Astrological Meaning Of Death

ASTROLOGY solves one of the greatest mysteries of life. Death has always remained a hidden chapter in the book of human evolution. This subject has been so dreadful that people have even called death the King of Terrors. On the other hand, there are many occultists who have lime and again emphasized that death is just like sleep and each individual dies several times even during the course of one incantation.

The ancient Indian philosophy of which astrology is an integral part gives a very comprehensive scheme of human evaluation which solves many of the riddles baffling the modem and the so called scientific mind. An understanding of the problem ofdeath which was investigated in ¡ireat detail by our ancient sages will not only enable us to have a balanced view on the various problems of everyday existence, it will also aid sensible predictions relating to the future of man.

There are various types of death. Apart from the fact that the experience of some intense pain completely disintegrates the emotional life of the individual and he begins to reorganize his life on a new pattern, there are other aspects ofdeath which astrology lakes into cognizance. For exampie, there may be infant mortality where the incarnating ego before having entered the vast arena of life recoils and begins living its life in supra-physical realms. There may on the other hand be the death or a person who having lived a full life dies after suffering for a long duration and ultimately breathes his last in the lap ofhis near and dear ones. I ike the sudden death of Sri Balwantray Mehta*, one may be shot by the enemy

* Chk'f Minister ot mi indi mi Stale who was killed when his air-pi a tic was shoi tiy an encni) wliilc he ivas travelling on ait official mission while in the prime of one's life when the flowers of life are just blossoming, and thus the ego may leave the physical coil. Every one is aware of many circumstances in which the physical death takes place. We do not wish to discuss here the occult significance of the various types of death and how they aid the evolution of the ego in its realization of the Divine Essence of Life but what we intend to do here is to suggest in brief the relationship between the natai chart and the various aspects of death.

In Indian philosophy, death has been considered as an event of life. It is like birth, marriage, livelihood, pilgrimage, children and the like. Srimad Bhagvadgita clearly distinguishes between life and death. The former is the eternal aspect of existence—the Primordial Essence, the Permanent Link between the UlLimate and the transient. Neither can any weapon slay it, nor can fire bum it. Death, according to Lord Krishna, is just a chapter in the eternal drama of life and the wise do not grieve over it. It must be noted that astrology assigns to death no more significance than any other aspect of existence. It is not insignificant that the considerable importance attached to death by mortals has been watered down in astrology. An astrologer never grieves over death: he considers it merely as an act of divine dispensation.

There are two aspects of life: one. that is eternal, permanent and continuing during the soul's pilgrimage through diverse experiences, and second, that which differentiates between one life and another in a series of reincarnations. The latter is death. But what is the purpose of incarnations ? The incarnating soul has to learn many lessons in life and it has to work out the load of karma gathered during several incarnations. There is every possibility that the individual may be given several fundamental lessons to leam in one life. In that case, though there may not be snapping of the chord connecting the transient part of the individual with his eternal counterpart each time a new lesson is given to him, but his life may be rent asunder and he may feel as if he has to begin life afresh each time. Should we not consider all these as different kinds of death the individual has to face? The cause and circumstance of each death need not be identical.

Rev. C.W Leadbeater in his book On the Other Side of Death has given various instances of the fact that the dying ego does not several! its relationships with the physical world. It has to continue its onward journey but the arena of its activities to a considerable extent remains in this physical world of ours. Geoffrey Hodson in his The Miracle of Birth has recorded how the angelic hosts take special care during the birth of a child so that the miraculous phenomenon of the birth of the human body takes place in consonance with universal forces of cosmic evolution, the karmic forces generated by the reincarnating ego and the special needs for its growth Astrological charts picturing the stellar constellation, in fact, reflect this unique decision of the Ultimate which is built-in in the soul of the reincarnating ego. Birth as well as death are the playgrounds of great many occult forces.

Recently Dr. Cassey attempted to show that every event of life is connected with the historical past of the individual stretching over his many lives, kdgar Cassey was a practising medical practitioner but his clairvoyant conclusions have been extremely fascinating from the occult standpoint. He has been able to establish connections with certain diseases as well as pleasant and unpleasant events of lift with the past omissions and commissions of the individual. Even the modern researches of the West have been suggesting that the great law s of nature—of action and eternity, or of Karma and Reincarnation—are facts of life which must be taken into account while evaluating the course of human life.

