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V1RGO ascendant is frustrated, lie is cut out for material prosperity and sensual pleasures. But, he does not feel happy. As the World Mother whom (he sign Virgo represents suffers the sins of the world, so does the Virgo individual suffer the sins of his past. Invariably the drama of crucifixion is mysteriously played as a result of which his life is fiill of thorns. In almost all cases he is dissatisfied. Though energetic he often fails in life and though intelligent he is frustrated.

Virgo is difficult to comprehend. This sign is so much full of dangerous potential that in early periods it was not ai all made exoteric. The ancient seers had concealed this sign lest the profane misused the power gained by its knowledge. They did not take Virgo and Scorpio separately into consideration. They had dropped out Libra as well and instead of these three signs they had kept only one. It was done so in order to protect the common man from the dangerous knowledge of this sign which might permanently damage his own life as well as of those who came in his contact. We must therefore approach this sign with great caution.

Virgo is the only human symbol among the twelve signs of the zodiac. Gemini is more an attribute of human union then a personality. Virgo refers to a maiden, not a married female adult. The significance of this symbol becomes clear by considering Virgo as the personification of World Mother, The concept of World Mother is universal. Jagadamba. Lady Fatimaand Virgin Mary are regarded as World Mothers in different religions. In Asian mythology, this concept is essentially a cosmic symbol. It represents the mother of all gods and men. She is the Virgin Mother because her creative stimulus is not a reaction to the positive male principle. She is motherly towards all men without actually becoming a mother. She is rather the sensitivity of motherhood which enables her to identify herself with her children. Without active co-operation of World Mother clairvoyant occultists have often stated that the expansion of mankind might have been difficult.

In Hindu scriptures she is known as Prithvt—the Earth. Adin—the Celestial Space, Portrait—the Mother of all gods and men. She is a Mother without a father ; she is Cosmic Mother. She is more the principle of motherhood than the form of it.

In Greek mythology she assumes the role of Pallas Athene. She sprang from the head of Zeus fully grown and armed. She is personified wisdom.

She is Minerva of the Romans.

Hindu goddess Sita, born to Emperor Janaka. fully grown while lie was ploughing the field, has been a personification of World Mother. Her marked similarity with the Greek Pallas Athene is noticeable.

Gospels of St. Mathew and St. Luke describe Virgin Mary conceiving Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. An understanding of this relationship between the Virgin and Jesus would reveal one of the greatest mysteries of this sign of the Zodiac.

All these scriptures cannot be just nursery tales. Their deeper occult mysteries can be revealed only to high Initiates. But even astrologically we find a great similarity between the lives of these celestial beings and those born under the constellation of Virgo. Virgo ascendants are also miserable. Their idealism, their martyrdom, their dreams are more envigorating than their crippled, restricted and materialistic life. Virgo-bom individuals are dissatisfied with their present environment and they pine for what is not. If they are spiritualistic, they are martyrs for an ideal, for spiritual regeneration of the society or for producing a suprainental level of consciousness. As materialists, they would strive for more extensive power, higher status in life and for a larger number of human

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