living being or the egoj. But. this relationship is not alien to astrology. The famous Russian occultist, Madame IIP. Blavatsky, once stated that the descent and reascent of the Monad or Soul cannot be disconnected from the zodiacal signs, and it looks more natural, in the sense of the tluiess of things, to believe in a mysterious sympathy between the metaphysical Soul, and the bright constellation and in (he influence of the latter on the former, than in the absurd notion that the creators of Heaven and Earth have placed in Heaven the ty pes of twelve vicious Jews, She further stated that wherever twelve are mentioned, they are invariably the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Aryan religion being much more ancient than the Biblical scripture, the symbols and the mythologies of the Hindus have much more occult hints and suggestions than in the latter. This is specially so because the Ary ans did not consider material affluence to be the goal or the end of the living, and as such, astrology w hich was an essential part of the divine knowledge (Vedtmga) to be learnt and mastery attained before venturing into the exploration of the Unknown, could not be concerned merely with predictions regarding the birth of a baby, marital happiness, service promotions, foreign travels with plenty of money or the death of an individual. Astrology, as indicated by Madame Blavatsky. must give a clue to the descent and reascent of the Monad or Soul to its Father-land.

Many eminent persons ha\e already suggested the possibility of an esoteric side of astrology. In this connection, mention may be made of

A [an Leo, the writer of The Esoteric Astrology. T Subba Row whose thought provoking essay on the twelve signs of ihe zodiac is revealing, and of Professor Carl G. Jung who had been endeavouring to bring abom a synthesis between psycho-mental conditions ofthc individual, alchemy which turns lead into gold, and astrology which links the individual to his God-Father. In his (Jung's) book entitled Psychology and Alchemy much of the esoteric side of astrology can be found. Professor Jung has indicated ihe significance of various planets in the alchemical literature to show their deep psychological import. In one of the illustrations depicting the process of alchemical transformation which Professor Jung has reproduced from an eighteenth century manuscript (such suggestive illustrations are many in the book), the caption reads: "The mystic vessel where the two natures unite (soul and lunar caduceus) to produce the filius hermaphroditus, Hermes psycho-pompos, flanked by the six gods of the planets". In this illustration. Sun (male) and Moon (female) standing separately at the low est level are next shown together in a vessel with the serpents of the caduceus having their heads pointing in opposite directions On the same level, Jupiter and Venus are shown discharging some functions of their owti. Subsequently, the duality of male and female is transformed into a single kingly figure of the individual with caduceus with the serpents with united heads in his hand, while Saturn and Mars have been operating at that level. To any student of Hindu yogic literature, it is obvious, though there may be many other inner hidden meanings for the same, that the serpents as represented above signify the unactivised Kundalmi power in Ida and Pingalu .Vadis which when properly coordinated, that is. with the heads of the serpents united, would transform the human individual into a divine being. It is said that Ramakrishna Paramhamsa had this synthesis established when even blood came to his mouth but after this attainment his entire life was completely changed. In this process, a psychological transformation takes place and as Patanjali has stated, the essence of yogic practices lies in the control of the modifications of the consciousness (mind) which is really a psychological process of transmutation. Mind in astrology is represented by Mercury . Arrangement of Moon against Sun, Jupiter against Venus, and Mars against Saturn clearly indicates that the pathway through earth life leads through many conflicts and trials resulting from the interplay of opposing forces as represented by these planets, but he who does naught to conquer them tan expect no triumph. The way to conquer these planets or the process of acquiring victory over the earthly conflicts is through the control of mind, and by attaining balance and dispassion. The importance of Mercury (or consciousness) in this process is colossal. Professor .lung has also stated that Hermes or Mercurius possessed a double nature : as the planet Mercury, he is nearest to the Sun, hence he is preeminently related to gold (the Atma, the Ultimate): but as quicksilver {Kama-Manas), he dissolves the gold and extinguishes its Sun-iike brilliance. Mercury has indeed been considered a Prince. Neutral and owner of Dual Signs namely. Gemini and Virgo which have profound significance. The correspondence between yoga or the science of psycho-mental transmutation, alchemy and astrology is in reality very close. It has been rightly stated that astrology and alchemy are equally the souls of the two modem sciences called astronomy and chemistry. As long as this truth is not recognised, astronomy and chemistry will continue to run in a vicious circle and will produce noting beyond materiality.

The occult nature of astrology is also suggested by the artistic approach to divine manifestation. In his masterpiece of a book, namely. The Art Alphabet and Us Relation to Cosmic Principles. W. Wrobleswski has suggested that the centrifugal tendencies inherent in the basic cosmic urges latent in every particle under the impact of twelve zodiacs are moulded in the various external figures. This work is a pioneering one in synthesizing the basic cosmic urges with other rhythmic expressions in the universe and correlating the same with astrological influences. From this, one could conclude that there are mam avenues in which the influence of astrology has not yet been fully explored. If that is done, the scope of astrological studies would stil! further expand.

These should indicate that the evolution of the universe and the transmutation of psychomental consciousness of the individual are intimately connected with astrological influences. But, at present, we wish to draw attention to another aspect of the subject, in the Hindu mythology, the Puranas and other scriptures are full of astrological details. Wh\ a particular hero falls down in the battleground under certain constellation cannot he brushed aside lightly. Such instances have depths of meaning and it is not merely that the death under a particular star is auspicious or inauspicious. Even the images of different deities given in the scriptures are not the figment of some one's imagination: they are symbolic representations of very complex esoteric teachings.

For example, let us take the symboiogy of the Hindu God -Mahadeva. The Lord Shiva has seven serpents moving around the different parts of his body. The Moon is on his head from which the holy waters of the Ganges have been flowing. He rides on a buli. and so on. The serpent has been the symbol of wisdom and the buli—Taurus—the symbol of physical or terrestrial generation. The Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus. No symbol, the Sun included, has been more complex in its manifold meanings than the lunar symbol. In The Secret Doctrine, it has been stated that the "lunar magnetism generates life, preserves and destroys it, psychically as well as physically. And if, astronomically, the Moon is one of the seven planets of the ancient world, in theogony she is one of the Regents thereof—with Christians now as much as with Pagans, the former referring her under the name of one of their Archangels, and the latter under thai of one of their Gods". It is therefore no surprise that even in astrological predictions, so much significance is attached to the position of the Moon for almost every type of consideration. Evidently, when the great creative force is symbolised by the flow of the holy river Ganga, the Moon should naturally be associated with the cosmic influence flowing under the zodiacs Taunts and Cancer. Apart from the fact that Cancer is a watery-sign and water represents life-force, there are other implications of this sign. This is the sign which marks that stage of manifestation when the different dimensions of creation were established; when the four-headed Brahma began his creation: when the tower quaternary of the physical human being was ready for being ensouled. In this way. it is suggested that the association of Moon with different aspects of manifestation and its association w ith bull and the Ganga while remaining at the crest of the Lord Mahadeva is undeniable an astrological allegory as well.

In this way. when astrology is approached as an occult science, it would reveal a panoramic vista of hidden wisdom. The depth of insight would depend upon the spiritual enlightenment of the individual. The planets are the hands pointing out on the dial of our solar system the


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