It is said that there is not much difference between the conditions of sleep and death. At the time of death, the umbilical chord connecting the physical and the astral bodies is snapped, whereas during sleep the two remain linked. Other experiences of the soul during sleep are very ^.uch the same or at least similar.

An important feature of sleep as well as death is that the two represent something intangible. We cannot cognize either, nonetheless, they exist which cannot be denied by anyone. It is because of this hidden aspect of death that the 8th house of the natal chart representing concealed aspects of one's life is considered for predicting death. But there are several other houses which are also very meaningful for knowing the supra-physical life of the ego. Tor example, everyone knows that the 1st, 2nd, 7th and 12th houses also have much influence on this aspect of the individual. But why are all these houses representing the very life-force.

lite essence of personality, wealth, speech and the light of the eye. kalatra (the marriage partner), wasteful deeds and the realm of supra-physical entities connected w ith death are taken into account if death means the end of all ?

AstrologicalIv speaking death is very meaningful. The genera! strength ofthe chart is assessed in relation to the 1st house. Even longevity, the general status of the individual, his potentialities, his elan vital and everything connected with life-force are examined firstly in relation to the 1st house. One must not forget that the 1st house is the 5th from 9th which implies that the life ofthe individual is the result, progeny, offspring of his own punya—the past—i.e. astrology begins by assuming that the present life of the individual is always in the womb of his past. The quantum ofprana, the force w ith which the man lives and moves on this earth, is apportioned at the time of his birth as a result of his past deeds. In this way the 1st house becomes meaningful. If the life-force itself has been very limited, no matter how much other houses are fortified, the life of the individual would not be very long.

The 7th house is very intimately connected with the question of death. This house is also considered as the house of marital happiness. One must appreciate the fact that the Hindu philosophy considered life as emerging form two polarities. Purusha and Prakriti. the positive and the negative forces of manifestation. If the 1st house represents Purusha, element of creation, the 7th stands for the Prakriti element. Prakriti is the inherent, built-in vital energy, Purusha is energy on the move, the expression of the Spirit in matter. In the marital phenomenon, this cosmic principle comes into play, Man expresses himself through his wife : Lord Shiva for manifesting His creative potentialities requires Parvati, the World Mother. At the same time tile quantum of life-force provided initially to the individual at the time of his birth as per the 7th house activities gets dissipitated. When all the energy with which he was bom has completed its creative functions, the person's physical life ebbs out and he passes to the next realm of manifestation, the higher planes of creation.

The 8th house represents the region w here the soul proceeds after death, the plane of non-physical existence. This house can be viewed as the 1st house for considering the soul's journey in the astral world, which

means the nature of death and experiences therein.

The 12th house ¡s the 5th one from the 8th house. Occult investigations indicate that the soul's attainments during the two intervening births do not only depend upon the quantity and intensity of the life lived on this physical plane but also on the experiences ol the astral world. The soul is very active on the astral plane We are told that the invisible helpers meet us at the threshold of death. Many mysterious ceremonies take place in that region. As a result of all these, the spiritual height attained by the ego is determined.

The 2nd house is also considered as a maraka or the death-inflicting house, but the fact that inheritance and wealth of the person are also indicated by this house gives us the clue to the mystery . We get much money because during our past incarnations we have done charitable deeds and the person is still attached to his physical possessions. The 2nd is one of the Maya (illusion) houses, l-'or the liberation of the soul it is necessary to break die bond of illusion. Life of the individual (the 1st house) dangling between material possessions (the 2nd house) and the spiritual forces like Initiations, mysterious alliances with occult schools, etc., (the 12th house) decides the course of the ascendant. For this reason, the 2nd and the 12th houses become important for deciding the duration of the incarnating ego in this world.

Here we have not considered many important aspects of death which could be suitably discussed in the present context but we have limited ourselves to only a few aspects of the problem, We have attempted here to indicate that (i) death is not an end for the soul. It is merely and event like any other event of life, (ii) Death results from the ebbing out of the quantum of life-force provided at the time of birth (represented by the 1st house), (iii) After death, a new non-physical existence of the individual begins which is indicated by the 8th house, (iv) During the intervening period between two reincarnations much creative occult activities take place (the 12th house), (v) The longevity of the person and his death depend upon the balance between his material attachments. Maya (the 2nd house) and his occult attainments (the 12th house).

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