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conquests. Whatever the outer expression, the Virgo-bom individuals are always dissatisfied with existing circumstances.

The way Virgo influences the individual human beings is very difficult to describe. Different principles that operate on individuals are not properly understood so far. We are told that Buddhic consciousness operates beyond the level of intellect. Whenever any impulse is released at this level, it pervades the whole personality of the individual. Pallas Athene of the Greeks and the Goddess Sarasvati of the Hindus personify this Buddhic principle. Ifiey are indentical with Virgo at this level of manifestation. Therefore Virgo is also said to be the symbol of Primordial Feminine Creative Power. Any ripple in the disposition of Virgo releases very powerful forces on consiciousness. Every note on the subjective, the inner level, must appropriately manifest itself in due course.

Psychologically, the inner nature of man is his psyche which in Greek mythology personifies human soul. Etymologically, the word pjvche means breath, life, soul. On the establishment of proper relation^iip with the psyche depends the integration of personality of the individual. If this is not achieved, his personality would be schizophrenic It will signify' imbalance between his thoughts, feelings and action.

For inner quietitude and tranquillity, the grace of the Virgin is essential. This is why the Hindus worship Goddess Sarasvati. Lao-tze advised acquisition of inner power and confidence through the possession of Tau by occult means and White Magic. Astro logically, unless the individuals have attained perfect integration with their inner nature which happens only at an advanced stage of the Soul's growth, Virgo-ascendants are psychopathic personalities. During the process of 'individuation' or gaining integration, the individual has to pass through various phases of psychological development. Therefore, Virgo-born are not of any specific mould. They are at different stages of inner integration implying varying degrees of psychological imbalance. This generally creates adjustment problems for them. One often wonders whether Jesus Christ was not crucified because of his inability to adjust with his social environment. In fact, crucifixion is just another name of social persecution as a consequence of personality maladjustment. The glory of this maladjustment lies in the ideal inducing this social difficulty.

Madame H.P. Blavatsky gives some very interesting features of Virgo. She emphasizes the importance of deeper relationships between this constellation and the earth when she states that Astraea. Goddess of Justice and last of the deities to forsake the Earth has been Virgo, the constellation of the zodiac. Blavatsky even suggests the periodical renovations of the Earth with regard to its continents intimately associated with rise and fall of civilisations to be linked with the influence of Virgo which according to her is due to Virgo's inseparateness from Leo, the sign that precedes it and from the Pleiades and their sisters the Hyades of which Aldebaran is the brilliant leader. It may be noted in this context that Taurus connected with these stars is the 9th sign from Virgo and Leo is the 12th. Blavatsky also quotes Erard Mollien, a French savant, as saying that Virgin (Kanya) represented Durga. one of the most ancient goddesses of India. Endorsing the views of Swami T. Subba Row, she mentions that Virgo represents Shakti (Power) personified by Mahamaya who represents the six primary forces in Nature (synthesized in the 7th). These powers are as given below:

(i) Parashakti: Literally the great or the supreme force or power. It means and includes powers of light and heat.

(ii) Jnanoshakii: The power of intellect, of real wisdom or knowledge. It manifests in four forms when placed under the influence or control of material conditions. These are powers of the mind (a) to interpret our sensations, (b) to recall past ideas and future expectations, (c) to form persisting connections between various sensations and to generate the notion or the idea of an external object, and (d) to connect one's ideas together and thus to generate the notion of self or individuality. When Jnanashakti is liberated from the bondage of matter, it takes the form of (i) clairvoyance and (ii) psychometrv,

(iii) Ichchashakti: The power of the will which sets in motion such muscles as are required for accomplishment of desired object.

( iv) Kriyashakti: The mysterious power of thought which enables it to produce external, perceptible, phenomenal results and which is manifest by its own inherent energy.

(v) Kundalini Shakti: It is the Universal Life Principle which is everywhere manifest in Nature.

(vi) Mantrashakti: Powers of letters, speech and music.

Prom the above it should be apparent thai Blavatsky assigns a very powerful position to Virgo. By proper knowledge of how to use these powers it is possible for Virgo-ascendants to have tremendous psychic powers. By developing them they can acquire enormous power for themselves, or they can even subjugate others to their own will. This also enables these individuals to be very efficient mediums for contacting the denizens of the other world.

Virgin is Mahamaya; the boat, fire and a handful of freshly cut paddy arc the secondary symbols of Virgo. While discussing the alchemic theory of integration of personality, Carl C. Jung affirms the identity between the Earth and the Virgin, die sixdi sign of the zodiac. He very expertly establishes the relationship between the inner man, the external world and the starry sky. To express how vibrant has been the spirit of Virgo, he quotes Basil ¡us Valentinus to say that "the Earth was not a dead body but inhabited by the spirit which is the life and soul of the Earth. All created things even the minerals receive their powers from the spirit of the Earth. The spirit is life, it is nourished by the star and gives nourishment to all living tilings which it shelters in its womb". Thus one may expect that there is nothing beyond the reach of Virgo, The scope of development of the Virgo personality is immense but it is never fully developed.

