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VARIOUS occult sciences indicate some fundamental truths of astrology which are immensely illuminating. A discovery of such truths makes our life meaningful and our action purposeful. It also assists us in relieving some of the heart-wrenching experiences of our life.

The nature of Kumbha Lagna has been bewildering. The complexity concerning the subject has been increasing with every efforts to understand it deeply. To give the adjective 'enigma' to this sign is an understatement. By ploughing through the literature of ancient scriptures we have come across certain hints and suggestions which when worked out in detail and elaborated upon seem to give certain clues about the character and destiny of this ascendant. The very word Aquarius derived from its Latin origin refers to water-carrier. In Sanskrit, it only means a pitcher but the various other words related to this sign give some other significant clues. The word Kumbhaka is also related to a practice of holding the breath, and the word Kumbhaja is related to Rishi Agasthya who is said to be the future Manu but who, however, has abdicated this office in favour of one of his disciples who is now preparing himself for this august office. Naturally, therefore, the astrological sign Kumbha must be related to breath which is the very life-force pervading throughout the existence and to the leaders of occult forces who are in charge of ushering new civlisations and new thought-currents. Working on these suggestions, we feel that these suggestions provide a useful key to the understanding of this zodiacal sign.

Readers of various astrological journals where this sign has often been discussed in great depth and with scholarship know that this sign is rightly stated to be enigmatic, mysterious and occult, having Saturn and/ or Uranus as its lords, both extraordinary planets. The sign consists of Dhanishta later half, Satabhisha and the first three padas of Poorvabhadra owned by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter which indicates that the ordinary canons of material prosperity cannot be the guiding principle of this sign. It would, therefore, be futile to associate commonplace souls with this sign. Whether in misery, deprivation and humiliation or in prosperity, abundance and prestigious positions, the native belonging to this sign must be extraordinary.

A perusal of notable horoscopes of eminent personalities makes it abundantly clear that Aquarius ascendants are very uncommon and that the persons born under this sign make their impact on the current of world events in a special way. Whatever their station in life, whatever the field of operation, or whatever the age, all Aquarius ascendants put forth a new influence on human evolution. Evidently, Prophet Mohammed and Karl Marx, Aurangzeb and Havelock Ellis, Abraham Lincoln and J.P. Morgan cannot and should not be classified together for they have expressed distinctly contradictory qualities excepting the fact that all of them have given a new twist, a new direction to the society in which they lived, a new value to the age, society or to the environment in which they were born. Mohammed Ali Jinnah and General B.M. Kaul were entirely different personalities; Maharshi Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Prof. B. V. Raman have been different types of egos. Nonetheless, the one central cord binding all these individuals together has been that they all have been highly advanced egos having a definite mission in their life. Unless the motivating force making these individuals such powerful personalities is explored and its relationship established with their guiding star, we might take the husk for the kernel, and begin predicting external events without touching the inner core of such persons.

Whether we consider the European, Indian, Chaldean. Assyrian, Egyptian or any other system of astrology, Aquarius has been universally related to pitcher with or without water flowing out of it. Some have pronounced it as an empty pitcher and others have made water flowing out of it as its symbol. There have been others who have disputed the shape of the pitcher. But whatever the difference, the common feature of all is that Aquarius is connected with water though it is said to be an airy sign. Indian scriptures have described Aquarius as "a man holding a water pot, yellow in colour with fat body, tall stature but normal in other respects. Human sign, strong during day, resides in the middle of water, windy and lazy in nature". Such characteristics are more blinding than revealing. Satyacharya considered the Aquarius-born as sorrowful and miserable while Bhattotpala has opined that the individuals born in the Dwadasamsa of Kumbha will be unhappy and poor. Such prognostications should be adopted very carefully, and Yavanacharya has even suggested that the fact of Aquarius is the birth sign of a person does not by itself suggest misfortune. As a matter of fact, for an astrologer nothing is unfortunate or fortunate; everything is an event in one's life indicating the disposition of certain drivine forces moulding and shaping the character of the ego. And, in the case of the divine force pouring forth through Kumbha Lagna, its influence is colossal. A person born under this sign is carried by a gale of the pajt karma let loose by the Lipikas so that the human child could acquire a new outlook, a new direction, in his own life and intorudce the same in the lives of his fellow-beings.

