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The modern world lias a mixed approach to astrology There are many persons who consider it superstition and fraud They believe that technological advancements enabling mankind to explore the unlimited expanse of the stellar realm could reveal all dimensions of life to them. They have already landed on Jupiter and Venus. Their belief in this kind of human progress has induced them to decry occultism and esoteric subjects. They do not accept the validity of mystic experiences or of probation for discipleship in Mystery Schools. On the other hand, there are many other persons who have become great)} interested in religion, yoga, rituals and even in astrology as a means for comprehending the Unknown. This group has experienced unprecedented frustration which followed the sccond world war. These individuals have seen the gruesome deeds of human beings. So ihev have lost faith in mankind. They seek solace in other-worldly subjects. That is why they are zealously atiachcd to religion and occultism. Rut both these groups are on extremes of the scale. Truth lies in the objective appreciation of the facts of life. An objective investigation into the laws of nature and the principles governing the activities of human beings and their environment would disclose a different kind of existence. We have so far very little understanding and knowledge of the reality of various dimensions of human life. A right approach to astrology would give us an insight into these factors and could indicate the magnitude of loss due to our ignorance and prejudice relating to such matters.

Astrology has a unique place among the scientific subjects inquiring into the affairs of men. It does not den\ any experience, mystical or mundane. In collaboration with other existing sources of knowledge esoteric astrology proceeds boldly in the realm of the unknown and reveals many new dimensions of human life and the forces operating on man. Unlike the physical sciences which assume several preconditions concerning causative factors, astrology enquires into ihe psychological and psychic structures of ihe humanbeing taking into account even the possibility of genuine mystic experiences. This method of astrological inquiry assumes from the very outset that the sphere of human existence does not extend only upto the physically perceptible dimensions of our experiences Die hidden sides ot' things are as much real us tlie concrete observable chemicals in a crucible of sciemi He laboratories. Il is therefore logical and rationa I to consider the esoteric aspect of things for a balanced understanding of the problems of life.

Esoteric astrology is a branch of study which gives a new understanding of deeper human problems. It opens many new facets of human problems Astrology gives an insight into the causes of disparity regarding birth conditions of different persons; some persons are bom with proverbial silver spoon whilst others have been sulfering penury, ill-health and deprivations throughout their life: many persons suffer unexpected frustrations in spite of all their precautions while others enjoy only favourable and pleasant circumstances; on occasions one finds righteous men suffering seemingly cruel misfortune while unscrupulous and corrupt individuals galore in fabulous riches. All such events are convincingly explained by a careful study of astrology which in fact was considered by the ancient seers as a I 'edanga, an essential component of Pure Understanding—the Vedas.

Such a study cannot be made form any book, howsoever learned and scholarly it may appear. In ancient times, almost all oveT the world, there were Mystery Schools where such instructions were imparted to deserving students. Such disciples in the modern world are very few. Hie necessary qualifications for the neophyte before they could be presented to the hierophant for mystery teachings require arduous preparation. In the modern era we desire quick results without making the adequate preparations and without undergoing the requisite discipline. One way of making the necessary preparation is to undertake a study of comparative religion, mythologies and the way the great Adepts lived their life of righteousness. On the basis of such studies one may get intuitive flashes which may be worked out in detail depending on one's own knowledge and understanding. This kind of contemplative study would show Hashes of Truth which would illumine many of the so far unexplained laws of Nature,

The present monograph is a modest attempt towards esoteric astrology. Chapter I on HI?}'Predictions Come True ? is autobiographical in a sense that it shows how one of us became convinced of the validity of

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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