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WHERE the Eternal Heavenly Man has been crucified at the altar of materiality, where the Spiritual Essence of Manifestation has been cribbed and confined to the limitations of Matter, where Divine Consciousness is aroused in the Prodigal Son, that level of cosmogenesis is represented by Capricorn. Human beings born under this sign are stormed by the highly activised forces of past karma as well as attracted by the irresistible future destiny waiting for them.

The Capricorn personality is complex. It is often burdened with the inertia of Kama-Manas, that is, mind involved in material desires. But the voice of intuition is not stifled. As a result of these two contradictory forces, such individuals have to confront sudden emotional upsurges. They are often thrown among unknown partners; the main purpose of these events is to lead them to maturity—Divine Serenity—which ultimately awaits every ego. A unique feature of Capricorn ascendants is to have many unexpected opportunities which turn the course of their life; these events are the throw-back of their past karma specially put in their present life to arouse some divine potentiality in them. The complexity of the Capricorn ascendants is purposive, the primary aim of such circumstances being to draw them to the right path of spiritual evolution, the right way of human progress towards their heavenly father.

Capricorn ascendants are intellectuals ready with rationalisation for their every action ; their mind is so developed that their reasoning many a time deludes even themselves and they feel themselves stable, honest and faithful. But from the worldly standards their conduct may be at variance from these ideals. In fact, the crucifixion of Capricorn individuals is intensified by the instability of their emotion and the companionship of strange bedfellows. Such persons are not necessarily trusted by their friends, by their married partners as well as by their business colleagues. They have however great capacity for doing things and sharp intelligence, and many radically transforming events influence their lives.

Capricorn is the tenth sign representing the 10th Bhava of Kala Purusha. The 10th house stands for avocation, the vital effort which determines the course of one's life. This aspect of life is important for everyone. The basic purpose of the Heavenly Man—his avocation—is Manifestation, which has two aspects, namely, the outer or the exoteric, and inner or the occult. Matter is the vehicle for expressing the former and Spirit of the latter. This duality between Spirit and matter at the mundane level often requires categorising the individuals between materialists and spiritualists. This division however is unrealistic. Each individual has both the forces operating on him. Therefore, though one may predominate in some individuals and the other in others, yet the complex interaction of the two facets of life-force should be recognised and due regard given to them while assessing the basic nature of the Capricorn people. The Capricorn individuals are not necessarily materialists or spiritualistic as such, rather they represent a particular interrelationship or blend between these two forces.

It has often been repeated that Libra distinguishes the involuting Spirit from the evolving one. Every zodiac following this deepest level of involution has been mysterious. Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces all have been so described. The mysterious characteristics of each of these zodiacs are different from one another. The mysterious nature of Capricorn is revealed to some extent by its Sanskrit name.

Capricorn is known as Makara. This word conceals a lot and it deflects much from the view of the common people. By discovering the numerical value of this sign, some of its inner meanings are revealed. Makara consists of two words namely Ma and Kara. The former has the same root from which the words like Maya (creative illusion), Ma (mother), Mamatha (compassion), Manasa (creative intelligence), Mahat (Universal Intelligence) and many other similar words are derived. Numeri

-cally, the value of Ma is said to be five. This number has correspondence with the five elements of which the cosmos is made of (The occult and the outer aspects of the same principle has made 5x2=10, which is the numerical of this sign). Thus Ma symbolises those five mighty creative forces of which the cosmos is built. Taken in its dual aspect, it is the sacrifice of the Heavenly Man on the Cross of Manifestation. Pentagon is one of the many symbols of this stage of manifestation.

The creative water of life—the very essence of energy—has been circumscribed by kara—the hands, the vehicles of action—ten when both the sets of vehicles working on the level of action and understanding are taken into account. Thus when Capricorn represents the involvement of the highest spirit in the grossest matter and when that imprisoned splendour has been struggling to liberate itself from the shackles of matter, the Capricorn individuals must experience in some measure this imprisonment. Obviously therefore the Makara ascendants whatever their nature, spiritual or materialistic, must feel imprisoned, constricted, gaoled, fettered, whose wings have been clipped. The white dove of freedom has been caged within the dark hours of limitations. No wonder Makara persons are full of energy, enthusiasm, idealism but they find themselves helpless in expressing their talents. It is also noticeable that almost every year, with every transit of Jupiter from one house to another, a new and significant event takes place in the life of Capricorn ascendants.