In order to substantiate the conclusion, one has merely to examine the fact that the three Nakshatras, namely, Dhanishta, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadra comprising Kumbha are owned by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter which are intimately connected with the powerful Karmic forces generated in past lives. Jupiter bestows all the auspicious opportunities for the development and fruition of spiritual faculties; Rahu bestows immortality, whereas Mars is the planet that gives courage and enthusiasm for ascending to divine heights. Thus in Kumbha sign there is the undercurrent of all the three planets which are greatly connected with all spiritual pursuits in life. The very nature of the ownership of the sign suggests that the persons born under this sign would be very intimately connected with their past lives. Saturn keeps a record of all the past deeds and misdeeds of different person so that by arranging the everyday life of the individuals it could create enough impediments so that the individual in surmounting them acquires strength and becomes stronger and more dispassionate. To consider this sign as unfortunate would be throwing aspersions on Divine Plan and the benevolence and kindness of Divinity itself. Saturn teaches the hard way but he establishes the individual on the path of renunciation more firmly. From these, it could be concluded that the individuals born under this sign would do renunciation as a result of powerful karma generated in the past lives and they must turn their gaze homeward, otherwise the wisdom imparted by Jupiter, or the sorrow and pain generated in everyday life by Saturn, or the influence of impersonal Rahu would force the individual by their own impact to that direction. The usual prediction that Kumbha lagna persons are unhappy and miserable implies this fundamental nature that Kumbha people must open themselves to Divine Plan, to heavenly light; probably, that is why the sign is said to be strong during the day suggestive of the intense activity of the radiance of God.

One must acknowledge the fact that Kumbha has Makara as its twelfth sign. Saturn owns both these signs. For Kumbha Lagna, Saturn is important because of its ownership of Lagna and the 12th house. The 12th is the house of life beyond death and as such, the native born under Kumbha Rasi must be intricately related to "life beyond". That is another reason why Aquarius ascendants, no matter in what sphere of life they are born, they are generally connected with transcendental motivations. Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was motivated in his spiritual search by ardent faith in God; J. P. Morgan, probably one of the richest men in the United States, was also burning with intense philanthropic objectives; B. V. Raman is a torch-bearer of occult sciences, whereas Aurangzeb could be cruelly zealous about establishing his religion and his type of faith in God. Karl Marx as well as Havelock Ellis, though investigating very n.undane subjects approached their subjects from a completely unconventional standpoint. All these person endeavoured to inculcate new values among the people. Obviously, this is a fundamental trait of all Aquarius ascendants.

Kumbha Rasi is dedicated to Indra in Hindu mythology and one must recall that Indra rules the domain where the egos dwell as a result of past good deeds. In Greek mythology, Ganymedes, the object of lust-personified, was carried from earth by Zeus to be his cup-bearer. In Hebrew religion, Lam-ach means (Lam-the father) the father of the age, or the father of Noah who inaugurated a new era or a period of creation after the

Pralaya, or Deluge. The father and the son are said to represent Aquarius and Pisces. From these, it may be seen that sign Aquarius is intimately connected with that aspect of Divine Plan where the individuals like Ganymede are chosen to be the cup-bearers of gods, or to be the fathers, or the precursors of Noah who established a new civilisation or gave a new direction in human life. Examine it with some of the known horoscopes, and it would be abundantly clear that the ancient mythologies of many important religions knew well the significance of Aquarius as a harbinger of new life and light despite the fact that in doing so they may have to encounter difficulties and personal deprivations. For example, Abraham Lincoln established the spirit of liberty, democracy and equality in the United States though his own personal life was full of thorns; Professor B.V. Raman made astrology a valid and respectful scientific subject when many persons have been deriding the subject and while doing so, he had to forego much of his personal pleasures and comforts and he had to meet difficulties created in many quarters.

Kumbha Lagna has the head of Kala Purusha in the 3rd house representing courage, prowess, heroism and mental power of which Aries is the sign and Mars the lord. From this, it is evident that the native can be happy and fulfilling the purpose of his life when his entire energy and interests are directed towards beginning a new cycle of evolution. For this, the native is admirably well suited. Two of the force-centres of Kala Purusha, namely, Brahmarandhra and Ajna chakra located in this house, do not only indicate considerable latent faculties for inculcating the idea of Divine Unity in every manifested form of the creation and the capacity for arousing metaphysical ideas in the hearts of the people, but this situation also suggests the fact that the destiny of such individuals lies in energising these force-centres without which they would not feel satisfied, Those Aquarius ascendants who do not mobilise all their energies for this purpose are naturally bound to feel their life stifled and therefore miserable.

