Like Mercury, Venus represents an inflow and outflow of energy, and its placement in the various elements is expressed as the give and take of love, affection, and sensual pleasure with others. The element of one's Venus represents how one expresses affection and caring and how one gives of one's own feelings. That is the outflowing phase of the Venus principle in action, but the inflowing phase is equally important. It represents the sorts of experiences and types of expression that feed one's need for closeness with others and help one to feel loved and appreciated.

Venus in women has to do with the female ego. A woman needs to experience the qualities of her Venus sign in order to feel feminine. It also shows how a woman receives and gives of herself in love and sex. Venus is usually more of a sexual indicator for women than it is for men. It indicates how a woman approaches any relationship that might eventually lead to sex, as well as less intimate social relationships.

For a man, Venus is associated with romance, beauty, and with images that are especially lovely and attractive to him. It describes the type of woman that erotically attracts a man, that looks good to him aesthetically and turns on his feelings* Venus is also related to a man's ideals about love, sex, and relationships. It is not usually specifically sexual, however; Mars is much more a symbol of sexual energy in men. In women, though, Venus and Mars energies are both important components of the sexual nature, and they combine and are usually more inseparable than is the case in most men.

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