Aries As Ascendant

ARIES stands for the beginning of the cosmic evolution. When the First Great. Impulse began and the Reality mysteriously created Moo! Prakriti—the Root Matter—and reflected Itself in it, the drama of cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis started. That act was Maya—the Creative Illusion—without which subsequent manifestations could not take place. All the subsequent emanations were contained in an embryonic form in the very First Act. Lord Shiva represents the power at this level of creation. Aries describes that level of manifestation.

Aries is the central noumenal point from which every form of manifestation at all levels of creation emanates. It is the vast ocean of Mool Prakriti which while veiling the Reality provides the possibility for all cosmic expansion. Aries symbolizes the first point in the ever-rising spiral of evolution which provides the specific incarnation of the individual all the potentiality for the future growth of the Ego, the specific incarnation itself being of a kind of Pure Nature—Mool Prakriti. Each atom of the root matter reflects the Reality as do the sparkling waves the full moon on a moonlit night. Similarly, every Aries-bom child reflects the Divine potentiality.

Every Aries-bom is full of eternal fire. He is dynamic and chivalrous. His brain is fertile. His action is full of vitality. He has the capacity to function on multiple planes simultaneously. Deep within him is the divine flame but the material veils over it are not less powerful. In him. Pure Spirit is surrounded by worldly interests and his main task is the liberation of the Spirit, the release of Spirit from matter. He is supremely suited for asceticism, yogic practices and renunciation of the gifts of Lakshmi. The

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