Heart of the Aquarius is in the throat of Kala Purusha. This is a strange statement, but it is related to an innate instinct of the individual. The development of Brahmarandhra chakra provides full consciousness of the invisible and visible worlds around the person so that he could uninterruptedly tap the universal consciousness. The development of Ajna chakra could lead the individual to have waking visions of places and people. The faculty of clairvoyance-one of the siddhis highly coveted by the occultists comes from this chakras. In an ordinary individual, these may not be so common, but these chakra being in the 3rd house of Kumbha ascendants where the Kala Purusha lays his head, for them these would undoubtedly provide great opportunities. If untutored, they might develop unconscious psychism. Such persons just "know" the things without any effort. Intuition is often mixed up with such psychic faculties, but the fact remains that they are able to get in touch with such powers. If undeveloped and blocked up due to planetary disposition, Aquarius ascendants might become crude and anti-religious to a great extent. When it is said that the Aquarius has its heart in the throat of the Kala Purusha, it implies that Visuddhi chakra of Kala Purusha, which is the sixteen-petalled force-centre located near the throat, would be in the 4th house of the native. This being so, the individual would have great emotional upsurge when he hears the woes and sorrows of the world; upliftment of human kind is most dear for such ascendants. Obviously, Aurangzeb the despot, Havelock Ellis the sexologist, Karl Marx the anti-theist, and the founder of communism, were all led to their activities with a view to relieving the miseries of the common people. All of them felt that in some way or the other, the humanity has a greater and paramount claim on their heart. Kundalini Shakti located at the base of the spine of Kala Purusha, for Aquarius ascendants would be in the 1 Oth house. This is very vital because the urge to creativity, the karma of the person, would be to quicken the development of his spiritual nature. Whatever else the individual born with Aquarius ascendant does, unless he makes progress towards his own spiritual unfoldment, he would be a miserable man. As long as this chakra of the individual is dormant, he might be non-descript, but if it be loaded with undesirable influences, the whole constitution and attitude of the person would be distorted. There would be no morality in the individual, and he would be sensualist, treacherous, anti-social and the greatest denouncer of all spirituality.

Aquarius ascendants are generally very intelligent; Mercury is the lord of their 5th and 8th houses. They should be mainly preoccupied with producing a new way of living based on their own understanding of the universe and the role of the individual in the same. But, it should also be noted that the lord of the 8th house is Mercury, and, therefore, he would be finding considerable difficulties in the expression of his viewpoint. Favourably disposed, Mercury could provide great insight into the hidden mysteries of nature due to its lordship of the mysterious 8th house, otherwise the individual would be averse to all forms of expression—written, vocal or impressionistic. Much of the personality balance of Aquarius ascendants would depend upon favourable disposition and relationship between Saturn and Mercury because of their friendliness and thier ownership of most important houses connected with creativity.

Venus is the most important planet for the Aquarius people. It owns the 4th and the 9th houses and these are the most significant houses for the happiness of an individual. Venus has sway over all kinds of material comforts and pleasures. Generally speaking, Aquarius-born persons have fine taste for good living. Notwithstanding other traits of leadership in the realm of thought, desire to comprehend the universal mind of the Divinity, and the great urge to do good to the human kind, the Aquarius-born individuals want to obtain a good, comfortable, pleasant and artistic living for themselves. They want a good life. Provided the past karmas are favourable, they are likely to be surrounded by music, paintings and other cultural attainments.

The importance of Mars for Aquarius ascendants cannot be minimised. Mars being the ruler of the 3rd and the 10th houses and being inimical to the Ascendant lord, Aquarius-born persons cannot expect a peaceful and smooth life. Impediments would be faced at every level, but given the courage to surmount and endeavour to raise oneself from the material plane to that of transcendental heights, they could lay down the solid foundation for a future glorious living. If lazy, unchivalrous and unable to take initiative in doing good to others, the individual would be a bundle of contradictions, and would be frustrated, miserable and quarrelsome.

Much progress of Aquarius-born individual would depend upon his partner. If his wife, business partners and such others are god-fearing humanitarians and strong egos, the life of the Aquarian, to a great extent, could be successful. The Sun, lord of the 7th in happy partnership, would mitigate to a great extent the malefic and depressive effects of Saturnian Aquarius; the Sun's exaltation sign being Aries, the 3rd house would also indicate that the partners' influence in arousing initiative, altruism and philanthropy would greatly benefit such individuals. Partnership for such individuals cannot be based merely on sexual or personal exploitation, which is likely to be the grave for Aquarius-born individuals.

Many examples of eminent Aquarius ascendants have already been discussed above. However, a commonplace horoscope is given below to indicate some of the points suggested above.

A significant feature of this horoscope is the debilitated ascendant lord but Venus, in his own house and in the 9th house, has greatly reinforced the pleasures of a good life. A good, well-furnished house with all modern amenities has clearly fulfilled the attributes of Venus. He is very fond of artistic things. Mars, lord of the 3rd and the 10th and retrograde in the 4th, has created emotional problems and incidentally, it has also created some problems in his professional career. Mercury, the lord of the 5 th and 8 th, is located in the 11th. He earned a good livelihood

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