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into spiritual intellect. His problem arises because of Saturn in the 10th. His career has been chequered. But, the mutual aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, the most powerful planets for Pisces ascendants, towards the later phase of his life gave material prosperity. In this case also, the ego was born to wear the crown of thorns and for learning the bitter lessons of life whereby spirituality could be developed.

It should be remembered that all Pisces-born individuals have powerful personalities often verging on stubbornness which makes them unpliable and unreceptive to the advice tendered by others. When they get into difficulties, life seems frustrating and a new orientation takes place in a way which arouses the latent spirituality. It is in this way that Pisces is the instructor and interpreter in everyday life as well; it is in this hard way that the sign Pisces brings about the liberation and reclaims the Vedas, the store of divine wisdom, by knowing which everything else is known. Only when this consciousness dawns that the individual flame merges in the Nirvanic Flame. When the individual consciousness has merged in the Universal Consciousness, when the drop has mingled in the Ocean, then a new life begins to flow for the individual. He has then transcended the world of matter and has ascended to the realm of Spirit. That is indeed an auspicious beginning. The last point of Pisces is the first point of Aries. At that stage, a new creation begins, a new life manifests though at a higher level. In this transmutation, matter may dissipate, and the personality may melt away. This is the cause of sorrow for the Pisces-ascendants; this is the Path of Woe they have to tread. But, Pisces promises a new land, a new beginning. The two fishes clinging to each other's tail symbolising unity of the polarised Divine Energy is, at this stage, ready for fresh ideation, differentiation and manifestation to unfold fresh creation once again.

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