Chart No. 2 is very much different from the previous one. The individual is very dynamic and his personality is multidimensional. Planets in the 5th. 7th 9th, 11 th and the ascendant are placed such that excepting Rahu and Ketu they are in the 3rd from the previous ones and in this way they give tremendous self-conftdence and initiative to the individual. The unafflicted Moon in Lagna and Jupiter in the 7ih have made the individual very sensitive and subjective but Saturn in the 5lh has neutralized much of his creative faculties. Ascendant lord in the 9th with Venus and the Sun has been very auspicious. The individual is a born actor, a musician and a social worker. He has deep interest in religious matters. He however feels tremendous upsurge for material as well as spiritual fulfillments but his inability to achieve much success in any one of theses spheres made him feel frustrated to a great extent, but suddenly under favourable planetary disposition he got sudden upliftment.

Chart No. 3 is a very powerful Gem inian one signifying much deep-rooted psychological unrest, instability and dissatisfaction with immediate surroundings giving depressive make-up leading to suicidal tendencies. Afflicted Jupiter has to be counteracted and debilitated Mercury propitiated to make the present incarnation useful; otherwise there is a great danger that the dual personality and the conflict between sensuous pleasures and the voice within might undo the person. An important incarnation but with dangerous possibilities!

To sum up, the Gemini is primarily a sign ot polaj it> leading to ambivalence in different ways. The individual may have strong urges for spiritual as well as material achievements. He could be sweet tongued like the harp, stem-faced like the mace, and diplomatic and deceptive like Mercury. Inherently an ease-loving person but he could have tremendous initiative for personal, spiritual and social objectives under suitable circumstances. Gemini individuals

Mere. Sun

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