Cancer The Sign Of Dizzy Heights And Profound Depths

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CANCER or Karkatuka (Crab) as the Hindu seers have called the Fourth sign of the zodiac is a deeply mysterious sign representing, as Swami T, Subba Row has indicated, that level of manifestation where the divine syllable. Pranava, the sacred word, was resolved into four entities corresponding to the four states of Brahma as Vaisvanara, Hiranyagarbha, Prajna and Isftara. This sign according to Subba Row also represents the four aspects of Parabrahman. namely, Sihula ( physical), Su&shma (subtler). Bija (Causal), and Sakshi (the silent witness) as well as the four states of consiousness, namely Jagrath (wakeful), Sushupati (dreamful sleep), Tanya (deep sleep) and Nirvana (deep meditation).

The Hindu scriptures are indeed very profound. Significance of various symbols used in them could be realized only b\ much deep study and right meditation. Nonetheless, we know that the cosmic manifestation according to the Hindu scriptures comprises of outer as well as of inner realities subsisting in Duration and in other dimensions all of which have varying states of consiousness corresponding to the different levels of manifestation. When the Divine Word was spoken, that was the initial impetus as well as the Central Light which needed further differentiation for objectifying the initial impulse. This differentiation took place at several stages. Cancer represents that stage of differentiation where consciousness and matter were released from Pranava which expressed unity in Trinity.

The number four is intimately connected with the process of differentiation which began the whole cosmic drama. In Hindu mythology

Brahma represents this stage of manifestation. Me has been assigned four heads. This is very symbolic. In human constitution, the lower quaternary-comprising the physical body, etherio double, astral body and the lower mental body, is said to disappear alter every incarnation, whereas the higher triad constituting the causal body, the intuitive body and the spiritual body is the permanent repository of human monad. Cancer represents that stage of differentiation where the higher triad gave rise to the lower quaternary, Brahma's four heads are symbolic of this quaternary. But his heads also function on other levels; they watch the four directions, and they contain the four Vedas, etc. Each level of manifestation has its own state of consciousness and its own presiding deity. As a result of this kind of lateral as well as vertical differentiation, the Cancer-ascendants are not only fundamentally different from one another even within the same group but their temperamem. natural faculties and paths of development also vary from one another. There is no special mould of Cancer ascendants. The spccial features of Cancer will have to be discovered in the inner life of the individuals energizing and activizing their every day existence.

the central unifying characteristics of Cancer which reveal the essential nature of this sign have been verily indicated as saumya (gentle), feminine, and watery, having strength during night and residing in a pond or on a sand bank. Even a superficial examination of these attributes reveals how the differentiated consciousness getting increasingly involved at different levels of manifestation such as exoteric, esoteric, causal and the Sakshi level has been aptly described by these attributes.

Water has often been stated to be the life which inheres in different forms. Cancer is crab which dwells in water but it often comes out of it. It is in fact quite common for Cancer ascendants to withdraw from life's mainstream and to dig holes, that is, to get involved in the world of matter and thereby become earthly. Water is formless, colourless, and so is Cancer. According to the society and environment in which the individual dwells, his basic nature is determined.

The female principle in nature, often regarded as Prakriti, is the negative aspect of creation. It functions as the vehicle of Purusha Cancer-bom would be found to play the role of the vehicle and as such these persons would surrender themselves to the circumstances and let the events mould them. They do not generally wish to exert their own influence; rather they want to be influenced by the circumstances in moulding their destiny This however does not suggest them to be without likes, emotions and preferences, rather they are so sensitive that dieir inner thoughts and feelings are clearly reflected on their countenance and actions. Indeed their gentle temperament gives them a uniquely graceful appearance.

The lord of Cancer always expands while receiving the reflection of Sun and wanes in the absence of it. The Sun is closely connected with Cancer and that is why it has selected its house, Leo, next to it. This gives a unique quality to Cancer, the house owned by the Moon. Cancer is capable of reflecting the highest glory of God, of achieving and assuming the noblest form of divine manifestation, and of sacrificing every form of personal egotism at the altar of the higher triad; yet it is a fully individualisd sign with full awareness of what it does. As a spiritualist Cancer-bom becomes an occultist as distinguished from a psychic; as a politician he becomes a king maker rather than the king; as a sportsman he is coach rather than a player; as a teacher he is more of a guide rather than the bully. The scope of expansion and growth is immense for the Cancer ascendent; he can be grossly materialistic and even dull but he can also reach out to the center of everything. In every case however the crabness, the egotism or the self-awareness of the individual will always remain in action. Sometimes it may even look like selfishness in everyday life. It is for this reason that the ancient seers have not been anonymous in calling Cancer either a Brahmin or a Sudra. Thus, in Cancer ascendents, one may perceive many contradictions ranging from gross individualism to highest generosity, from complete idiocy to highest understanding.

Cancer is the house of the Moon, Jupiter is exalted in it and Mars debilitated. The Moon rules over human emotions. Unless the Moon is seriously afflicted, tranquillity of emotions comes easily to Cancer ascendents. They may be found completely unperturbed even during the highest crisis in life. When their personal desires, thoughts and aspirations are subdued and their attention is directed towards the universal source of life (Sun), they are at their best. Jupiter is the divine advisor and as such his influence in guiding the aspirants towards their divine home is heightened under Cancer. As teachers, the suceess of Cancer-people is marked. Even otherwise, the sign helps at the deeper levels of meditation. Even those who are not trained in meditations? practices could be found relapsing into brooding, day-dreaming and deep thinking. Emotional excitement, aggressive designs and pursuits for self-glorification maybe dangerous for such persons. Though Mars is debilitated in Cancer, it is a yoga-karaka for this ascendent, being the lord of its 5th and 10th houses. Obviously. Cancer ascendents would succeed well if they come out of their personal self and work courageously with initiative in activities connected with the earth, or in such trades as agriculture, transport, warfare, medicine and mechanical engineering. Success in these spheres would be forthcoming mainly because the attitude of Cancer-people is detached. They will make very good advisors, leaders, scientists, inventors and even as painters.