Let us examine the esoteric side of Capricorn a little more intensively. This sign is closely connected with the abode of the Mighty Intelligence responsible for the evolution of souls on this planet. While dealing with this subject, Madame H.P. Blavatsky stated that "Makara is related to a mysterious order of beings known as Dhyanis". These Dhyanis, she has mentioned (cf. The Secret Doctrine, Vol.I.p.266), were connected with the crocodile, and their abode is in Capricorn. She had further stated, "But these are convertible terms in Indian Astrology, for the tenth sign of the zodiac, which is called Makara, is loosely translated as 'crocodile'. The word itself is occultly interpreted in various ways...In Egypt, the Defunct—whose symbol is the pentagram, or the five-pointed star, the points of which represent the limbs of a man—was shown emblematically transformed into a crocodile. Sebekh or Sevekh (or Seventh) is a dragon in reality, not a crocodile. He is the 'Dragon of Wisdom', or Manas, the Human Soul, Mind, the Intelligent Principle, called in our Esoteric Philosophy the Fifth principle" (Ibid., p. 266). From this it may be apparent that the tenth zodiac named Makara, meaning crocodile is not actually the reptile but the Universal Intelligence represented as pentagram (as numerically indicated by the word) whose abode is in Capricorn.

Even Dr. B.V. Raman, the respected editor of The Astrological Magazine revealed his full knowledge of the esoteric significance of this sign when he stated that "Capricorn quickens the mental and intellectual qualification". Personally we feel the Dr. B.V. Raman did not discuss the esoteric side of Capricorn because he was more concerned with mundane astrology than with the interaction of occult forces on the activities of human individuals, but astrology by no means should be taken merely as a knowledge concerning material existence. The main emphasis of Madame H.P. Blavatsky has been to show that behind the physical universe there is a great empire of Mighty Intelligences and the Divine Will is being worked through them, and Indian astrology provides some clues for the understanding of this Divine Empire.

Coming back to subject of Capricorn and the Fifth Principle to which Madame H.P. Blavatsky has made references, it is indeed the Mind Principle which has the creative as well as the destructive potentiality. It is therefore not surprising that the Capricorn ascendants are highly intelligent, self-opinionated and mysteriously powerful individuals showing signs of invisible higher powers working through them.

"Even the dual nature of this sign has been due to this relationship between the individuals born under this sign and the Divine Intelligences. This order of Dhyanis are supposed to contain in themselves the dual attributes of both the spiritual and physical aspects of the Universe ; the two poles, so to say of Mahat, the Universal Intelligence and the dual nature of man the spiritual and the physical. Hence its number Five, doubled and made into ten, connecting it with Makara the tenth sign of the zodiac" (Ibid., p. 268).

With Capricorn rising on the eastern horizon, the Cosmic Man, or the Heavenly Man has four of his chakras—the force centres,above the horzon radiating intensified specialised energy from them. These chakras are known as Muladhara located at the base of the spine, Svadhisthana near the spleen, Manipurct at the base of navel. The heart chakra, namely, Anahata chakra has been setting on the western horzon when Capricorn has been rising. The three chakras which are clearly above the horizon pulsate with sexual, nervous and psychic energies. Muladhara arouses the Serpent Fire—Kundalini Shakti—which vitalises blood while giving heat to the body and increases sexual potency. The Serpent Fire reaching Manipura and vivifying solar plexus considerably augments the sensitivity of the individual; Svadhisthana chakra gives to the individual power to travel consciously in the astral world. Anahata chakra, which is on the borderline chakra at the western (setting) horizon for Capricorn ascendants, gives to the person consciousness of the feelings of others. It arouses sympathy and sensitivity to link one's consciousness with that of other persons in order to understand the working of their heart.

From this, it may be seen that the Cosmic Man under this sign rising has all the "physical" force-centres activised, but the higher chakras, which lead the individual to spiritual heights are still submerged in darkness. When related to the mundane individuals one may infer that this condition will emphasize great physical and material prowess, but spirituality is still in the realm of hidden realities.

Despite submerging of the individual in material involvements and distressing feelings of frustration due to his inability in freeing his spirit from material veils, the Capricorn ascendants after confronting the rough weather and having been tossed around the different corners of the world would begin trying for attaining his real spiritual destiny and thereby attaining the tranquility that comes after the tropical monsoon. The fact that Saturn is the ascendant lord should never be overlooked. Sindbad the Sailor got his riches and peace only after the long period of his trial, only when dross from gold was completely burnt out. Saturn makes life difficult and the Capricorn ascendants should never expect an easy-going life; but Saturn creates favourable conditions for imparting spiritual lessons to the individual. It is necessary for Capricorn ascendants to have a favourable Saturn. Whatever the circumstances, Capricorn-born must finally look homeward; they must ultimately begin the path of retreat.

