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The knowledge of esoteric side of astrology given in the book enables ihe reader to understand some of the rare revelations of ancient sages and scriptures. This study shows ihe unanimity of world religions on basic approaches to life-problems. It synthesizes the wisdom of ihe world religions and the knowledge of astrological principles in understanding and solving some of the deeper problems of life.

Part I of the book introduces the reader to occult nature of astrology, implications of physical death and the significance of the Heavenly Man. In subsequent discussions, the nature ofman as revealed by his Ascendant, Sign and planets are given in such a manner that the reader is benefited by new revelations about himself. The discussions on planets give esoteric as well as traditional characteristics of the centres of sensitive occult powers known in yogic literature as the chakras. The description of Nakshatras given very lucidly make the book unique.

He increasing popularity of the book, both in India and abroad, as it is evident from its going into several editions in such a short lime, is itself an indication of the quality of the book. There is no substitute for this book; no basic knowledge of astrology is required for understanding the deeper wisdom of the sacred wisdom. Even a beginner feels at ease w ith the book, yet eminent astrologers may leam from it main new aspects of traditional astrology which have so far eluded them.

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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