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There are several aspects of this planet which must be rightly comprehended by the students before they delve deeper in its mysteries. The planet is considered the most benefic of all the planets. This however does not absolve it from any of its harmful effects. It has also been assigned the status of a Divine Teacher. It is also said to be the priest of gods. Nonetheless, under certain conditions Jupiter creates harmful effects. These are some of the contradictions. Such contradictions may lead to an understanding of the essential nature of the planet. In order to appreciate the inner or the basic impulses radiating from this planet we must have the general and popular understanding of the basic features of Jupiter at first, and then deal with certain esoteric aspects of the planet with a view to suggesting the quality of it which makes it the most benefic planet.

Jupiter has intimate relation with Moon and Mercury. Under certain circumstances when the Sun is far away from the Moon, the planet Moon, which in fact is not a planet, is considered as a benefic and so is Mercury. Apart from Venus, which as the priest of demons is considered the counterpart of Jupiter for the demons, Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are the benefics of the astrological world. While dealing with the esoteric aspects of Jupiter, we shall have to remember this fact very distinctly because the benefics have a special role to play in one's life which is very different from the malefics. The benefics do not necessarily grant the wishes of the people but they lead them towards a particular goal. The ultimate goal of every planet is to reveal the divine plan for the human soul so that it is able with self-confidence and clarity to follow the path earmarked for it. The benefics do it gracefully, the easy way, while the malefics do the same the hard way.

As a result of Jupiter being a benefic, its influence is bound to be very graceful. In the planetary cabinet, this planet is given a very high status. This suggests that the influence of Jupiter must be considered very important in every one's life. Unless the period of Jupiter comes during the life of an individual, he cannot be expected to express the best in him. Jupiter is noble, benevolent and optimistic. Whatever happens to the individual during the course of Jupiterian period, there will be grace in reactions and the deportment of the person. He will not feel that he is going downhill. Jupiter is positive. This implies that whatever happens during the period of Jupiter, it will influence the individual to move towards his goal in a sure and easy way. Jupiter is dignified. An inner glow radiates during the influence of this planet. As a result of this radiation, the inner feelings, emotions and thoughts of the individual are linked with his higher principles which are the true guides of the individual and as such the person acts in a graceful manner. He will not associate himself with anything base in life.

Jupiter is manly. This is another aspect of its positive attitude to life. The man is one who acts whereas a female is the one who is feminine or absorptive. Purusha aspect of creation is the positive force while Prakriti represents the passive or the negative aspect of life-force. When Jupiter is said to be manly, it does not imply that it would make the individual under its influence combative and aggressive which are far from the effects of this planet. This expression only implies that the individual will be moving in the right direction to attain his destiny.

The most important wisdom of Jupiter is in the field of Truth. There is some hidden Truth behind the seeming realities of this phenomenal world. As an adviser to the seekers after Truth, Jupiter has a significant role to play. Truth cannot be realised merely by looking at a thing. Truth is always a state of the being, a subjective dimension of the things. In order to comprehend this subjective aspect, there should be a new kind of psychological orientation. This orientation is possible when the gaze of the individual in turned inward. Subjective reality can be understood only when the persons are no longer interested in experiencing the external objects of the sense gratification. This is not an easy task. Persons will have to give up many of their usual moorings for this orientation. In this way, the individual under the impact of Jupiterian spiritual impulse making him see Truth as Truth will not necessarily have a very comfortable life.

Jupiter is the ruler of dharma and bestower of Moksha, the final emancipation. The life of a religious man is very difficult; when the inner voice goading the outer to proceed on the path of righteousness becomes compelling, the outer life of the individual becomes very difficult. An ordinary man with all his materialistic interests will not feel comfortable and well adjusted in the company of spiritual persons or of the evolved sages. The rate of vibration of the aura of powerful spiritual saints is very high and capable of destroying the very physical body of the worldly man. Only after such a destruction, the inner glow leading the individual to the Nirvanic flame of final emancipation is possible. The influence of Jupiter will enable the individual to bear these vibrations. For this purpose, the necessary energy and courage are imparted by this planet. Therefore it is said that Jupiter gives the fourfold Purushartha to the native. A satisfying feature of this process is that, the individual after the struggle will gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and such an understanding will lead him to the Sea of Bliss, which is after all the goal of all spiritual efforts and which is the true attainment of a truly religious teacher.

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