Chapter M Leo The Individualisation Sign

LEO, which is Latin for lion, indeed reveals a very close relationship between the king Of the forest and those who are born under this sign. When you look at a lion, you are thrilled at its majestic appearance. Lifeforce vibrates through every sinew of it, tremendous light scintillates through its eyes, and overpowering magnetic strength radiates from all over its body. So does the Leo-ascendant. He has a strong constitution, a majestic gait and a very forceful personality.

In many ancient scriptures, the lion is represented asadeepfy occult symbol. In the Indian scriptures Lord Mahadeva is clothed in a lion's skin. Yoga Maya, Durga. Kali and many other female deities representing the Nature's negative creative powers have often lion as their vehicle.

Great seers and sages of ancient India including Adi Sankaracharya, the great champion of non-violence, sat on lion's skin while engaged in deep meditation.

The Greek hero Hercules, son of Zeus, while submitting himself to the orders of Eurystheus at the bidding of the Delphic Oracle killed the Nemean lion as the first act, the skin of which he afterwards always wore.

The Lion Gate at Mycenae, the lion hunt-dagger depicting the fight between human individuals and lions, and the wall sculpture of a lion hunting scene from the palace of Assurbanipal of the Nineveh civilization cannot be brushed aside merely as pieces of artistry.

The compound creature Sphinx with a lions's body but often with the face of a man. ram or a hawk is a profoundly esoteric symbol depicting the process of' individualization": the occult process by which the nature's entities, or the lower animals that is, the common animals like elephant, horse, cat, dog, etc., bccome human egos is even today a closely guarded secret.

Astrologically, the 5th Bho\u represents die creative urge of the Cosmic Man, Kala Purusha. 'Ihc 5th sign of the zodiac is intimately conneclcd with this Bhava. This can be indirectly seen from its symbol SI which to a great extent resembles a living sperm eager to unite and procreate. It is therefore logical to expect that Leo-born individuals have great creative urge and tremendous aspiration to grow and multiply, to expand and develop. Their creative faculty is expressed at all levels of manifestation Even on the physical plane, they have great sexual potential. Ibey indeed represent those egos that move rapidly on the path of involution, of course without forgetting their divine ancestry They are restless, full of life-force, always eager to explore new avenues, to establish new ramifications and to interpret a new the meaning of existing things and relationships. Divine manifestation within the timespace parameter symbolically represented as forest often provides the field for its activities where it carries out its mission of procreation, protection and guidance. For this very reason, one finds that Leo-individuals are ideal (though possessive) fathers, powerful though dictatorial rulers, able administrators, far-sighted planners but occasionally selfish and uncompromising brutes.

Leo has been assigned by ancient seers the title ofPrajapad. Jupiter as well as Brahma are also given this title. Etymologically, this word means the protector of the followers. Etymologically. this word means the protector of the followers ; it may indirectly even mean the lord of consciousness. Mythologically, Prajapatis created the world in their own image. fhey are Archangels. Whatever might have been the connotations and implications of this word, at least one things is evident, that the great powers such as Brahma, Jupiter and Leo reflect some of the domineering traits of the Logos, the God Almighty. They are rulers of the masses. "Ihey are leaders of the new age; they are heralders of a new cycle of evolution From this, it follows that the Leo-born may be orginal, intellectual and saviour of the masses. These persons champion the traditional values and ancient cultures. But they feel miserable in executing orders promulgated by others. They will be eager to lay down rules for others, they may even be valiant commanders with superb strategy but they would prefer suicide to carrying out dictates of others. They may refuse to follow others howsoever eminent the latter may be. Even when defenceless and poor, they may forgo support and succour from others. Leo-personality swells under responsibility ; not physical exhaustion but psychological frustration destroys his life-force.

The 5th sign is intimately related to the fivepointed mystic star. Primarily it is a spiritual sign. It represents the Divine Child always holding the hand of its Father in heaven but impetuously jumping in the world of matter. It is like a devout Christian pilgrim zealously acquiring higher status, constructing a bigger mansion and working for greater renown Leo-ascendants rise very high in the material world though they always wish to be associated with religous and spiritual life.

Leo repre&nts that stage of manifestation where consmogenesis and anthropogeuesis began in the already created time - space dimension. For different levels of manifestation Aether. Air, Fire, Water and Earth were created and for human metabolism ears, skin, eyes, tongue, and nose became necessary. So that the macrocosm and microcosm could remain inconstant relationship at all levels, the faculties of hearing, touch, form, suppleness and smell were also produced. As a result of these elements and their correspondences at different levels of manifestation, Leo controls extensively all these levels where time and space having been created provide bases for the emergence of concrete shapes and forms. It is therefor no surprise that the Leo people are planners capable of expressing in concrete terms many abstruse and difficult ideas. They can even gain valuable experiences from crude and unhappy events of life.

The Leo-ascendants may be seen working adroitely on subtle problems of life whether these are related to physical sciences, psychological and psychic developments of the individual or to concrete and technological problems relating to engineering, industry or economics. In some cases, these individuals are possessive parents expecting that the

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