Jupiter In Different Houses

In Lagna, Jupiter is the best planet for exposing the best that is possible for the person. Below are given the effects of Jupiter in different houses.

First House: Charming and magnetic personality, scholarly, fearless, wealthy, respectful, long life, taking up any work only after properly thinking the different consequences of the action.

Second House: Pretty face, fluent in speech, plenty of money, and charitable disposition. If second house happens to be either Sagittarius or Pisces, the native will have plentiful of money and he will overcome the enemies. Otherwise, life will not be happy for him and he will have less money.

Third House: Many brothers with whom the relationship will be harmonious. The native will travel much, will be miser and will have quick grasp of details.

Fourth House: Exceedingly good for mother, loving friends, owns servants and good conveyances, good education, good inheritance, contented life.

Fifth House: If the house is not fortified otherwise, not good for children though the person will be well versed in classics and traditional scriptures and will be able to have a large number of followers who will be able to mould their lives at his counsel.

Sixth House: Poor personal comfort, physically weak, has a large number of elevations in official career.

Seventh House: Ideal member of the society, beloved of parents, good wife but fond of women, his company is enjoyable.

Eighth House: Unhappy life, undignified, means of earning questionable, dirty habits, concealed diseases, fond of mysteries and detective novels.

Ninth House: Well read, famous, wealthy, high position.

Tenth House: Very good position, happiness in ufe and in official career.

Eleventh House: Influential, many friends, philanthropic, fearless, many good children; if Jupiter is alone in this house it obstructs the inflow of income and monetary earnings but if it is associated with or aspected by any other planet, it brings much money.

Twelfth House: unethical, licentious, does forbidden deeds, defective children, sinful but if the sign happens to be Sagittarius or Pisces the evil traits do not manifest.

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