Travails for Cancer comes from Saturn, the planet of constriction. Desire for committing suicide comes natural to such persons, Saturn being the lord of 7th and 8th houses would always induce the individual to annihilate himself On physical level, it implies a life full ofmisery. sorrow, afflicted health, anaemia, depressive mania and gloomy outlook, but for an advanced soul (reading the path of withdrawal, the Nvntti Murg, Saturn would encourage a life of renunciation, dedication and altruistic work for universal welfare. If the cravings of the soul have not been properly energized by the Martian courage for self-sacrificing social action, if the emotions have not been tranquillized by enlightened detachment. there is every likelihood tha( the Cancer ascendant would have to bear the cross quite early in life. His sorrows would be such as none could share it with him. his spasms of depression could hardly be controlled and his afflictions would be Karmic retribution which could rarely be mitigated.

Troubles of such persons often come from their marriage. Ordinarily, they do not derive common marital felicity. Not sexual incompetence but psychological complexities come in the way. Mentally the Cancer ascendants are dynamic despite their seeming tranquillity on the surface. But they are unable to stick to 3 point. For this reason they often feel miserable in monogamous marital relations. Fidelity is not necessarily al stake but deep rooted dissatisfaction with common routine of life drives Cancer away from the marriage bondage. Once they acquiesced in it, either they would seek divorce, try to run away from it or create intolerable psychological complexities which are not conducive to married love. Cancer ascendants are unhappy married partners, not because they deliberately choose to create unhappiness for the partners but because they themselves feel miserable and thereby transfer their unhappiness to their partners. Under certain circumstances these persons would often postpone their marriages or have late marriages. While not having the desired determination to accept the responsibilities of married life, they do not wish to enter wedlock but having plentiful of sexual urge they are not always averse to clandestine affairs. They maintain a posture of respectability and pine for marriage. They look for some affection, want the companionship of opposite sex but have undefined fear relating to marriage. They look forward to it as long as it is not realized: no sooner it is in sight, they wish to be out of it. They are good as lovers but m iserable as married partners. Having possessed the partners they begin disliking them because of the constricting influence which the stable relationship might produce in their life. Such marriage partners are often suitable subjects for a careful psychological analysis.

Similarly, these persons have tremendous attraction for material prosperity, conveniences of life and possessions and worldly ambitions, but their achievements would make tiiem miserable. It is very interesting to watch the working of the mind of Cancer individuals. They go from accomplishment to renunciation and from renunciation to accomplishment again. This is a nerve-wrecking business. Unless renunciation is developed, misery, incessant trouble and permanent crucifixion would be their lot.

Cancer ascendants have an uncommon relationship with Venusian persons. As lord of the 4th and 11 th houses from it, Venus is intimately connected with Cancer, Emotionally Cancer ascendants would be entangled with those who are on the Pravritti Marg—the worldly people—to whom the earthly attachments are important. Ordinarily, Cancer persons develop intimacy with debauchees, perverts, drunkards, maniacs and the depraved. Association with such persons would be there even if the Cancer ascendant is himself an evolved soul. As a doctor he may have to restore their mental and physical health and as a religious guide he may have to bring them back to the path ot" holiness. Such relationships may develop as a result of strong emotional upsurge cither caused by temporary infatuation, material gifts or by the desire to help aroused by a deep sense of compassion, A pure soul does not deride the fallen ones. A sense of duty is ingrained in Cancer bom and his friends depend upon him for what they get—sensation, gratification, treatment, guidance and inspiration.

Cancer people are always changing. Luxurious circumstances surrounding them or miserable existence confronting them, both bring out some new dimensions of their personality. Troubles and tribulations facing them aim at annihilating their selfish egotism and at rending asunder the outer veils from their Inner life, in every case the Cancer individuals would pine for the unattained. They always desire that which is beyond their reach and thus they are perennially dissatisfied with themselves. Even on achieving certain positions they want to move to the next higher stage. The chrysalis has to take many forms before it becomes a butterfly. This process provides much material for their thought, for recollection and writing memoirs often with the aim of self-glorification. When this process is outward-turned, the Cancer ascendants might induce great social changes. Quietly and persistently they would work for a different social order. They are effective politicians producing and solving new problems of social engineering: they are successful teachers enabling students to open out their latent qualities and they are eminent scientists making new discoveries and inventions. As an artist the Cancer individual would begin a new school. Discovering the hidden laws of nature and unveiling the powers latent in human beings are important characteristics of Cancer ascendants,

Jupiter as the lord of the 9th as well as of the I Oth from the 9th provides enormous scope for the expansion of Cancer ascendants. Given a satisfactory position of Mars (lord of the 10th. having his exaltation sign in the house of mystic depth, namely, Capricorn), the individual could always go on unfolding new dimensions of his personality, often reaching to the dizzy heights of eminence. But to hold balance there, he has to go on rising higher, otherwise he might have a fall. As a politician he will have to be always alert of his the party position, as a scientist he will have to be ever working in his laboratory and as a spiritual teacher he would seek higher and higher initiations. In this way there is scope for limitless expansion fora Cancer ascendant but he will always be restless. Often one hears such persons complaining of life being very exacting and there being no peace as long as one is alive in this world. Fatigue and nervous exhaustion are common to such persons.

Chart No. I isofPandit Jawaharlal Nehru who wasatypical Cancer ascendant. The multi-dimensional expansion of his personality is widely

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