Mars and Venus are the best planets for Capricorn ascendants. But Mars and Saturn are enemies whereas Venus is friendly to Saturn. Mars is the lord of the 4th and 11 th houses in the present case while it is exalted in Lagna. By creating turmoil and complications in matters relating to house, land and income Mars assists the Capricorn ascendants in attaining their destiny. Capricorn people must get money, sometimes suddenly, sometimes by adopting unfair means; sometimes marriage, illegal or legal, becomes the means for providing more money. The essential feature in this regard is the materiality of sexual relationships. Such persons always consider this vital aspect of human life as purposive, not merely for happiness and satisfaction of the partner. In some strong egos complete suppression of such activities particularly with a view to attaining psychic siddhis also indicates the same tendency of considering sexual energy as a means for some end—physical or spiritual.

Venus is of special importance. Being friendly with the ascendant lord, it would do everything possible to please him. The essential nature of Venus, generally speaking, is to provide material pleasure. It is related to wine, women and wealth. These things will have immense attraction to the Capricorn-born. From the opposite sex, the Capricorn-born individuals derive much of their sustenance. Their creativity and profession are intimately connected with Venus. Capricorn personality will tremendously change after the first Venusian contact: marriage is often a turning point for such persons.

Profession of these individuals is indeterminate. The exact form of job is not so much important as the essential experiences derived from it. As it is, the basic temperament of Capricorn ascendants would be hard-boiled, and weather-beaten; they would have wrinkled forehead and much varied experiences to convey. This is their ultimate destiny. They do not lack either intelligence, sociability or initiative, but nothing in their life is stable. Throughout the rough life, they may remain lonely endeavouring to understand the intricacies and mysteries of life without establishing any grip either on themselves or on the circumstances facing them.

This trait would be reflected in the nature of their avocation as well. The central push would be towards making the individual inward-turn.

He can under this circumstance become a superb philosopher, a literary figure, a physician, an occultist or even an intelligence officer. The worst that can happen to such an individual is to make him a civil servant where his initiative is killed, where his talents are thwarted and where the daily routine with its monotonous impact makes the individual introvert to enable him to realise that the first great truth in life is sorrow. He may even get a job where his intelligence could be valuable, but even there he would be made to feel that there is something more than intelligence in life. He may have great energy for social contacts: liaison, wine business, and purveying in objects of art might prove successful. But even these lines of activities would make the individual feel that there is a great chasm existing between himself and the articles he is dealing with.

We can state that the conditions could be such which would make the objective environment induce subjectivity in the Capricorn ascendants to such an extent that their emotion becomes self-centred which may make them feel lonely, heartless, and murderous with anti-social elements predominating in their personality. The finer feelings of friendliness, love and affection are just means to an end to them. Ordinarily speaking, such persons might appear as selfish, but in fact it is their self-centredness which is due to their subjective trait of nature. These characteristics must derive their sustenance from the profession of the individual. As an engineer, he may feel that he is instrumental in getting gigantic bridges and buildings constructed but commensurate with these activities his income would be meagre which might even induce him to take bribes. But on the higher planes with evolved souls, this sign might enable them to consider their profession as a means of earning bread and therefore a restriction imposed on their inner freedom; with this understanding of the chasm between the objective and the subjective states of affairs, they gain their dispassion and stability in life and wrinkles on their forehead.

The most fruitful effort for Capricorn ascendants is to try to achieve tranquillity of emotions. The Moon, the ruler of emotions, would be exalted in the 5th house and in his own house in the 7th. These are important houses. Balanced development of the person would take place only with unruffled emotions. In fact this is a truism and applicable in every case, but as far as the Capricorn-born persons are concerned, this is of vital necessity. They are liable to be easily tense and feel despondent. This can be avoided only with control over emotions. With this attainment, such individuals can confront the trials and tribulations of their life with fortitude.

Philosophy involving religious discussions, studies, pilgrimages and veneration of the elders do not attract such individuals as much as faith in individualism, egotism and even in brutal human powers in order to demonstrate supremacy of will over matter. Such persons take great delight in exhibiting their will-power, intelligence and personal endeavours successfully executed. For them, there is the philosophy of action or of complete renunciation but not of gradual unfoldment based on understanding and discipline.

To sum up, the Capricorn ascendants are very powerful personalities. They have their egos very much developed. They are material minded. They are self-centred. But circumstances force them to look upward and to think of returning homeward. This happens ifter intensive material involvements and much stormy life. When the storm is over the individual may find himself in the realm of Higher Intelligences—Dhyanis—who are working in this cosmos for carrying out the Will of the Lord. Mysterious Initiations are possible for these individuals. The most useful effort for them is to maintain tranquillity of emotion and control over their passion. Capricorn is an important sign opening the mysterious partals for the individual to reach higher realms of existence which would complete the birth-death cycle for him.

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