In almost all mythologies, the boat has been given a special significance. The Romans have Charon who ferried the souls of the dead over the waters of the Styx and Acheron. In the Bible mention has been made of the Deluge and the transportation of selected species of birds, animals and human beings to safety. In Hindu scriptures. Lord Vaivasvata Manu at the bidding of Vishnu built a ship to save the seven Rishis from the Great Deluge. This may suggest that the boat in which Virgo, the Goddess of the Earth is seated, is an important symbol. It saves earthly creatures from sinking. Deluge is a process of periodica! renovation. Through the boat, essential ingredients of Nature were saved by Manu.

Noah and Charon, whenever serious catastrophes besieged the world or the soul of the individual.

On the same analogy, Virgo-ascendants should always be prepared for the destruction of the unreal, unimportant, and illusory and for the protection of the eternal, essential and the real. Serious emotional crises must come in their lives. Life must seem to be ending. But from this deluge or personal crisis, the divine spark-within (Manu) must protect that which is valuable. Mother Earth will not let her progeny be destroyed without any purpose.

Boat also signifies great transformations in life; marked changes at the level of consciousness must occur in the life of Virgo-born. Though such changes are accompanied by immeasurable pain, Virgo-ascendants must be prepared for it. It should be remembered that Virgo is Astraea. the Goddess of Justice, holding a pair of scales in one hand and a sword in the other

Yavanacharya described Virgo as holding fire in one hand but the significance of fire was clearly indicated. Often it is considered as Fohat, the Creative Energy, which subsists in all forms of manifestation. "There is not a thing or a particle in the Universe which does not contain in it latent lire." Eire is the most mystic of all the live elements, as also the most divine. Blavatsky comments on fire thus : "Fire is a term which comprehends Ail, Fire is the invisible deity, the Father, and the manifesting light is God. the Son and also the Sun. Father—in the occult sense—is aether, and aether is born of motion, and motion is the eternal dark invisible Fire...Thus fire on our plane, is simply motion, or life."

This explanation of fire complicates the symbology to a great extent. ' But when Blavatsky says that "Fire bears the same relation to water as Spirit to Matter", the significance of Virgo becomes comprehensible. Virgo is in this sense primarily a materialistic sign, being watery—Virgo sitting in a boat on a river. The mission of the sign however is to carry the divine spark, fire, or spirit to a higher level of manifestation.

This explanation is supported by Geoffrey Hodson. He emphasizes the dual significance of fire in the sacred language' "When destructive, it refers to the hypercritical attributes and activities of the human mind. When a source of illumination, as upon a mount or a pillar of fire guiding through the darkness, it refers to the sublimated creative force in man, sometimes called the Serpent Fire, by means of which the darkness of the unillumined, worldly state of mind is displaced by the light of wisdom,"

The Atharva Veda also identifies Kamadeva with Agni. What principle in man will be energized and vivified by Virgo would depend upon the stage of evolution of the native. Whether fire represents passional nature, divine intelligence, Serpent Fire or the head of the Cosmic Man as indicated in Mundaka Vpants had, in all these cases it would be intimately connected with the creative faculties of Virgo, irrespective of the fact that the field of the activity is procreation or mental activity or spiritual regeneration. It is as a result of this creative faculty that Virgin is holding in her hand freshly harvested paddy plants.

In a mysterious way. almost all Virgo-ascendants suffer as a result of some fire burning within them; in some cases it is the lust for flesh : in another, the quest for artistic and mechanical perfection, and in the third case, it may be the desire to build a New Jerusalem on this human land. These persons are extremely sensitive. They are fired with excessive ambition. They are zealous. They wrecklessly struggle to achieve power, position and prestige They crave for materialistic gains. When they fail, often as a result of Karmic retribution, they feel depressed and dejected. A sense of frustration results directly from the fire of cravings. Whether the craving is for human or for divine values, it is immaterial in this context.

Learned astrologers often consider that Virgo-ascendants are born Lo transport themselves to a higher level of psychic existence, to vivify their latent faculties through different channels of expression and to lead a zealous and enthusiastic life. These individuals often go to the inner core of things and attempt to bring that out. This makes them unhappy because they find that the contemporary world does not appreciate their endeavours. This is frustrating. But in such activities where creation, organization and administration are concerned, these persons often excel others.

THE; VIROO ascendant

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